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10/01/2006 at 12:53
just wanted to say something about c - sections.

i was scared stiff of having one and know a lot of women feel like i did.

trust me girls it's not that bad, all the horrible stories you hear about feeling them tugging at you and things like that, aren't true. ok i could feel it but it wasn't unpleasent, all you have to think is i'm going to see my little baby soon.

i delivered by c- section on the 7th december 2005 to my beautiful son mathew, i'd had a 12 hour labour but he was back to back and although i pushed he was just stuck.

i was so scared when they said i had to go to theatre my lips went blue and i started shacking, but it was so relax all the doctors are so nice and there was music on in the background. i even remember thinking i hate rownan keating when it came on.

make sure your partners with you, it's probably the only time you'll think he looks like george clooney!

you do feel sore for about 2 weeks afterwards but you don't care you've got your baby.

hope this helps any one who's scared like i was.
10/01/2006 at 13:49
C-sections certainly take a bit of recovering from, but they're there to save lives and it's incredible how quickly a hospital team pull together to make it happen if a regular delivery isn't working for whatever reason.
So glad to hear you and Mathew had a good experience.
Keep in touch!
11/01/2006 at 15:45
Hi Lucy
Glad you were OK. My sister had to have an C-section and her boyfriend said the hospital staff were fantastic. She was a bit sore for a few weeks, but they were relieved that everything was OK.
So how's Matthew (or Mathew?) one month on?
11/01/2006 at 19:24
it's fantastic being a mum.

i was really worried i wouldn't be able to cope as my partner works long hours and it would be me and this screaming baby, but i love it he's so beautiful and responsive, we had our first smile today !

i just can't believe he's five weeks old today!

we had a few sleepless nights but last night he slept 11pm till 6am which was great but of course i didn't sleep as i was waiting for him to wake me up at sily o'clock! see what he's like tonight
12/01/2006 at 10:34
Great news, Lucy. Those first few weeks go so quickly and you feel a little heartbroken when you start to put away their 'newborn' clothes because they've already outgrown them!
I remember when my son first did an unexpected sleep through the night at eight weeks and I thought, 'What did I do to make him sleep through? Was it that Horlicks I had?' Of course, it didn't happen again for ages no matter hwo much Horlicks I drank! But you're right, when they're little and they sleep for longer, you keep waking up anyway, half-expecting them to wake up. Thankfully they're so gorgeous we somehow manage to keep operating in our half-asleep state!
Do keep in touch with us all on the site. Maybe start your own blog (check the homepage for the right link) right here on ThinkBaby.
29/07/2006 at 19:57

I've just had a C Section and went very well. The theatre staff talked to me through every step of the operation and before you know it the baby is out and its wonderful!!! I had my C Section because my little boy was breach and very high up. I was in no pain throughout and had him last Friday and was home by Sunday! I walked around (not hunched over either!) slowly I might add but very mobile - the advice I give is take your painkillers as they give you them for a reason - I stopped mine a bit too soon but now am back on them again and feel great!!! There is really nothing to worry about just look after yourself after and dont rush around to much - get all the help you can at home and enjoy your baby!! I really was dreading it after having two previus natural births but it was fine as long and you dont rush your recovery!!!
Bye for now Denise and ALex aged 1 week
31/07/2006 at 09:18
Hi Denise and welcome Alex!!!
So glad is all worked well for you.
I agree, main thing is to not try to do too much – I think there's something that kicks in that makes us want to be supermum straight away.
After my CS I did end up having really bad neck problems about 8 wks later bec of not being able to use the centre of my body for lifting etc, but I did already have a back problem at that time (which pilates sorted out eventually).
CS is there for a good reason and you're right, it sounds like it was the best option for you.
Congratulations and let us know how you and the latest addition to your family are doing!
28/12/2006 at 13:14
yes i had an elective cesarean with my first and due to have another in august with my second.i was so scared, and heard all these stories that you cant bend after to change your baby, your sore for weeks.Now ive experienced it myself im thinking why cant people just tell the truth. the worst for me was the needle in my hand and putting in the spinal block because it took them 6 needles due to an illness i had years ago. But the section its self was so quick and straight forward. i was so supprised when my scarr didnt sting in the bath or shower too.
03/01/2007 at 20:10
Hi Denise
can i ask you had a c section on the friday and was hom on the sunday, that 2 nights stay. i had an elective c section april last year and had to stay in for 5 days. Im preganant again now due in aug and have been told im likely to have a section again, dreading to stay in hospital all that time and leave my little girl. my c section went absolutley fine last time there was no problems.
03/01/2007 at 22:30
Hi Diane
Denise will probably be able to answer your query, but from my experience, I was lucky to get out after two nights as well.
Ask your midwife what the hospital policy is. It might depend on how busy your local hospital is. (The more busy, the quicker they want your bed!)
With a no-problem c-section it is quite normal to just stay in for a couple of nights now but diff places vary. At mine, if you had your child before midday they counted that as a whole day, plus I had my daughter on a Thursday and there were enough staff in on the Saturday to have time to come and see me and my baby to sign us off. If there are less staff at the weekend, and there are a large amount of other emergencies then that might cause some delay in a consultant being able to get round to seeing you.
I totally agree that getting home to see your little girl (and to be in the comfort of your own home) will be the best thing for you and your new baby. Do ask your midwife about it now, as you don't want to have the worry of it hanging over you for all those months.
Laura x
04/01/2007 at 17:15
Hi Diane

