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12/04/2009 at 21:10


she had ingested and inhaled muconium they had sucked alot of it out of her but it sticks to the lungs like glue, she was breathing on her own but they kept her oxygen topped up. she had something called acidosis, the dr described it as if you ran a marathon and then straight away ran another the lactic acid that would build up makes you very ill, thats what freyas blood was like and they correct in with a drip of bicarbanate of soda. her bloods were back to normal by monday and the oxygen box cam of so we cold finally hold her. an absolutley amazing moment, she was being fed by a drip to give her tummy a rest. Id been expressing to make sure my milk came in but it didn't till tuesday. they let me start feeding her tuesday morning and topping her up with formula she took to it wonderfully and by wednesday afternoon they had taken off all her moniters ect so she could come on to the ward with me overnight that was lovely as Id been getting them to wake me up to go down to her in the night at scbu. she was due her last antibiotics on wednesday night but her iv had stopped working all the doctors were busy so in the end her consultant decided that she didn't need them she was fine and her cultures should no infection.

they let us home on friday and everyone was so wonderful Id definatley go to warwick for number 2! I was a bit aneamic and Im on iron tablets, my stitches haven't given me any pain just a bruise on a spot where you feel it when you've been riding a bike too long if you know what I mean!

we're still under the MW as she hasn't got back to her birth weight but like babybelle said about seren she wasn't sleeping at night, we thought it was cause she was just unsettled as she'd only sleep on me but the MW says it's cause she is hungry and even though she is feeding she's not constantly sucking and resting too much inbetween so she gave me a few hints and last night she fed like a trooper and slept from 1 till 5 and then till 9! fingers crossed its not a fluke, she recommended I express twice a day and top her up after breastfeeding, you can't overfeed with breastmilk the worse that will happen is that she'll be sick if she's too full.

what two huge posts!! I feel fine physically but still get tearful occasionally, to be expected when I think of her birth sometimes I get upset I know there was nothing I did wrong and her heart beat was fine all the way through, it just shows you that monitors can't show everything! but she's thriving now!!

13/04/2009 at 12:03

Hi ladies

Well as a brand new mummy i thought i'd share my birth story.

My daughter Abigail was born on 14 March 09 exactly a week early and here's how it went:

On the Saturday morning @ around 8am got up to go to the loo, while weeing i heard a faint pop and thought something had dropped in toilet bowl. I looked and there was nothing there so thought nothing more of it. Went down stairs to make a cup of tea and suddenly thought "Oh god i'm frikkin weeing myself" it carried on trickling and i couldn't stop it and so it occured to me my waters could be going, so off to hopsital my OH and i went. MW confirmed i wasn't weeing myself, but also could not confirm that my waters were going and so we were sent home with instructions that if nothing happened in the day to forget it happened. So at about 10am we were back home and i was thoroughly disappointed as i really thought it was the start of things. I spent the rest of morning keeping myself busy and bouncing on my gym ball. I had no other signs in the day apart from the odd trickle of liquid and very mild backache. By around 6pm i was in a really bad mood as i was convinced nothing was happening, then just as OH was about to start dinner (around 6.30) I stood up from sofa and gush waters went good and proper! So off we went back to hospital. It was confirmed waters had gone and i was put on monitor to check baby wasn't distressed. All was fine and so they did an internal at around 8.30pm i was 2cm dilated and had no contractions so i was sent home and told if nothing progressed by Monday i would need to be induced. We got home around 9pm and contractions had started. By quarter to 10 they were 45 secs apart and i was in agony and terrified something was wrong as there was a little blood in my knickers. James phoned mat unit while i was screaming in toilet convinced i needed a poo as i wanted to push! Mat unit told James to bring me back in so they could see what was going on. So he managed to get me in car as i was screaming and wanting to push (fasted car journey ever!) We got to hospital and receptionist calmly asked me for my details i was in agony and just screamed at her and fell to my knees pushing. I was bundled into a wheelchair and taken up to delivery where a mw managed to get me on a bed and told me to stop pushing (impossible) she soon changed her mind and told me to carry on pushing as i was 10cm and baby's head was visable! At this point i panicked and said i wasn't ready and that i couldn't be 10cm dilated lol. I then demanded drugs, but was told it was too late as she was on her way. I was given the gas and air, but i only got about 3 gulps on it as around 4 big pushes later she was out. I was still screaming that i couldn't do it while mw was passing her to me lol. Abigail arrived at 10.46pm, around 4 hours after waters going, she weighed 6lb 13oz and i only suffered one tear. They gave me stitches, but only to help me heal quicker as they said i didn't necessarily need stitches else.

