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27/09/2007 at 09:24
Hi girls

Thought I'd set up the September Mums forum so we can all continue chatting! Hope to see you all on her soon.

lotsa love
Joy x
27/09/2007 at 10:13

Hi Joy,

Not sure how soon they will close the Due Sept forum, so will probably post on both for now..

Hope to see you all on here soon x Alice

27/09/2007 at 14:31

I found it!

Period pain so bad today! Considering pregnancy again!  x x

27/09/2007 at 15:03

Hooray we've graduated to the mums page- well done for setting up Joy!  I will keep checking both for now but post on here!


27/09/2007 at 15:05

Hi Everyone,

Thanks Joy for setting this forum up, hopefully it will be as helpful and supportive as the Due September 2007 was over the past nine months.

 Look forward to chatting with you all here!

27/09/2007 at 19:10
Hello girls, does this mean my boobs will feel better on this forum!
Will check both forums for a little while, thanks Joy & thanks Gemma for keeping up with that list for so long! x
28/09/2007 at 10:39

Glad to see you guys on this thread now. Hope your boobs are better Liz!

Had a bit of a bad night with Lily last night. She seems to have a problem with digestion as she gets quite windy (even though I'm breastfeeding) and even squirms whilst still latched on sometimes...she's started to have to come off a couple of times per boob to be winded - which makes feeding quite an epic! With the difficulties we had during our mammouth labour I'm thinking she's a prime candidate for treatment by a cranial osteopath so I've taken a recommendation from a friend and am hoping to get an appointment set up soon.

She also seems to need a lot of cuddles - not that I mind that as I love cuddling her but it makes getting anything else done a bit difficult (I'm typing this with one hand). Will probably try putting her in her sling soon so I can get on with stuff while she's close to me.

I'm on antibiotics at the moment too as I have a urine infection which is a bit of a pain - have to say what with Lily's crying patches when I feel so helpless - I do end up in tears quite regularly at the mo. Guess it's all par for the course tho.

All the best to everyone - it's so handy being able to vent things on here - I'm sure it will continue to be useful throughout the coming months as it has been in the last 9.

Take care all
28/09/2007 at 16:38

Hello all

Great idea to set up the thread - it's great to have people going through the same as you isn't it.

I met up with the other mums from my NCT class yesterday which was great and seems like we've all had the same problems with breastfeeding and all are mixing breast and formula. Ended up on the phone to my health visitor on tues am after feeding all night and all she asked was 'what did I want to do?' All I wanted was for someone to tell me it's ok to go onto formula - like you guys I feel like I've been made to feel guilty by the healthcare 'professionals' I've seen who are all mega pro breast feeding - doing 50/50 now and Tom is settling down a bit more. Last week I was feeding 24/7 at the advise of my health visitor to make him put on weight as he'd lost so much but we're getting there now and weighted 7,10oz yest - big boy!

 Anyway best get back to my hoovering while he's still asleep as we have family coming tomorrow. have also resortd to dummies as he was very sucky and just liked to suck my boob for comfort! It works a treat now and he seems happier too.

Chat soon and hope everyone is still doing well and getting enough sleep.

Kerri and Thomas.

Ps hadn't even thought of periods!

28/09/2007 at 19:07
Hi all of you,
I'm still feeling very up and down about breast feeding. Found out today Henry has a short tongue and is possibly why it was so painful, but still feel giving up BF almost like a bereavement, I'm so gutted, even though I can see the benefits of the bottle just can't get the ideal out of my head. Think the long Labour, c section and the BF has hit me this week and feel abit drained. I know it sounds silly but I'm reluctant to allow myself to "dry up" feels like I won't be so womanly or motherly anymore!? Am so irrational at the mo. I honestly think I've found it more traumatic than the labour.

Hope all you ladies are well, It is an emotional time isn't it? Joy I hope your infection clears up soon as it's rotten to feel run down on top of everything else, I know it's hard but hope you're still getting some 'me' time.

kerri, you totally need a 'professional' to tell you what to do, it makes you feel better, but it's hard for them to I suppose. It does have to be down to you at the end of the day. Trouble is you're so knackered and been through the wringer you just don't want to decide anymore, you'll make the right decision, as will I, but it's tough.

28/09/2007 at 20:19
Hi all

Liz - sorry to hear you're still having such trouble with the breastfeeding. I know it's easy to say but you mustn't beat yourself up about it. Maybe you could continue with expressing so Henry still gets some breast milk and top up with formula for the rest of the time...that way you don't have to dry up completely and he still gets the benefit of Mummy goodness. Having said that I'm from the generation of bottle fed babies and I was a very healthy happy child so it can't be all that bad. I totally understand how you must feel though as I would be devestated if I was unable to feed too...guess I'm really lucky there (annoying I know!).

I've got an appointment for Lily with the cranial osteopath set up on Wednesday next week - luckily it coincides with Gary having a day at home from work too so that's handy. I'm really hoping it will make a difference as I got quite teary again this morning as she seems to get so uncomfortable and I feel so helpless not being able to make her feel better. We've spoken to quite a few people about the CO now and they've all said good things so I have my fingers firmly crossed!

