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Suitable clothing

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28/04/2009 at 22:09

Hello - feel a bit silly really - can't find anything suitable for my labour, am due in June.  My family keep saying I won't give a toss at the time, but I do give a toss now.  I am really nervous about not being covered up.  It is my first baby and I suppose I am a little naive about these things but I just want to feel comfortable, and comfortable for me (at least at the moment) means being covered up.  I am not worried about the pushing bit - I am sure I won't be bothered at that point, I am more concerned with the walking up and down I will no doubt be doing beforehand for hours.  I keep getting conflicting advice from people and I really don't want a winciette granny nightdress!  All suggestions gratefully received.

Many Thanks


29/04/2009 at 08:52


All I had on when I gave birth was a baggy t shirt ( I cant bear to throw it away now I have washed it though) I also had on a pair of comfy socks as well I ate my feet being cold. Before Labour really got going all I wore was trackkie bottoms and t shirt I just wanted to feel comfortable. Then when I went into Hosp and into a delivery room I was just walking around the room in my tshirt and pants then when the time came for them to examine me etc I ended up with no pants on and stayed on the bed until Beth was born.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in buy some big sized Pjs - Asda do some great ones for £5 and you could always wear them until you need to be examined etc.

Hope your labour goes well


29/04/2009 at 09:22

Hiya, I just had a big cotto nightshirt on (I have also washed and kept it lol)... same idea as a baggy t-shirt! I had to go without my pants from the minute I went through to delivery suite though as they had to clip the baby with a monitor due to complications with my first baby but I really did not have time to think about it as my contractions were all I could pay attention to!!! On way to hospital and the few minutes I was in the ward before heading to delivery I also just wore tracksuit bottoms and already had my nightshirt on under my jacket when I arrived as labour kicked off and went fast in the middle of the night so it was early morning when I went in to hospital. As long as you are comfy, so nothing that restricts your movement and something loose as you will get very hot... some people wear PJs or some opt for the trackkie bottoms and t-shirt... whatever is more your thing! I know alot of ladies experience cold feet during labour but I didn't as was bare foot all the way but did have socks in my bag just incase.

Good Luck with everything xx

29/04/2009 at 09:48
thank you everyone.  Cold feet seems to keep popping up, I get cold feet anyway so I will definitely pack some socks - there at least one thing is on my list!  Not sure about PJ's - am like a beached whale already and struggling with bottoms and can't imagine what I will be like when the time comes and struggling to get the bottoms off and on when I have too.  Everyone says about being hot too and I already feel like I have an onboard boiler - so will bear that in mind.  thks everyone.
29/04/2009 at 14:41

Primark used to do some lovely slipper socks that I bought for my little boys birth 19months ago now, I didn't wear them during labour but they were lovely for walking around the ward in (we were in there for 6 days!). During both my labours (last one being 2wks ago) I wore trakkie bottoms and a t-shirt when I was at home and then when I got to the hospital I changed into a huge mans t-shirt which covered up everything I needed it to! With my little boy I ended up in a hospital gown having a c-section, with my little girl when it got to the pushing stage the t-shirt came off and I gave birth completely naked - I really didn't care by then!

Hope it all goes well for you!

29/04/2009 at 14:47

grippy socks - even better idea.  Think I will get some for now too - have been wearing ballerina type slippers but my feet are getting so swollen that they are embedding!


01/05/2009 at 07:56


 seems to be a bit of a trend here i arrived at the hospital in trackie bottoms and a vest top (it was the middle of summer - and dont bank on the room being air conditioned!) once my labour progressed i had a bath and changed in to a huge t-shirt and some baggy bottoms - they came off when they examined me and i just ended up in my t-shirt after that.....and i know everyone says it but honestly once you get going you wont care. i was more bothered about after the birth cos of bloodloss and you feel very delicate - make sure you've got some nice soft comfy clothes then - and i would advise wearing PJ bottoms to cover up your maternity knickers as you will be concious of the bleeding. 

hope this helps xx

01/05/2009 at 12:16

I do accept that at the time I may not care, the thought of being in a large tee with my bottom hanging out sends fear coursing through my veins at the moment - I keep having these awful dreams about standing there and feeling exposed - I know it is ridiculous and I will probably laugh at myself afterwards...but I just don't feel comfortable with the thought of it at the moment.  Also I want to try and feed my baby as soon as they are born and the thought of hoiking a tee shirt up and being practically naked - arghhhhh.  perhaps an extra large breastfeeding nightie might be best?  I am sorry you are probably all laughing at me - but it really is making me nervous - ridiculous I am sure I should be more worried about other aspects of it - but I admit to being a a bit (no a huge!) control freak and I just want everything planned in advance and to feel comfortable....I understand these things don't go to plan but it just makes me feel more confident having it all organised in advance irrespective of what happens on the day.  Sorry to seem such a wimp everyone!


