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3rd degree tear - What to do the 2nd time around

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31/07/2010 at 19:20

Just wondered if anyone else has gone through this,

With my first I had to have a forceps delivery and had a 3rd degree tear. I'm pregnant again now and worried about what is going to happen this time around.

Is it likely that I'll have to have a c section? Or do you just see how labour progress'?

I'd really appreciate advice from anyone who is/has been in the same situation.

Thanks xxx

31/07/2010 at 19:50

I'm glad you've asked this!  I'm not preg yet but am thinking about no 2 and am worried about tearing again 2nd time round.

My daughter was fairly big (8lb 9oz) and was in a bit of a hurry to be born, her shoulders got a bit stuck and the midwife had to put her hands in and 'wriggle' her out.  consequently I tore badly frontwards and backwards.  I can honestly say that recovering from the birth was more painful that the birth itself.  I literally could not sit or walk properly (I was shuffling everywhere!) for a good few weeks.  Also because of all the stitches weeing was so excrutiating, even with warm water/in the bath etc, it made me feel physically sick and faint.  

I wondered if you have torn once will it happen again?  I would consider a home birth 2nd time cos dd was in such a hurry (1cm to birth in about 3 hrs) and I'm worried no 2 will be quicker and I don't want to give birth in the car!  Or is a c section likely?  Is there anything that can be done to prevent tearing?  I'm not scared about labour and birth so much, just the aftermath coping with a toddler and a new born and being as immobile as last time.

Sam that is not a lot of help to you, sorry, but I too would appreciate hearing from someone who has been in a similar situation.

01/08/2010 at 10:11

Hi Sam

I had third degree tears as a result of a forceps delivery and had an 8lbs9 boy. When I got pregnant for a second time I was concerned they would tear again and was also worried as I knew second labours are quicker and was therefore worried I would not have an epidural next time. I was checked over and told that I would be able to give birth naturally as I had healed well.

My second labour was quick (2 hours) and I never had time for an epidural but my third degree tear from my first labour remained ok. I had to listen very carefully to what the midwives told me when I was pushing. I did need stitches though. I had another 8lbs9 boy.

Recovery was a bit slower as I had a 19 month toddler at the time but my other half is supportive and my Mum helped a lot. Looking back I probably worried more than I needed to.

Discuss your concerns with your midwife. With regard to whether you would need a c section this time you should have been checked (ie scan done up you bum!) to have confirmation as to whether second labour would be naural or a c section.

Hope this helps xx

01/08/2010 at 13:00

Morning Ladies,

Thank you both for your replies. I've read quite a bit of research and it seems natural birth vs. c section entirely depends on what you/midwife think is best and how well you healed first time round!

Gem, I'm due in March and my first son will be 3yrs and can fully understand the running after a toddler and healing!

Emma, sounds like you have two big boys!! Thanks for your advice, I'll defo discuss this with my MW when I see her next week.

Thanks again x

05/08/2010 at 00:02

At my last antenatal appointment my midwife told me I'd have to see a consultant because I tore really badly with my 1st, put it this way I wasn't stitched as much as reconstructed and they lost count of the number of stitches I had!   Presumably they'll see how well I healed, I'm hoping cos it's been almost 12 years that everything should be ok, but I guess I'll have to see what the consultant says.

12/03/2014 at 12:48

Ladies...a little request that might help others. I had a 3c tear with my first and now agonising over what to do in the future (VB or CS). Would those of you who've had a second baby after a 3rd/4th mind filling out my survey here? It's really quick, just yes/no style answers, and anonymous.

I've done loads of research into risk factors for tears but couldn't find much information about reoccurrence rates so thought I'd do some data collection and analysis. I'm still on maternity leave and need to use my brain!

Once I've got a good number of responses, I'll post my findings. Might help other women try and make this really tricky decision. Thanks so much.

Admin - hope this is ok to post. If not, let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks

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