So while i was terrified at the time, i look back now and realize just how easy i had it. I found that my body just took over and i went along for the ride. That urge to push is unbelievable and there is no stopping it. It is also true what they say, the moment u have your baby in your arms u forget the whole thing. About 5 mins after she was born i turned and said to James "I don't know why i was screaming." He was like "Are you kidding me?!" bless him.

I can honestly say i would do it all again, it's the most amazing experience and the most amazing thing i have ever done.

Good luck to all u ladies eagerly awaiting your big day!

Love Rach and Abi xxx

08/06/2009 at 20:21
Hi guys
My son william will be 1 next month. But i thought i would share my birth story with anyone that would like to hear.
On Wednesday the 16th July 2008 9 days overdue the mw came to my home and did a sweep at 6PM. That night i felt very uncomfortable but slept ok. All day Thursday i had pains on and off and rang the hospital late evening to ask advice and they said that it was too early and to have baths and take walks. i didnt sleep at all that night as it was much to painful and i was walking round my garden at 3am till 6am lol. i didnt call the hospital again until about 8am and they said i didnt sound like i was in enough pain and my contractions should be every 4 mins before going in. i have a really high pain threshold and i held on we then went shopping and at 11am i decided enough was enough and phoned hospital to tell them i was on my way. When i got there i was taken to a birthing room and told i dont look like im about to give birth and to have a walk around the concourse for a while then last minute decided that he would examine me first, which he was glad he did as he told me i was 8cm dilated already. He even called in a more experienced doctor to check me too as he couldnt beleive how calm i was. i was then assigned a trainee MV as well as another and they watched me walk around a room stopping for every contraction. i must have bored them lol. By 4PM the doctor came to examine again and i was 10cm dilated and she broke my waters by accident the pain got worse so i requested gas and air. After another hour nothing was happening so doctor saw me again and my cervix had shrunk back to 8cm with the force of my waters breaking. More waiting and at 9PM i finally started to push but william was ever so slightly off center so wasnt coming out easily, i tried every position possible but my blood pressure rocketed and the doctor told me that i needed an epidural to bring it back down, it was hard to do with my contractions having no break at this point but it helped and i tried a few more times to push. In the end the doctor for safety of my blood pressure and my baby getting in distressed decided that a c section was needed and i was taken to theater. My 9lb 8oz son william was born perfect at midnight on the dot which is classed as saturday morning the 19th July 12 days late.
Although my story may seem scary i was completely calm the whole way through and the team around me were great. They delivered my baby safely which was my only birth plan. i went in with no demands or expectations so i left happy about my birth experience
Hope my experience helps out some fears away, they really do know how to look after to you in labour
26/10/2009 at 15:34

I am Gemma and have a 10 month old son called Riley, here is my story:

I was due on the 5th December 2008 but unfortunately Riley had a different idea and did not want to make an appearance. MW came on the 10th December and she attempted a stretch and sweep but for whatever reason she could not find my cervix  I said 'its got to be there somewhere'. Anyway she could give me a sweep so wasn't too impressed. She called the hospital to arrange my induction date and I was told if it didn't happen naturally to go into hospital at 3pm on the 19th December at 40wks + 14. Spent the next week and a half waiting around and nothing happen. No show or braxton hicks absolutely nothing.

Turned up at hospital at 3pm on the 19th and was told there were no beds for me so to wait. Me and my OH waited for over an hour and eventually got a room. They put the monitor on and all was fine. At about 8pm I was told I wasn't dilated so given a pessary to try and kick start it. OH was told to go home as nothing would be happening tonight. I did start to get slight back pain but nothing significant. I eventually got to sleep about 12am and was rudely awakened at 5.30 am and asked if I wanted breakfast as they were going to break my waters at 8.30am. I had my breakfast, had a shower and called OH to come in. He arrived about 8am and was told that all the delivery suites were being used so they would come and get me if and when was available. So OH and me decided to go for a long walk and at about 10.30am got a call to say come back to the hospital as there was a room available. Got back to the hospital and they broke my waters. Still no pain really. They could not monitor his heartrate through a fetal heart monitor so they had to attach a probe onto his head, this and the drip they gave me to start the contractions meant I would be bed ridden for the remainder of the labour. It was very uncomfortable having to lie down the whole time. The contrations began and they were extremely painful and started with the gas and air. They kept altering the drip as they could not get the contractions correct. I needed to have 4 every 10 mins in order for them to effectively work and get me into established labour. It took until about 8pm in order to get the contractions working effectively. By this time I had already had 2 shots of pethidine as the pain was horrible and I couldn't bare it..........