01/05/2009 at 21:51


I was also a bit worried about what to wear and packed a big baggy t shirt but actually never ended up putting it on.  I arrived in trackie bums and a vest top and after they examined me I was on the bed under a sheet on the gas and air and everything kicked off rather quicker than we thought it would so I never thought about changing and as soon as I felt the need to push I was on all 4's with my backside in the air and really didn't even give it a second thought!  The only prob was I then had to pull my top down to bf once she was born.  I would def say something front opening would be good, a bf nightie would give you enough coverage if you are walking round knickerless but also open at the front to bf.  i was really worried about wearing one of my nice bf nighties that I had bought and ruining it giving birth in it but The top I was wearing washed fine a couple of days later and looks good as new now so don't worry about that.

It is always worse when you don't know what to expect, you don't sound like a wimp!  If you go in  all prepared then at least you have it all there if you want it and you will feel happy.  I know it's so hard to believe you won't care, I didn't believe it either but once it is all happening you just go with the flow and I really never even thought about it.  Good luck, let us know how you get on.

02/05/2009 at 00:24

thank you so much Gem.  You have made me feel much better.  As you say at the time I probably won't care - but if it helps me to relax more now to have what I think is right for me in my bag, well then all the better!  To be honest I just want to get it all sorted and stop worrying about it!  A BF nightie I think will be the best option, as you say it will give me coverage but will allow me to feed. thank you so much for all your kind words everyone.

Kitty x

03/05/2009 at 11:01

I went in in trackie bottoms and a top the first time but after 3 days of contractions going back and forth I went in in my nightie and a cardigan I was in that when my contractions started and by the time I was pushing it had come off, the room was very warm and it was quite funny as I had a drip in one hand and so I could'nt get the nighty off all the way, I had to get my husband to slide it up the drip and hook it on the stand!! I changed positions every way you can imagine and I seriously can't remember thinking ooh Im naked at any point! and I've never even gone topless at the beach! Just remember it YOUR labour just tell people what you think they want to hear but keep in mind what you are actually going to do, only you yor birth partner and midwife need to know this!! Nighties are the way forward but I didn't bother with a special breastfeeding one they're quite dear and my MIL found a pack of two button down ones in a catalogue (not my usual sexy things but they did the job!!) keep the nice ones for after

good luck you'll be brilliant and that skin to skin contact in the first minutes is precious, I could'nt have it as Freya had to be rushed to special care (fine now though thank god!) so enjoy every second! xxx

04/05/2009 at 21:58

Hi, try Matalan if you want a nightie. I got a jersey cotton one that buttons all the way down the front which was brilliant. I felt covered but was able to BF easily. Think it was £6. Not maternity size but bought a 16-18 and usually a 12 so plenty of space. My best mate also borrowed it for her birth and her sister has it in her hospital bag ready for her birth any day now!!

Good luck x

08/05/2009 at 11:38

I am ecstatic - my friend who is a midwife bought me a pressie - it is perfect.....she said lots of ladies have been wearing them - midwives like them too as the armholes are lose and you can get drips and things through them easily if need be.  my friend got me white but am wearing it now for bed as so comfie have ordered black for the big day as probably a bit more suitalbe!

thks Kitty
08/05/2009 at 12:38
Hi Kitty. As everyone else has already said you really wont care when the time comes!!I had a baggy t shirt packed as was having a water birth, but when it came round to it, i was soooo concentrating on the contractions, that i didnt put it on and spent the 4 hours naked!! I had comfy pj's for after!  I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine, and by the time you see your baby for the first time, its all forgotten!! Good luck!! xxxx
09/05/2009 at 00:22

thank you Claire - I know lots of you probably think I am silly but I can't help it.  As I said at the outset...I probably won't care at the time...but it is bothering me now.  The birth shirt my friend has got me has really helped.  She is an experienced midwife and although she no doubt knows for sure I won't care when I am in the middle of my contractions she has seen how much of a state I have been getting myself into.  I just feel a bit calmer knowing have something that is perfect.  I have been sitting on a birthing ball a lot - trying to get the baby's head down, and apart from that it is really comfy with your legs at a quarter to three!  I really want to take it with me, but the thought of sitting there on it in a short t shirt horrified me - my birth shirt has got a big scoop at the front so at least I can sit there legs akimbo without feeling conscious.  I know you all think I am a big prude, but I can't help it! 

aren't disposable knickers awful....I was horrified when I opened the packet, they are like a big shower cap....yuk!  Can't imagine them being comfy....would a few cheap pairs of cotton ones be better?

