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?!St Marys/UCLH/Royal Free/C&W?!

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05/09/2006 at 11:52
Hi everyone!

I am in a bit of an unusual situation in that I have more choices than I know what to do with when it comes to where to give birth...

All I can think to do is ask those of you who have recently given birth for advice and guidance!

So anyone who has been to either of the above hospitals (labour wards or birthing units) I beg you to come forward with your opinions, good or bad!

Thanx a million for your time,

Hannah & Baby V
06/09/2006 at 15:42
Bump :o)
I'm still hopeful someone out there has something to report on St Marys/UCLH/Royal Free/C&W....
06/09/2006 at 15:47
Hi Hannah
I had both my children at the Whittington (Archway, N London). The staff were brilliant but the wards were old and a bit grubby really. However, they, like so many hospitals, have been doing a lto fo rebuilding and already their neo-natal dept is fabulous.
I;m sure some other mums will be able to give you feedback.
I have friends who had their kids at the Royal Free and were happy with the treatment. The main thing there is that it's a nightmare (and v expensive to park eiither near or in the hospital) and not that easy to get to unless you are v close by.
I will also ask around my other London mum friends for their opinion on the others for you!
06/09/2006 at 18:06
Thanx Laura, this is exactly the sort of info I'd love on the hosp's I've got to choose from! It makes such a difference, after all a recommendation (or warning) is so much more reassuring than all the write-ups in the world.
Thanx again!
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