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Last weeks of pregnancy

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10/10/2006 at 10:27
Hi everyone,
Just looking for a bit of advice really. I am totally disorganised at the moment and with less than 5 weeks to go to my due date I'm starting to feel a bit stressed. On top of the usual wanting the house to look perfect I have a million and one family I promised to see before the big day plus still have a lot to buy for baby. What did you all feel was essential to get done before the birth and was there anything you wish you'd done? I'm thinking about putting some meals in the freezer and stuff... if i ever get round to it! How early did you have your hospital bag ready? Mine is only half packed at the moment...
Thanks, Sarah x
24/10/2006 at 21:37
I am due 21st November. With my 4th. A new partner and a big gap between this and my other children! Try not to think every day of the 5 weeks and the pressure. Instead try just getting one or a few things knocked off your to do list each day and on really tired days don't do any. Essential is somewhere for baby to sleep. Its hard to fully pack a bag as some of the items you may currently be needing so I suggest pack what you can and leave a list in it of other items to grab when you do go into labour. As for frozen meals if you can't manage this then each week or however often you shop just buy 1/2 extra items to put at the back of the pantry for after. Every bit helps. Encourage family to visit you rather than vice versa! Youre the pregnant one with the extra load after all!! Write a list of what you need to buy for baby. Important items at the top. Get these first then any others you have time for will be a bonus. If your birth is fairly straight forward you will be surprised at how soon you are able to cook and shop again!! Hope all this is helpful for you. You arent alone and it can feel overwhelming. But breathe and relax and enjoy the final weeks with baby tucked up inside.
08/11/2006 at 15:30
HI all,
I always have my suitcase packed at about 30 weeks, as i seem to live in the hospital from then on. I dont know whether you are breast feeding or not, but i try everytime and end up not getting on well with it so i have a couple of tins of baby milk and baby bottles on hand. I just make sure ive done a big freezer shop and keep it stock with quick and easy meals. I found it was easier second time round, even though abbey wasnt even 18 months she was an angel, i managed to gut the house and my hubby was surprised at how i kept the house so tidy and tea was being cooked when he got home. If you cant find the time to rum about and get the last minute things just order them over the internet, it also stops you from making the extra purchase and only getting what you need, the same with supermarket shopping most now deliver and you can sometimes be lucky and still get next day delivery. We had a friend staying with us when i was pregnant with my first and he moved out in april and i had abbey in the may so we only had 4 weeks to do the nursery and i was really picky, it all had to be winnie the pooh. Things usually fall nicely in to place, just relax and get your hubby to help as well.
09/11/2006 at 15:33
HELLO!! I had my 4th 5wks ago,and packed my bag around 38 weeks,although I did have most of the stuff weeks b4.The last few weeks are a real drag,especially if youre late,I was 5 days overdue,and was a miserable cow to live with.My husband kept bugging me by saying" Anything happening" each day.With 3 other children,it is hard towards the end,when you are so enormous you can hardly move.My hubbie has been great though,and has helped alot,especially with the kids,but I did feel alittle guilty watching him run all over the place.But you just have to take 1 day at a time,and take it easy,dont go round rushing all over the place,it wont do you any good,but try to potter around steadily,and look 4ward to your arrival.Also get as much rest as you can,cos its hard to cope if your completly exhausted.
27/11/2006 at 13:36
Hi there, i have a week to go now until my due date (4th dec) and I still dont feel 100% organised or ready. I have been having high blood pressure so have been told to rest but is very difficult when you are trying to get organised for a baby coming. I want to clean all the time but tired very easily and cant be bothered shopping (thank goodness for the internet) My bag has been packed for a wee while, sice about 34 weeks and have just finished filling it, although there are things I think I should have but if I havent got them then tough. I'm quite fed up now as there is only so much you can do. I'm making my own 'special' christmas cards and have just about got all my christmas presents. I think you can only be so organised and then you have to just chill out and let things happen. I have just filled my freezer but want to make a few meals too so that we have some healthy options. Ive even got my christmas dinner from the butchers ordered so I can stick in the freezer. I know what some people are saying about people phoning and asking you if the baby has arrived yet, really starts to get annoying, as if you need reminding! This is my first baby and the only thing worrying me is that I dont know I am in labour, you start to question every niggle. Hopefully for those who are just waiting the wait wont be too long. Good luck all.

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