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17/11/2010 at 21:35

hi my name is Gem im 27 and currently 31 weeks pg with my 4th baby i have an nearly 9 yr old a nearly 8 yr old and  14 month old syddy i have gone for a planned homebirth this time as 2 out ov my 3 girls were unplanned BBAs lol i have a thing about not knowing it hurts till its a little to late lol but im just looking for reassurence really and kinda what to expect so if any one has anything they can say good or bad im open lol


17/11/2010 at 21:59

Hi Gem,

 I havent had a homebirth but know a few people that have

 Its all down to how you want it really, if you want to be left to your own devices you can be with little monitoring, its useful to write out a birthing plan to, so who holds the baby, cuts the cord, how many times do they check your progress, how long you stay in the pool etc etc From all i've read they are fantastic and much more relaxed but i was too chicken to have one 1st time round and 2nd time was a c-section

Also they bring the gas and air on tap

 Good luck and i hope you get the birth you want!

17/11/2010 at 22:12
hi paula thanks i havnt opted for the pool as we dont really have room and if im honest i dont think there would be a whole lotta time lol my established labour on my notes with my last baby was recorded as 1 min 1 sec long lol as for gas and air im not to worried ive had 2 natural births so im pretty good lol however ithink a birth plan would be good i hadnt thought about who would hold the baby and i normally just shout at dh to cut the cord lol but thank you very much i think i just had a  moment ov panic lol xx
18/11/2010 at 20:46

I am hoping for a home birth this time around as my first was in a hurry!  Mu midwife has been really supportive and I am hoping to find room to hire a pool as I spent a while in the bath last time which was bliss!

Have you looked at the homebirth website?  I think it is there is a lot of info and loads of birth stories on there.  Also has some video diaries of home births which are incredible.

Good luck and hope it works out for you.

Gemma  (12+3)

12/01/2011 at 10:52


 I had a homebirth with my 2nd 5 weeks ago and I would never have another in hospital (god willing everything is ok again).

I would say make sure you have everything ready far in advance (home birthing box and a hospital bag just incase), Also I had my little man on my bed on a basics shower curtain, that just got scooped up and thrown away with no mess on my bed, also had some bed pads from potty training my daughter and whacked them on after having him. The MWS bring inco pads and some bed mats but always handy having your own very near. They monitor you alot more closely at home than in Hosp (i think any way). They check LO heartbeat every 15 mins and during contractions too. I had two internals to check progress and my waters broke after the second one. The MW's seem alot more caring (maybe just lucky this time) and they let me do whatever I was comfortable with, running up and down the stairs and making people cups of tea, also there is no limit to people you can have there (my grandparents, mother, best friend and little sister were all in the house), they stayed a couple of hours after he was born to check us then left us to it. Dad never got sidelined or chucked out which I think was very important.

I don't know if this has made sense but I hope it helps. Good luck


20/01/2011 at 12:39

thanks smam it went pretty much like we expected it to

i woke up at half 6;30am friday the 7th jan phoned the midwife at 7:45 am buy 7:15 am i wanted to push and my waters went she was born at home on my sofa no midwife but 2 very lovly lady paramedics at 7:32 so all in all the whole birth as a bit ov a rush but very lovly

18/02/2011 at 09:44

Massive congrats Gem! What a speedy labour and delivery, your little girl obviously wanted to come into the world


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