Got some exciting news today too - a friend of mine who is due next week has just had her waters break so looks like Lily will have a new playmate in the next couple of days! Can't wait to find out if she's having a boy or a girl. I've just passed on my birthing ball and raspberry leaf tea to her to help as she hasn't had any contractions yet and if she has nothing by Monday they'll induce I expect she'll be spending the weekend eating curries etc. It's so weird to think of her going through all that this weekend but very exciting too.

Anyway must go as our takeaway has just arrived.
All the best
J xxx

28/09/2007 at 21:32

Just a quickie I forgot to say that Finn was born after a 24hour labour at 12.39pm on Tues the 25th 11 days overdue.

Someone asked if Finn was short for finley, No we decided if we were going to call him Finn that would be his full name. It's Finn Arnold Raven, Arnold after his great grandfather who died in Feb of this year.

Catch you all on the Sept Mums forum.



29/09/2007 at 08:58

Hi girls,

Me and Leo still have a cold but he is being so good! Hes not grizzling (which I thought he would) He just seems very uncomfortable sometimes, especially when he is bunged up. I went to the chemist yest but they told me he is too young for calpol or nurofen so they gave me saline drops for his nose that seem to help.

I went out with my mum and little brother and sister a little while ago. My 2 yr old sister adores Leo and keeps asking to swap him for her baby doll. But my brother who is five next month doesnt seem that bothered. The only time he has really paid any attention was in sainsburys, Leo was due a feed. My brother stood at the end of the aisle and at the top of his voice and very sternly shouted "Tanya, your baby is crying!! Why is your baby crying?! Mummy, Tanya's baby is crying! Do you need help?!" I must admit I got some funny looks. Being lectured by a five yr old on raising a baby is not a common sight.

Leo is having his injections a week on mon so will let you know how they go!

Must go, Leo has woken up.

x x x

29/09/2007 at 10:42

MOrning every1,

 What a night! Tom was up every 2 hours, for a bout an hour.. He normally goes for about 3 1/2 hr stretches in the night, so am nacred this morning, despite being in bed since 10pm last night, i think I only had about 5 hours kip.

 Does anyone else sleep in the bed with their baby? I was terrified of smothering him at first, but am so used to it now, and Tom won't settle in his MOses basket. It's the only way either of us will get any sleep! Have read differing opinions of bed sharing, but would be interesting to know what you're all doing?

I'm also very teary still, much worse than during pregnancy. I cry about 3-4 times daily, not generally for any reason, I just feel overwhelmed by everything for a few minutes and then it passes.

Well have a good day all - OH has gone out for the day so have Tom all to myself.. x

29/09/2007 at 12:46

Hi girls... found the new thread!! Hope all is well with all your bundles of joy... Jacob is thriving, piling on the weight now so at least all his massive feeding sessions are doing something - anyone else find their babies feed for hours on end?? He seems to use me as a dummy alot, which is time consuming and wearing on the nipples!! I am worried to give him a dummy in case it interferes with the breast feeding - we are only just settling at that now after a difficult start following his time in SUBU and being cup fed... has anyone used a dummy with breastfeeding?? How early did you offer a dummy??

Alice - I share short spells with Jacob in our bed, as feed lying in bed for the night feeds so we sometimes both fall asleep before I get him back in his carrycot... I am too scared to let him stay in the whole night - more worried he will fall out the bed than I'll crush him though!!! He has his carrycot by my side of the bed and once settled I put him down in it, which he seems okay with mostly although can be difficult to settle at times, although more due to his constant demand of comfort sucking me than anything else!!! LOL

Liz - I replied to you on the other thread re breastfeeding - even if you take a break you can regain milk supply - it takes about a month to get milk back to a good flow but it is a possibility so you do have options but whatever you decide will be right for you and your boy - you love him and that is all he needs from you - as long as he has a full belly he will be happy! Good luck with whatever you decide is right for you xx

Well... best grab a shower while I can (Jacob sleeping for once!! LOL)....

take care xx

30/09/2007 at 17:47

Hi all

Found the new thread- eventually!!

I too sleep with Cristiano in the bed ocasionaly.   Sometimes he just wants to be close to me and he sleeps for 5 hours in a row in the bed.  He has finally put on some weight and is now 6.7lbs -he is so tiny but ever so cute.

30/09/2007 at 19:30
Hi girls,

Well I've started to come to terms with the BF. I'm using bottles now although I express twice a day. (knockers so big in morning & eve)thought it might ease potential engorgement. Also still reluctant to give it up, makes me feel a bit better. I think what upset me the most was he was good at BF and feel it was wasted. The problem wasn't the latch or anything, I had people watch to make sure, he just made me too sore, it got to the point that I had to fashion a bra with holes cut out and drape a sarong over my shoulders as it hurt if anything touched my nipples and they would stick to fabric due to scabs. I felt like an invalid baring in mind c section etc. I rested boobs for 5 days and expressed in that time, I gingerly put him back on mid feed (so not too guzzley)and was ok, tried again (only on one boob tho as other still too sore)he was ok but it was still mid feed, when I put him on at beginning of feed, he got frustrated & it hurt alot, so tearfully & regretfully I had to decide. I thought Am I doing this for Henry's sake or my own? Is this going to work for my family? And I knew the answers.