Yes I had Alex at 4pm on the Friday and came home Sunday lunchtime which was heaven! You obviously have to be very careful as to not overdo it at home which is easier said than done. I was fine and took it really easy for a few days. The hospital had no problem with me coming home after 2 nights - I was fine and mobile and baby was feeding well so no probs there. Just see how you go - if you feel well enough to return home and have a partner/family to help for a few days then go for it! I just couldn't sleep very well in hospital - it was so noisy and the staff were also extremely noisy too on the wards! All the very best with your pregnancy and fingers crossed for a short stay too!
Denise and Alex (5 months now!)
04/01/2007 at 21:27
Thankyou Denise
Sorry did the midwife have to come out to see you every day. I had to have a needle in my leg every day for 5 nights and have stiches out on day 5 plus wear stockings. i delivered in shrewsbury vert strict hospital. thals for your feed back.
05/01/2007 at 12:44
Hi Diane

I had injections into my tummy on the day after the section until the day I left - once you are on your feet I don't think you need them anymore, The MW came for a week (on and off) I was doing very well coping so they prob felt I didn' need too much aftercare. I never wore stockings only during the op and that night. Hope this helps but keep in mind every district operates differently.

05/01/2007 at 12:54
Thankyou Denise
Yes it must be different hospitals different rule i had my c sectin last year.
i had nothing in my bell only in my leg to stop blood clotting because of the spinal block that numbed me from the waist down. had chloe 9:00am monday morning i was up and about and showerd by 10:00am tuesday i was doing very well i couldn't beleave i had an operation. you could sign yourself out but they like you to stop in till your stitches are out. anyway i probably wouldnt rest at home with my little one running about. thanks anyway
07/01/2007 at 23:29
i had a c section on the 6th nov 06 it was an emergancy, baby jake was in a really bad way his heart beat down to 17 bp we nearly lost him. My fiance and mother in law were very scared as well. at the hospital all the mid wifes and staff wre brill, everything went so quick and b4 i new it jake was born at 23 40 weighing in at 5bls 6oz he was so tiny.Know he is 9 wks old and very fat we all love him very much and i recoverd very quick after.
08/01/2007 at 11:04
I too ended up having a c-section. I went into hospital on a friday to be induced and after 2 gels, waters broken and being put on the drip by 11pm on the saturday night i still was only 3cm dilated. i was in so much back pain as baby was back to back. i was glad they wanted to do the c-section as it meant my baby was coming out. It really wasn't that bad, it was quick. I was so tired and out of it by that point they could have done anything to me and I wouldn't have bothered! Hannah was born 6 minutes after midnight weighing 8lb 11. I feel a wee bit cheated that I didnt't get to have her the natural way. there is definately a lot longer healing time. my wound is still hasn't healed properly and hannah was born the 17th december. The staff i had were exellent and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Hannah came out a healthy little girl she just was too comfy in her mummies tummy.

24/03/2007 at 09:41
Hi ladies,

After examination at 11+4 weeks, my doc told me that my cervix is very tight and scarred, due to loop diathermy. She said it was likely that i would not fully dilate and that they would monitor me.

She added that i will poss be looking at a c section delivery. DH and I are thinking, if i have sa a 50% chance of having to have c section anyway, might it be better for me and baba if i have elective section on a planned day, thus avoiding all labour pain etc?

Also, worried won't have that euphoria that women get after all the pain. Worried i will be susceptible to baby blues.

Do most ladies generally still breastfeed after CS?

Any advice you ca give will be greatly appreciated!

Emma x
24/03/2007 at 09:43
Oh also, Weird question but no books seem to tell you this,

What happens to amniotic waters? How does placenta come out?

Thanx EM x
24/03/2007 at 17:16
Hi Everyone,
my name is Cassie and i'm currently on the due July thread and saw this one.
I am having section no.5 this time, had emergency sections with all my babies so thought i would pop in.
Its really interesting to read all your threads.

I ve had various experiences which i could go on about, but i won't as i might be here all day, can just relay my experience when appropriate, happy to help anyone feel more at ease about the possibility if i can.

Re breastfeeding there is no reason why you can't breastfeed after c section. i have with two of my babies and it was fine.

Re waters they are broken through he incision as you may know the incision is not just one cut through everything, first and incision is made through the outer layers of skin and fat exposing the uterus and then the uterus is cut with an incision, thus breaking the waters and then baby is delivered, then placenta is delivered through the same incision.

hope this helps will pop in again if thats o.k

Good Luck to all and congratulations to all new mums and babies.xx
06/05/2007 at 00:30
Hi ladies

It looks like I will have to have a c section, provisionally booked for the 21st May and was really wanting some advice on what to take for both baby and myself (clothes etc).

Can not find any recommendations in my books.

Your help will be much appreicated.

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