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31/12/2009 at 21:06

Well Jons taken the older kids and gone to stay at his EX WIFES house for a while.

As usual everything is apparantly my fault, and now im spending NYE alone (except for P), more miserable than ive ever been and with a pounding stress headache.

Happy new year? Not bloody likely.

Em x

01/01/2010 at 10:12
Awww darling... hope the rest of 2010 brings you happiness... sorry you have had such an unhappy new year's eve... thinking of you... try and spend today playing with P and enjoying her company... her love is unconditional to you so soak it up to help you feel better!! Big hugs xxx
01/01/2010 at 22:25
Thanks Maria xx
03/01/2010 at 13:04

Hi all and happy new Year!!!

Aww Em, what a fool Jon is being, if only he would communicate with you I'm sure it would be alot more bearable. It's hard when it's you the one who has to dig so deep emotionally for your sake and Paiges too. I've said it before but I'll say it again because right now you probably can't see the woods for the trees, it will get better soon and one day you will talk of this in the past tense and you will find someone who loves you & P and will most importantly make you happy, so I'm wishing lots of happiness for you & P in 2010. 

We went out in fancy dress, asd is tradition in Bideford (N.Devon), we were supposed to go as Status Quo (topical, O.B.E's etc) but Angus went as the fat controller in the end, so I looked a bit odd as Rick Parfitt inhis own! Oh well, looked like an old rocker really, had great blond mullet wig ha ha. But my NYE was not without it's dramas. Angus disappeared in very drunkard state just before we were due to catch a taxi home, so I missed my cab and started walking got a lift in the end but he was nowhere to be found. In the end I reached him on his mobile, got no sense out if him tho and he was lost and not very helpful in his discription of his whereabouts, (he said he could see a streetlight!!!) Anyway my B.I.L went to ftch him on foot and escorted him home, where he proceeded to vomit throughout the night in my very houseproud sisters house, he woke up at 1.p.m I couldn't be bothered to moan at him as he doesn't remember any of it anyway, he did a general apology to all concerned. I suppose that'll do. No one's perfect. What a state to get in though.

Henry loved it this christmas and definately got the concept of opening pressies. He's got lots of cars and diggers now, he had plenty before, I will have to have a bit of a streamlining of the toys as ther is now officially masses.

I have also eaten lots too, jeans are feeling tight and my muffin top is defo bigger, no stretchy tops for a while. I remeber I put on 5.5lbs last xmas so sure it's prob the same again, oh dear. Enjoyed it though.

Gave Dec a break as far as TCC is concerned, and therefore due on in a day or 2, will hopefully get back to trying this month. I didn't really want 2 birthdays so close. We will see what 2010 brings. Hope all you mums with bumps are ok? Alice you ok???

Right must go as still have to unpack really, also cooking in the kitchen. Bye for now lovely mummies and chin up Em, maybe kick him out if he likes staying at the ex's so much!!!

Bye xx

05/01/2010 at 20:49


Thanks for the support Liz. Do feel like he is being a selfish bastard (why change the habit of a lifetime hey!), but i have to just put it aside for P. Been getting so wound up that ive literally had to count to 10 to stop myself shouting at her. She has seemed to hit the 'terrible 2's' this past week, but my stressed out mood is not her fault, and i wont take it out on her.   Just wish i hadnt given him another chance back in July, if id gone then this would all be done with and we would have moved on.

 LOL about Angus. Sure you were very worried, and annoyed, but to an outsider gotta admit it did sound funny!

Great to hear H had such a good Xmas. P loves her prezzys now (especially keyboard), but on the day she just seemed bored by it all. My girls just too cool for school lol

I ate loads too, so dont worry, think its a rule that you have to. Theres that thing that seems exclusive to chrsitmas, that youre full from a big dinner, but still cant stop picking at tins of chocs etc.

Fingers crossed for ttc, although if you dont want birthdays too close are you going to hold off a little longer?

My dinner should be ready soon, so bye for now.

Em x

08/01/2010 at 22:00

Hi all

Happy New Year.  We too stayed in, it was nice.  I cooked a nice meal and we had a nice pudding.  We were invited out to a restauant but I just wanted to stay home and spend it with family and esp as it was Anaia's first new year.  SHe was asleep bless her bu C was wide awake and watching the fireworks from the window.