26/10/2009 at 15:35

.......They said I was only 3 cms dilated at this point and I was not impressed. I was exhausted. I requested some more pethidine but was advised that they could only administer 2 shots. So I requested a mobile epidural. I was able to have little cat naps during the pain free moments. About 4am I was told it was time to push woo hoo!!!!!!

So I began and the pressure was so unexpected I cant even describe how immense it was. I pushed and pushed and pushed my little heart out yet he did not move a millimetre. They asked the consultant to check me about 5.30am. I was then advised that he was back to back and his face was pointing up rather than his chin being on his chest which meant he could not fit through the pelvis opening. The consultant decided that she would try to turn him...... I can catergorically say that the process of trying to turn him was the most uncomfortable and painful experience of my life. I nearly kicked the consultant in the face whilst screaming 'GET HER OUT'.

At about 6am Riley's heart rate had dropped as he was stressed so they took the decision to take me to theater and try forceps and if that was not successful it would be a c-section. Went to theater and was given a spinal block in case I did require a c-section. They gave me an episeotomy and Riley Thomas Harvey was born at 6.59am weighing 9lbs exactly. He was placed onto me while they stitched me up because I also tore as well. But I asked them to remove him as I was losing alot of blood and was losing consciousness.

I can say it was the most exhausting and painful experience of my life but hey we are planning number 2 so cant have been that bad.


24/03/2010 at 21:38

ok heres my story.... i woke up at 4am on a mondat and was 8days overdue to little contractions, id never been so i laboured at home till 5pm when i felt i needed more than will power. the hospital is literally round the corner a 10min walk (not that i walked) when i got there i was only 3cm  so went with Gas and Air and it made me feel really sick so i stopped using it. the midwife suggested a TENS machine and that worked well for about 10 hours then it was alot more intense, and i was given pethadine with an anti-sickness jab...n then i was sick... hmmmm dnt think that i eventually gave in and had an epidural and quickly fell asleep.

i woke up to the feeling i wanted to push to discover my birthing partners had gone back to mine as they were tierd so they had to be called back, after pushing for about an hour no sign of my lil girl. i was given an episiotomy (cant spell) and had a forceps delivery, the little madam had turned 'back to back' and got wedged .

as i thought 'pheeewwww' i was told my placenta was stuck and was promptly ripped out by the midwife, which hurt sooo much. then came stitches and followed the next day by an infection. but im willing to do it again hopefully this year


07/05/2010 at 16:25
Wow, ladies! these stories are so amazing! Am feeling so inspired reading through them (and a little bit scared too!!!). I hope your little ones appreciate it! haha x
04/06/2010 at 20:50
Hi ladies both my labours were similar but will post my most recent one. i was due on 6th feb but it came and went on the 10th i got a sweep and they said i was already 4cm so knew thing's would be happening soon so when i went to bed and woke the next day with no sign of labour i was very disappointed. put my son to bed that evening and thought was getting tightening's but not to painful at 10.30 i said to my husband i think i will go get checked as Mw led unit was only 5min's away to when i arrived they were already filling the pool for me they checked me and i was 7cm with not much pain!!! cont...
04/06/2010 at 20:55
So i got in the pool at about 11.20 and floated about till 3am with irregular contraction's and still not much pain i was given an internal at 3.15 was 8cm and water's were just sitting there so she offered to break them i agreed and as soon as They went i had an overwhelming urge to push my beautiful daughter rebecca kate arrived 3.35 in the pool weighing 7lb 10 with no pain relief. my son was kind of the same except i got a contraction with him and arrived at the hospital fully dilated ready to push another water birth with no pain relief x
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