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15/01/2007 at 10:25
Hi all,what can you tell me about breech babies?if it doesn't turn by 36 weeks will i have to have a ceaser?whats the healing process after ceaserean?
29/01/2007 at 10:00
My second turned at 35 weeks he was breech.I think it depend's on the hospital but must breech babies can be delivered vaginally.This one was transverse until recently and that does def mean a c-section so am very grateful she moved.You dont say how far you are.Best wishes
29/01/2007 at 10:19
Hi there
Yes, how long have you got? Babies are tricky chaps and can suddenly turn the right way just when you think it's too late!
It is sometimes possible to 'turn' the baby. It can be a bit painful but is perfectly safe.
I would hope your hospital would try to do this if they think they can, because health professionals are always going on about the large numbers of caesarians there are these days - they are the ones who advise us to have them!
Of course a cs is there to save lives and that's fine, but I am sure more hospitals and midwives could be helping women deliver naturally.
A cs does take a lot longer to recover from (depending on how it goes and the woman in question, about six weeks on average), but as I say, it can be the safest option and you shouldn't worry that you have 'failed' if you do end up needing one.
Let us know how far along you are.
Laura xx
29/01/2007 at 16:25
At 36 weeks you still honestly have time for babe to move;sometimes they do it at the last minute.An elective c section is generally performed at 39 weeks now so you have a bit of time.As for a vaginal breech delivery the person who can best help you is a member of the team looking after you at hospital.Individual consultants have different ideas about whether they would deliver a breech baby this way and it depends what position your baby is in i.e feet or bottom first. As for the section as someone who has had 3 i wont tell you not to worry about it!but it cant be so bad if i had two kids after the first one. The best advice re recovery is definately rest when you can, dry your scar with a hairdryer(cool setting!)and listen to your body.As Laura says the safety of you and your baby is paramount guilt should never come into the birth experience.Write a list of your concerns and discuss them with your midwife the best decision is a joint one you feel happy with.Good luck dont worry about the section too much all youll be thinking about is ure beautiful baby! louisexx
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