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Problems at work - advice needed

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28/08/2008 at 09:46


I wonder if anyone has any advice, or if anyone has experienced similar problems.

I have been working for a company since last November, it's not the normal type of run company, lots of office politics and lots of shouting.  I did decide to leave, got another job but ended up staying - now im 3 month's pregnant and the problems at work are getting worse, blame, bad tempers, lies that sort of thing.  It's got to the point that I just can't cope anymore and the whole thing about 'just ignor them' is becomming way too difficult.

Im thinking about packing in my job, im too stressed out, but I have no idea what to do for the best.  If i leave I will only get a maternity allowance, and I have commitments such as rent and loans.  Does anyone know where I could seek help, or if I quit my job, what benefits I am entitled to - that would be last resort

 Sorry for such a long email

All help much appreciated

 Thanks,  Adella

28/08/2008 at 10:00

FIRSTLY HONEY - go to the docsexplain the situaltion and ask if they can sign you off for a week or two to get advice from someone. then go and contact the CAB (citizens advice bearau) and get advice from them. they will be able to give you help on what your rights are. they will also be able to give you contact details if you wish to take it further. if you have a union or hr dept contact them too.

pls dont suffer and do not give up as you will loose so much. get advice first and hopefully that will make things clearer. let me know hoe you get on. and look after yourself and bub xxx 

28/08/2008 at 10:04

Thanks - I'll give that a try, it's always helpful when someone can give you a push in the right direction!!

 problem is we are a small company, no union and no HR dept just the two directors, who are like sisters and very good with words!

I'll see what CAB say and I suppose can only move forward from there

 Thanks again really helpful


28/08/2008 at 14:11

Hi Della,

I think natty is spot on. Also though you could consider maybe doing temp work throughout your pregnancy, I did this as i didn't want to be working in the pressures of a sales job that i was doing before getting my bump.

If your company is only small they'll prob only give you SMP which after the first 6 weeks is the same rate as Maternity allowance at £118. The good thing however about MA is it's non taxable so doesn't count towards tax creadits and things once bubba is here.

Hope this helps some what, i was in the same situation as you this time last year and everything has worked out great so please don't let yourself worry to much.

x x x x

28/08/2008 at 17:03

Hi Mickayla,

Thanks for the advice, I thought about a temping job but was worried what maternity allowance would be, I can't seem to find out how much anything costs even having searched all of the websites.

I also work in a sales envioroment and to be honest it's getting way too much, especially with hormones and stuff

Thanks again for your help it's all appreciated, think I might consider it!

Della xxx

29/08/2008 at 15:24

Not a problem at all love happy to help, Anything else i can help with just say. is a website that helps working out what tax credits you'll be entitled to altho you have to play around a bit because in normal circumstances they go on your previous years wages, but as you'll have a drop in income with going on mat leave etc they will consider this years income (when bubba is here though), a bit confusing but worth a look to get an idea. Mat Allowance is £118 a week and everyone gets child benefit of £75ish every 4 weeks.

x x x

30/08/2008 at 10:53

Thanks very much

 I'm sure it will all work out in the end


22/05/2009 at 10:56

Hi Adella,

Just wanted to share this with you, my partner had a simular experience when she was carrying our second child. The problems got worse for her when it came to going back to work, they could not accomodate her hours there was no flexibility, everything was to much hassle for her old employee.

She now works from home and is doing quite well. She fits it in around the kids and only works about 8-10 hours a weeks.

Its not like some of these scams you see stuffing envolopes etc.

Have a look at the link below its all 100% free. 

If you got any questions or need help getting started dont hesitate to get in touch with my partner Anne-Marie at .

Talk soon!

Adrian Foskett

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