I ate loads too - have been on a strict diet this week.  BUT, my WW scales are broken so haven't been able to weigh myself - i feel a bit lighter but my instincts are not always right!! 

RIght better go - Anaia will be up at 7 ish so want to get a god 8 - 9 hours before she gets up.  I feel so mean if I try and make her sleep for longer in the mornings so better go.

09/01/2010 at 08:46

Hi girls

Glad you all seemed to have good festivities! Like you all, I have eaten far too much and still seem to be eating for britain!!! Must diet though as the wedding is 7 months away!!!

Emma, how are things at home now? Hope you are okay xx

I had been loving the mass of snow we have been having in Scotland until now but it is now so deep and is dangerous and causing lots of problems, especially for farmers. So many outbuildings in the area have collapsed with the weight of the snow on the roof and one man was trapped... luckily he is okay. Cows have died and many have lost thousands in buildings and machinery & cars. I am worried about my mum as she is up on the farm on a hill on her own and we can not get to her. She is checking in with us once a day to confirm all okay as she has several extentions and buildings threatening to collapse! So it is all rather scary and dangerous now and everyone is desperate for a thaw... it has been a month now since the snow started to fall and it just doesn't seem to stop... I dug the car out yesterday and it was incased in 3 foot of snow and it was only a few days prior that I cleared it from about 2 ft of snow!!! We are okay as in the town so can walk for supplies but I have many friends who live out in the country on their last food supplies and very low on heating oil so it is worrying times! Many local farmers have been busy getting food & fuel into people who are stranded.... thank god for the farmers!!

Other than that, the boys are fab! Growing up too fast. They were able to enjoy the snow in the early days before it became too dangerous but now it is dodgy going out as metre long icicles keep falling from the roof and any further than the garden gets very hard to walk and hard to get the sledge through the narrow ruts that have formed from people walking! The council can not keep on top of it as too much snow fall so the pavements are a nightmare! And the roads not much better!

Jacob didn't get to start his new messy twos group this week as all schools have been shut for the whole week! So there has been no M&T groups or parent groups and no coffee dates with pals so getting a bit of cabin fever now!! I have been to work though as able to walk in... there has been so many that can't make it!

Anyway, will post a pic or two up in a min of the boys & the snow!!

Hope everyone is well

M xxx

09/01/2010 at 08:49

Walking to work on 5th Jan...

The garden table 2 days after being cleared of 1st heavy snow fall...!_0.JPG

The boys enjoying sledging in the earlier snow fall...

10/01/2010 at 12:13

Hi girls,

 Love the pics maria, there is such alot of snow everywhere!!! Mega in scotland tho. I agree, hooray for the farmers, they are helping the council alot here at the mo with gritting and snowplouging. We had a foot of it here, only a light dusting last night and outside at the mo it's 2 degrees so there is a thaw happening. Mega long icicles all along the guttering. We also have had to dig vehicles out. My car has not been out since tuesday but Angus is trying to set it free this very minute and we are hoping to take it to the pub car park at the top of the hill so I can go out tomorrow in it.

We ventured out yesterday, a bit hairy but we made it, Tesco was madness. I think supermarkets have replaced churches in the british pyschy and everyone seems to go there when worried about anything!!!

I will put a pic or two on later when I go on OH's laptop, I cannot seem to upload anymore onto TB from this PC, it will not complete the procedure and says resizing pic and then freezes, v annoying.

Even tho OH has been frustrated at not getting into work, It has been nice having him home as is v rare!!!

Best be off now, hope you are all coping with this snow and are not too cold etc. Look after those bumps too. xxx

10/01/2010 at 22:49

Hooray managed to upload it in the end (was a mission!)

Henry out and about at the end of our road on Thursday.[1]_(2)_(Medium).JPG

20/01/2010 at 16:23

Hi everyone,

Hope your all ok. It has been ages since I've posted and I have an afternoon to myself which is lovely. I hope youve all had a lovely Xmas and New Year? It seems like ages ago now...

Lovely pics girls, we had loads of snow too and were stuck for nearly 2 weeks, we were living off beans and fish fingers for the last couple of days, but it was fun none the less.

Well, my bump is growing, In nearly 4 months now, so am passed the yucky sicky stage which was awful. Looking forward to the next scan in February.