Motherhood is a funny thing, this journey we've all been on, lows and huge highs. The aftermath is tough, the lack of sleep is tough, the god the hormones!!! I've just started beginning to enjoy Henry now.

Soon the electric pump will have to be returned, mixed feelings about that. Love it as it gives Henry the good stuff, but loath it as I had to give henry to my mum or OH to feed while I pumped, so a labour of love, I have a hand pump tho, probably get RSI next!lol!

It's mega letting babe in next to you in bed, they love it and so do we. But beware of creating clingy child!!! This can lead to them never settling in crib = rod for own back!! I will bring him in with me in mornings if stirring to drag out the waking up bit, but when he's asleep he goes in crib or on his chair thingy. But hey there are no hard fast rules are there? Each to their own.

Thanks for all your support by the way, it's been so helpful to read your posts and post my own ones too.

Joy hope all goes well with Cranial Ostiopath. x
Sarah congratualtions on the safe arrival of Finn! x
01/10/2007 at 08:58

Hi all.

Liz. Sorry youve had such difficulty with the feeding. Try not to give yourself a hard time about using bottles, breastfeeding is making you very stressed and this is a time when you should be as relaxed as possible. Know you want to do the best for Henry, but many babies (myself included) have been bottle fed and grow up perfectly happy and healthy.

Alice. I dont sleep with Paige in the bed, shes not even in our room. Love to bring her in for a cuddle if shes awake before we get up in the morning, but shes settled v well into her own room so dont want to mess that up.

Joy. Hope it goes well with the osteopath, anything is worth a try if you think it will help Lily feel better.

Had a v busy weekend, had first proper outing with all the kids on Sat and then lots of visitors yesterday. OH has gone back to work today, so just me & Paige at home. On one hand think il enjoy having her to myself, but doing everything without help will tale some getting used to.

Have a good day. Em x

01/10/2007 at 12:00

I too am home alone today, my OH has returned to work

Kerenza is generally a contented baby, but seems to want feeding every minute! Think she has a cold at the moment as she is quite grunty and snuffly. She doesn't cry though, just gets on with it.

Am worried I may be getting mastitis. One of my boobs was very full today, and a bit red and hot, and I am feeling a bit yuk, headchey, and like I'm getting a cold...which I may be, or may just be run down and tired...hoping its not mastitis but may go and express the rest of my milk just in case!

Hope you're all ok today. xx 

01/10/2007 at 13:23

Advice please.......

 I am bottle feeding Priya but am having problems, we began using Cow and Gate Comfort which I found too thick for the teats, poor Priya was sucking for ages but never getting anything to I changed teats, then she was getting it formula to fast which gave her bad wind.  Next I changed bottles from Avent to Dr Browns, better bottles but formula still too thick so changed to SMA Gold but now she only take two ounces before falling asleep and then waking up and wanting more within the hour.

 Has anyone managed to get four ounces down in one feed and then have a contented baby for the next four hours?  If so then how???  - What formula, which bottles and teats?

By the way I can't believe that I have been a mummy for over four weeks already... time flies .

Hope everyone else is enjoying motherhood!

01/10/2007 at 14:43

Hi girls

My OH went back to work today too - it is so weird not having him around - even simple things like going to make a cuppa are different now as I can't just turn round and say 'can you keep an eye on Jacob for a sec'!!

Liz - hope things are happier now for you two... as Emma says you should not feel bad or guilty for anything - motherhood is challenging and we will always question the 'what ifs' and have the 'should I's' but the important thing is we love our babies and make sure they are warm, fed, clothed and loved and that is all that matters! It is important to enjoy your time together... I believe that a mother will always instinctively and naturally do right, whatever that happens to be for their baby, family and circumstances - no one method is 'right' and you should be content you are doing what is right for you and yours.

Lisa - you definitely describe all the symptoms - you should get it checked out - the sooner it is picked up and treated the less painful for you and quicker it will heal - I have been getting pain in my left breast so MW checked but she said as no redness, heat or cold/flu like symptoms (all of which you describe) then should be okay but if any of these symptoms to call her back straight away... hope all okay!... Oh and Jacob too wants to feed all the time but a lot of the time it is comfort sucking not feeding that he is after - know how demanding it is though and exhausting!!!!

Deenie - as I am BF and this is my first I am sorry I can't share any experiences with you... have you tried asking for advice from your HV?? Good luck! 

Jacob is merrily putting on weight and is very alert... the midwife says he has eyes and mouth bigger than his belly though as he takes more milk than he can handle, hence he often possets or spits milk back... this is mostly when he goes from feeding to comfort sucking! He has a powerful suck too, hence why I may be getting tender as I have sensitive skin and he is rough!!

Oh... that's the mw now with more dressings - my section scar is still leaking fluid - yuk!!!

M & jacob


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