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Unfavourable cervix???

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25/07/2010 at 21:56

Hi, i am around 4 and a half weeks from my due date. When i was pregnant with my son ( now 22 months old ) i was 14 days overdue and had to be induced then taken to theatre for forceps delivery. My midwife told me i had an unfavourable cervix and that it wasn't dilating etc on it's own. Does anyone know if that automatically means the same will happen this time? I keep meaning to ask the midwife and then forget when i am at my appointment /

Thanks in advance x

25/07/2010 at 23:28
Hi there, sometimes the same thing does happen again, but every pregnancy is different and you will prob go into spontanious labour and everything will be automatic this time, im currently expecting my 8th baby and EVERY pregnancy has been totally different the same as the labour, i mean (for god sake!!!) my last preg ended in induction as i was 14 days overdue also, i just couldnt believe it, i had done the exact same as all my other pregs and the little bugger just would not come, it took all day to get me going, but then it took off, unfortunately, she got stuck (shoulder dystocia) and i ended up in some totally ungodly position to free her shoulder and get her out quick - i can safely say that it WONT be happening this time, she was 10lb 9oz born!!!!! its a wonder she didnt drop out!!! LOL so you see, it just goes to show, it prob wont happen again and this time you will have a good labour and safe delivery. All the very best for a few weeks time and i hope all goes well for you. xxx
25/07/2010 at 23:42
Thanks so much. My god 8 babies!! U r a legend! ;0) really appreciate ur reply. Thanks again and all the best to u 2 xx
26/07/2010 at 09:08
LMAO!!! OR mad one or the other!!! LOL very best of luck to you  too am sure you will have a good labour this time, remember to keep active and stay as upright as you can or for tilted uteruses (like mine) on all fours is good too take care xxx
26/07/2010 at 10:35
I have a tilted uterus aswell but the last time when I was induced and given and epidural I was strapped to monitors and cld only lie on my back :0/ I am allergic to diamorphine and my hospital doesn't do pethidine so.... I don't fancy going Au Natural! Sure it will all be fine lol xx
26/07/2010 at 13:37
LMAO!!! Dont be a woos!! LOL its all fine, i went in too late with no.3 and couldnt have anything and i can just remember thinking "oh shit, this is really gonna hurt" LOL it does, yes, but only for a couple mins when you are pushing them out, then it all stops, bang, just like that!  I just usually have a bit of gas and air when it gets to 8cm or so. But everyones pain barrier is different i know, just try and keep yourself mobile, it really DOES help the labour go faster and babe get into the right pos. Do you know what you're getting this time, or is it a big supprise??? xxx
26/07/2010 at 16:04
another boy which I am over the moon about. And yes I admit I am a coward! Lol :0) anyway... U've had more practise than me, hehe right now I am thinking u r like superwoman going thru this 8 times LMAO. I will see how it all plays out on the day I guess but I have to admit that epidural was the greatest thing for me at the time as being the lightweight that I am, I thought I was dying! Lol xx
27/07/2010 at 09:04
We're hoping for a little boy this time too, ive got two older kids - both boys they are 21 & 19 so dont see very much of them as they live in the midlands and then my 2nd family is 2 girls, 7 & 5 then my son hes 4 then 2 more girls, they are 2.1/2 and 9 months so  you can see that my young son has "ordered"  a brother!!! LOL must admit it would be nice to have another little boy. But hey-ho you get what you get, and i'll just be happy with a healthy baby, hopefully we will be able to find out what it is in a few weeks time, so i can either prepare him or he will be floating  LOL take care xx
27/07/2010 at 19:37
Awe bless! He deserves a brother! My god u must be one very busy lady! I wld have loved a big family but at 34 I feel it is something I shld have maybe started earlier. I expect this will be my last one but I am ok with that. I had cervical cancer 6 years ago and the outlook didn't look too good for us having any at all so we r obviously very grateful. How far along are you? Xx
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