Has anyone else had a letter from your GP about swine flu injections for under 5? They make it sound like a neccesity to have it done, but Tom had a flu last year and it was swine-flu-like, but of course we're not sure if it actually was. I dont want to take him to be vaccinated if he's already had it..

Anyway, hope you and bubbas are all doing really well, take care x

20/01/2010 at 16:25
P.s I saw on Facebook Liz that you have a breadmaker - me too, we got it 2 weeks ago and have eaten sooo much bread. It is wonderful and so easy to use, i dont know why  i never got one before. I am currently tucking into some cheesebread toast - yum..
08/02/2010 at 15:14

Hi all,

Well it's pretty quiet on here these days, guess everyone is too busy now. Things are fine with us. Just had quite a nice weekend.OH was off on Sunday so we had a family day out, we saw the steam train etc which henry loves, as he was settling down in bed he kept mentioning the trains, so sweet!

I so need to watch what I eat now as can't seem to stop at the moment, just not in the right frame of mind, can't really be bothered with WW tho as am not that focused on it really.

V cold here today, had a few snowy showers but nothing major.

Henry is quite naughty these days, likes to say 'no' alot! And has picked up'bloody hell' which he says at the most inopertune moments to get a rise out of you. They know all the buttons to press now don't they!!!

Re ttc, well it's ok, think it's meant to be that it's taking longer as it's making OH realise how much I want it, think he's beginning to see that henry would enjoy it now, what with various day trips etc. So everything happens for a reason. I have stopped panicking about perfect age gaps etc, it's really about what suits us, nothing else matters really! OH BTW Emma on that note, do you think you could not mention the ttc thing on my facebook wall, (fine in a private message to me, am happy to talk about it with you), but don't want everyone knowing! I'll go back home to Devon and be asked by distant friends how it's going! Luckily you put ttc not the words, so no harm done.

How are things by the way Em, still at home with Jon? Slowly going mad? Anytime you want a know where I am.

Right off to be disobeyed all afternoon now, bye!!

Hope all you ladies, babes & bumps are well, love to you all xxxx

P.S. Do these chores and housework ever end!!!

18/02/2010 at 12:35

Hi girls

Sorry not been on much... totally exhausted all the time at the moment with work, two toddlers, house & organising wedding!

We are having a nightmare with Jacob at the moment with his distructive behaviour and permanent fighting with his brother or disturbing him. Having them sharing a room is a total nightmare just now but no other option with us in this little house. Jacob is really very distructive... our living room door is in the cupboard just now as he pulled it off it's hinges... he has pulled the frame off from his bedroom window in an attempt to get the curtains down so we switched to a blind in the hope this would be better but it has been pulled down so many times that the fittings have now snapped this morning! He breaks everything and can work out everything... he can open all safety gates, unlock any doors, etc and keeps getting his brother, not to mention himself into dangerous situations! Caleb climbed out of his cot and fell so we have had no option to put him in a low bed... he would be fine if in a room on his own but Jacob takes it apon himself to kick him out of his bed, pull his mattress of or throw things at him, not to mention stripping him of all his clothes... twice last week he decorated his bedroom in his brother's nappy contents and although I have scrubbed and scrubbed their carpet it is still stained!!! I am at my wits end with him just now!!! Our house looks like a prison with all the barriers nad contraptions we have come up with in a bid to keep him contained from danger!!! Bedtimes have gone from a dream to a nightmare as he will not leave his brother alone to sleep and so all hell breaks out so we end up having to keep Jacob downstairs until he is pratically asleep which can take to 10pm some nights... not a good routine to get into but we are totally stuck with what to do anymore to stop his constant destroying of their room and hurting and upsetting his brother!!! HELP!!!!!

On a good note the venue for the wedding is booked and I have a dress!! It is victorian lilac with ivory split down the side and beautiful embroidered sequins on the top half down one side! Can't believe I actually found a dress to fit my hugeness and one I like... I don't do dresses!!!!

Anyway... have lots of other news I could yap on about but Jacob is starting to destruct so need to go get him occupied with an activity!!!

Hope everyone is ok and not having the same toddler issues as us!!!!

M xxx

22/02/2010 at 12:19

HI all, its been ages since I last posed on here but seriously never get 2 mins to myslef.  I go back to work in 4 weeks so will be posting everyday!!