09/05/2009 at 08:23

I was thinking the same before hand but honestly didnt care when it came to it!! Your not silly, your just being concious of ur body!! When are you due anyway?  I actually didnt use a birthing ball, tried one in parentcraft classes and nearly fell off!! he he. Most hospitals actually have birthing balls that you can use to save taking ur own!!

Disposable knickkers are very awful, i went to mothercare, and bought a five pack of there black maternity briefs, only £5, practical colour and ver comfy!!!Or if you cant get to mothercare then cheap cottons ones will be ideal! Your very tender after giving birth and the last thing you want is paperydisposable ones!! Also go for proper maternity pads, there softer than normal sanitary towels, and if the midwife needs to see how your blood loss is then its better for checking on you!! Hope this helps and good luck xxxx

11/05/2009 at 23:03

definitely going to get some cheap maternity knickers, you are right Claire, the paper ones are truly awful.  Got some maternity pads, but do they really need to be that huge????  Is there not some thinner ones that will suffice?  They are frighteningly thick!

also lots of you talk about wearing trackie bottoms - I can't stand anything round my waist (ha ha - not that I actually really have one at the mo) it is so uncomfortable and itchy.  Is there anything to stop the itching?  it is driving me mad.

will check out about the birthing ball - will cut down on my luggage significantly.  Keep reading all these suggestions and ideas about taking a cd etc - do you actually get to listen to this?  do you actually want to?  I wouldn't have thought you would be that bothered about background music when you are having a contraction?

sorry to sound so ditsy - but feel a bit overwhelmed with all the advice, ideas and suggestions that I keep being given or reading!



12/05/2009 at 08:18

Unfortunately they do need to be that huge!!!Not meaning to scare you or anything, but you'll need them for blood loss, and you will be quite swollen, so will REALLY appreciate the padding!! There not sooo bad when your using them!

Trackie bottoms definately, you want comfort for a few days after!! Or just some pj bottoms. Try baby oil on the itching!!

I didnt bother with a cd or anything like that, i wasnt bothered, i was too busy concentrating on contractions!

If you want anymore advice, just ask. I was like you before i had my little baby girl, was worried about everything, down to what would happen if my waters broke in public etc etc!! Theres plenty of ladies on here who can give advice.

Whens ur due date??

Claire xx

12/05/2009 at 08:49
thanks's 10th June.  It just seems that as soon as I get over one worry I find another one! 
12/05/2009 at 08:57

hi kitty kat

glad to hear you finally got sorted on the clothes front! im sure you will feel alot more comfortable now you kow you have something to wear!

in terms of maternity knickers and pads as claire says you'll def want them! you do lose alot of blood after birth and (TMI) sometimes some very big clots. normal pads just wouldnt do the job and you would be paranoid about showing. its not too bad tho - i only wore them for the first couple of days then moved on to normal pads once the bleeding eased a bit. in terms of knickers - i wanted to be ultra safe and ended up with disposable knickers on under a pair of old cotton ones - i was so scared of leaking thru!!! that was only the first night tho - after that as long as you've got a good pad on old cotton ones will do fine - and they are alot comfier! the maternity ones seemed to be such small fittings - dont know if anyone else found that? you will want to slob around and be comfy for a few days so trackies or pj's are a godsend but if you'd rather not im sure the maternity nighty you've got for the birth would be perfect (you said you were getting another didnt you?) - and once you get home you can wear what you want anyway!

i remember how hard it is when everyone is giving you advice on what they did or what worked best and it generally just ends up confusing you! birth is one of the most important and special experiences a woman will ever go thru so i dont blame you for wanting to be happy and content with what is going to happen. i was the same - unfortunately my LO decided to arrive 4 weeks early so i literally had to dash home from work (where i went in to labour!) and throw some stuff in a bag to go to the hosp with! xx

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