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my birth story

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08/02/2008 at 19:05

hi all my due date was 14th feb 2008 but docs told me from the start to expect baby anytime after xmas well hear is my birth story with a little hope for everyone

6 days before xmas i had a show then on xmas day my waters trickled as i picked up my daughter i was a little discomfort but nothing too bad then boxing day pains were more like a period pain and i felt really sick and not well 28th day after boxing day i was getting ready to go to my nans golden anniversary when my waters broke omg did i cry, contraction came there and then, husband look me to hospital and they confirmed i was in labour i was 32+3 weeks, doctors told me they could not stop the labour as i was too far gone, 5cm dilated, i had doctors and midwifes rushing around me saying things i didnt understand butterflies in my stomach everything and asked for gas n air

finally hassan was born on the 28th dec 07 @ 7.15am weighting 4lb 0oz even though it is my third child it was just as special as my first and he was worth every moment of it gas n air only he was rushed to the neo-natal unit didnt even get to hold him, and only seen him for a split second that was the most hurtfull heart breaking time ever in my life.

before he was born they did a growth scan and said he was only 3lb 03oz and lungs had not developed just goes to show that sometimes machines are not always right, his lungs were working fine and was doing really well better than they expected considering he was 7 and half weeks early he did drop in weihgt to 3lb 12oz and only spent 2 weeks in neo-natal unit staff there are amazing, always happy and friendly and willl bend over backwards for you, hassan in doing really well at home and now is 6lb 3oz 6weeks today

love to all yasmin and hassan

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