Maria, I totally sympathise with you.  Although C is totally destructive it is a nghtmare with him sharing a room with Anaia.  SHe goes to bed at 7 and sleeps through bu since we have put him in there in his own bed he keeps waking her up by either calling us, crying, trying to get out of the room etc and sometimes like last night it was midnight and they were both awake.  Yes you are right it would be so muh easier if they had their own rooms.

Emma, how are things going with Jon - any better?

Joy, when is your due date - is it around March?

Well, Anaia was 6 months old the other day, she is growing up fast.  It still seems strange having a girl as my defautl position is still boy eg hen I go shopping I still go to the boys section first.

I am trying to loose the baby weight still - back to WW - I am 4lb off my pre baby weight but it s coming off so slowly.  It is sooooo much harder second time round.  It has taken me 4 months to loose half a stone.  My belly looks like a used carrier bad, I think the only way forward is surgery TUMMY TUCK!!

Right, just finsihed having my breakfast, yes I know it is lunch time but you all know how it is.  Gonn grab a quick shower whilst Anaia is asleep.  WHo says when baby sleeps you should sleep? Some idiot without children obviously. SHe has been asleep half an hou and I have put tumble drier on, put washing machine on, done bottles, steralised, cleaned kitchen.  She will be awake soon and I will have done nothing for myself.

Right all - have a good day.

22/02/2010 at 14:46

Hi girls. Havnt thought to check here for a while with so many of us on fb.

Liz. lol bout henry saying 'bloody hell'. Its so hard when they pick up words really quickly now. I used to use 'crap' a lot, but know P would be going round /sainsburys saying it over and over lol.       Sorry bout mentioning ttc on fb, thought as it was such a big issue for you that you would be shouting it from the rooftops when you got Angus to agree with bub number 2!

Maria. Sorry to hear youre having a rough time with Jacob. Really dont know what to suggest that would help. Is there not room to have Caleb in your bedroom, so Jacob cant bother him?    Great news about  the wedding though, and the dress sounds lovely.

Alice. Have you had your scan yet?   Got letter for swine flu jab, didnt take Paige as in this area new cases are v rare and i just didnt think it was necessary.

Abbey. How do you feel about going back to work? OMG, know what you mean with sleeping when baby sleeps. Did any of us ever have time for that??? When P sleeps i have an uninterrupted cup of coffee, then try and fix the destruction 3 kids make lol.

 I AM MOVING TO MY OWN PLACE IN 2 WEEKS!!! Things with jon still as hot and cold as ever, but there is  no way back for us as a couple so finally all this is coming to a proper end. He has started seeing a girls from work already though, which made it all the more confusing when he comes home sat night with wine and dinner, sits me down and tells me he still loves me!!! Despite saying for last 3 months that he didnt. Think now im actually going the sadness, and guilt over his part in things has hit him. dont know wether to believe him  or not but it doesnt matter really.

24/02/2010 at 09:18
Hi girls

My goodness this thread certainly went quiet for a while then all of a sudden there's a few posts to read!

Great news about finding your venue & dress Maria - you must be getting so excited now!

And Emma - I'm soooooo pleased for you that you can finally make a fresh start on your own moving into your own place. FANTASTIC! All the best of luck hon!

Abbey - my due date is end of April so got 9 weeks left yet... just starting to get those little annoying discomforts & niggles especially at night... but mustn't complain as am a very happy bunny really.

Busy as ever of course - Lily's finally settled properly at nursery and is eating better there now which is great. Meanwhile it gives me extra time for work - but somehow with a certain deadline looming it still doesn't seem to be enough! LOL!

And on that note - must get on!
Love to all
25/02/2010 at 00:32

Hi all

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There’ll be more articles, news stories and competitions and plenty of new stuff appearing over the next few months. We’ve also got lots more links with our sister site, MadeForMums, which you may already know.

However, the forums will stay pretty much as they are. We love the friendly chat and the support you give each other and hope you’ll keep coming back for more.

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12/03/2010 at 11:23

Hi all

How are things going with the bubba's?  I am very pleased to say that Cristiano is half toilet trained.  For the last 2 weeks he has done every poo on the toilet.  I dont know how it happened!  I never let him walk round the house without a nappy - I just sat him on the loo and one day he just did it.  Once he is confident will try with the wee but I am just glad he is doing the poo's on there.  He even went himself one day when I was asleep!  The bathroom is in a right mess after though - loo paper everywhere. 

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