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rasberry tablets?

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16/08/2007 at 21:34
hi all
just wondered if anywhon has had rasberry tablets and has gone in to labour or had an easier birth?
my midwife told me about them so thought i would buy them and give them a go anything from being induced again im 39+6.
17/08/2007 at 09:57
Hi Hannah
I drank the rasberry leaf tea when pregnant with my son. I got told by a couple of friends they started to drink it and a couple of days later they went into labour. Nothing happend with me but I think everyone is different.
Let me know how you get on with the tablets.
17/08/2007 at 11:16
hi hannah,

i started taking the tablets in my last preganancy and they did nothing for me, i just think labour will happen when it's ready

but hope they work for you
17/08/2007 at 12:37
Hi Hannah,
i know only too well how you are feeling im 39 +1 with my 2nd which was induced aswell ,i have tried everything, from the castor oil , rasberry tea , long walks , swimming , pineapple, and sex but nothing is shifting this little one .
I have given up trying he will come when he is ready ? fingers crossed before 1st sep ( an extra year at playgroup if not)
good look
x x x
17/08/2007 at 13:42
hi hannah. I took then with my second baby and although i was still very over due with him my contractions were easier and my labour was only 22 hours from start to finish (that is my waters breaking, actual established lab as 3.5 hours) as apposed to 36 hours with my first!
I will do it again with this baby too xx
17/08/2007 at 17:22
hi all.
well even if its a quicker labour then thats fine with me. my son i was induced at 40+10 took 2 days for induction to work then 24 hours worth of labour and ended up a vontouse delivery and tear. so anything would be great. only a week today until my due date.
17/08/2007 at 17:39
Get yourself on the tablets honey, get bonking and roll like the wind on a gym ball LOL Sounds mad but it will all help ripen your cervix and get the baby in position. Twidling your nipples, drinking pineapple and long walks are also good apparently but none of them worked for me. My babies were 2 and 3 weeks over due respectively. I am hoping this one doesnt follow suit and be 4 weeks over. I dont think i would get away with that and they would have to induce me! Will try and avoid that at all costs. I want my home birth!!!
I m sure all will be well and the second birth is usually easier than the first. infact they say it is the easiest to deliver providing you have no other probs. I am hoping baby number three just pops out! LOL
17/08/2007 at 19:04
Hi girls - i've started taking the tablets not sure they are working but i'll try anything i want this little thing out i want to play and be a mummy now. Trying lots of sex too but worried that i won't know my waters have broke and cause an infection??

I'd say try anything as long as it is safe.

Clare 39weeks today yippee xx
18/08/2007 at 22:06
hi all
yeah i would try anything safe had pineapple and sex. and going to treat my self to a curry or 2. going for a 3 mile walk tommoro.
6 days left. hope ur all ok.

19/08/2007 at 08:29
Clare you will know when your waters have gone, beleive me. Even if they go slowly and you have a trickle you will know. Relax and enjoy these last few days/weeks. It is so hard when all you want is your baby but remember this is all part ofthe process.
I went shopping yesturday and saw some beautiful baby things. I am just waiting to find out the sex before I buy anything!!!
19/08/2007 at 17:47
Thats cool philippa its just you worry about everything when its your first i'm having a sweep on friday at my 40 week appointment so you never know next weekend but i am now trying to relax and enjoy the time without the babs.

Philippa do you know i have a baby clothes website - it does neutral baby clothes but you might like to take a look and i can also get hold of lots of other stuff (it only went live a week ago) so going to broden my range as soon as it kicks of why not have a look and see what you think and use the contact me page if you want anything that isn't there.

Let me know what you think?????

Lots of love

Clare and 39+2 bumps xx xxx x x xxx x
19/08/2007 at 17:58
Yes love I have seen it and it looks lovely. I think it's a great idea. Well done you. Just make sure you do plenty of advertising!

Good luck with the sweep. I hope it works for you. let me know xx
19/08/2007 at 18:17
just not sure whether or not to have it done - i think its a good idea cos my other halfs children are not here next weekend they are away - but then lots of people have told me that they can be very painful and not work so i have 5 days left to decide.

I will let you know what happens

Love Clare and 39+2 bump xxx xxx x xx xxxxx
19/08/2007 at 21:23
hi clare
i would have it done. i had it with my son. its not painfull its just a little uncomfortable. it didnt work first time round for me. but im hoping when i go midwife on thursday a day before my due date she will offer me one and i will jump at the chance . people say its more of a chance to work second time round as second baby and all that. how are you? have u had a show or anything? i never had one with my son and havnt had one as yet.
19/08/2007 at 22:14
hi hannah

no not had a show or anything but defo having contractions now starting to keep me awake last night was a nightmare - think i am going to have one on friday would be nice for the baby to come near its due date dn't really want it to go into september cos i'll have to pay for an extra years childcare!!!!

I was wondering if you always had a show cos the midwife said the baby has been engaged since 34 weeks which is quite early apparently shame nothing has happened yet???

my other half goes back to work tomorrow after our 2 weeks shutdown so i'm a bit sad but i'm goonna have some relaxing me time.

Are you due on wednesday???

Clare xx
20/08/2007 at 16:46
hi clare
no im due friday 4 days. when are u due? i carnt remember if this is ur first baby?
with ur first baby heads always engaged at around then. but for second baby is dosent engage 0/5 until in labour so i have been told by a few midwifes. this is my second baby and im hoping it comes very quickly as im getting very impatient. how are you?
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