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30/08/2007 at 17:51

Hi there,

Gave birth last saturday 25th of August to a baby girl! I was induced and had a foreceps and episiotomy. Iam just wondering if there are any people out there who have had an episiotomy and have gone on to other pregnancies and what were their outcomes. Just wondering if it will ever be possible for me to have a natural birth next time because of what has happened this time round.  suzxxxxxxxx

30/08/2007 at 21:35

hi suz -

congratulations! - i had a baby boy in july (now nearly 8 weeks) with forceps and an episiotomy as well. -i believe that there will be no reason to not be ok with a natural birth next time- -even with caesareans these days you can! so i'd not worry at all.

i guess you'll be feeling rather sore at the moment - i know i was, and i had an epidural too. it won't be long before it's ok - if your stitches sting - mine were agony and i had really bad bruising inside too  - my suggestion is to bathe in warm water with a few drops of  tea tree oil - soothes and helps keep clean. ideally 2 or 3 times a day. if you don't have chance for a bath  -i didn't!!! - then just sit in a washing up bowl for 5 minutes. you feel like a fool but it really helps!!!

good luck with your little girl!



31/08/2007 at 14:21

thanks zoe, its great to hear from someone who has gone through the same as me.  congratulations on your wee boy. healing is going well i think dont really want to look in a mirror and i guess its pretty impossible to but im just taking it all a day at a time and every hour that we get of sleep during the night is a blessing. it was def all worth it though as she is a delight. im so relieved that its all over as i know that il be having a few years break now before im preg again as i really want my body to heal properly before it takes another battering! i think i must have had really bad fluid retention with this pregnancy so il have to watch for next time and not eat too many sweet things. suzxxxxxx

31/08/2007 at 14:41

 Hi Suz and Zoe,

I had episiotomy too and ventouse. Not a nice experience and took me ages to heal.My husband looked at it and he thought they had sewn me back up wrong as there was a bump-he explained it that it looked like when you fasten a button in the wrong hole,lol.

Well, that was 2 years ago and everything is fine now

Lynsey x

01/09/2007 at 21:21

hiya all

im expecting my second baby well actully 8 days over due now being induced on tuesday. with my first a boy i had a episiotomy and ventouse delivery as my son  (which was 2 years ago )got stuck,i was told by my consultant at the beggining of this pregnancy that just because ur last was episiotomy and ventouse this one might not be. so im just hoping . 

congratulations to u all that have had babies

im being induced on tuesday.



01/09/2007 at 23:26

 Ah Hannah, that's good news!

I bet you're so excited! Rest up (i know it's not that easy with a 2 year old) until tuesday hun so you have bags of energy ready for your new bundle of joy!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Hope all goes well for you.

Lynsey x

03/09/2007 at 11:24

Hi Suz

I also had a baby girl on Sat 25th August - ventouse delivery and episiotomy.  Was ok for the first few days, but now in a bit of pain and have antibiotics as midwife says some of the stitches have come undone - nice!  But think episiotomys are quite common and fingers crossed it all should heal with time.....!!  But i agree it is a bit of a worry at the moment.

Anna x

03/09/2007 at 17:02

hi mummy

thanks bless you

i will keep u posted .

bye for now.



04/09/2007 at 00:02

hi anna,

hope things settle down for you, its amazing now i can actually sit down properly. i have finished my antibiotics so im still taking painkillers and i have been having period pains already and its only 10 days since she was born. breasts were painful with engorgment but im taking ibuprofen for that. just want to get to the point that i dont have to rely on drugs to help me get through everyday. it will be interesting to see what happens next time but for now we are very content with just one but who knows. just really relieved that my body shape seems to be returning to normal and all the fluid retention is disappearing.

hannah best of luck to you will be thinking of you, the end is in sight and it will definitely be worth it all!


04/09/2007 at 01:59

Hi everybody!

First of all, best whishes for you hannah, i'm sure it will all turn out just fine.

When i had my daughter (21 months ago) i was told that, at least here in Portugal, it was usual to have an episiotomy as it was my first child. However, i didn't need it because things didn't went accordingly to plan. My delivery was induced. Half an hour later i experienced my first contraction. As i had asked for epidural the nurse took my blood sample. 30 min. later he came back to take another sample because the first one didn't have enough blood. My contractions were getting worse. They were 1 min. apart. Then the nurse said it was ok to give me the epidural but before i had to be prepared. By this he meant he had to give some kind of serum to controle my contractions as they were irregular. But, a few seconds after i was given that serum it was like i was having a permanent contraction and i needed to start pushing. The nurse said i could't push yet because i was only 7 cm dilated (can only start pushing when you reach 10 cm). However, my body thought differently. I had to push. It was stronger than my will. After the second push my baby's head was out. The nurse didn't have time to do the episiotomy as everything happened too fast. I wasn't even assisted by a doctor. He only came into the room to sew me up because the nurse was worried due to blood loss. I was torn all the way to my anus, but i didn't feel a thing. What really hurts is the contraction not the child being born. But i felt the stiches allright! Eventhough i wasn't given the epidural or had the episiotomy, i consider myself lucky because this all process lasted only two hours. The next day i could sit down and i didn't need to take any painkillers. I healed just fine, thank God! Now i am great and i'm sure you all will be too.

Best whishes to all

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