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Redundancy during maternity leave

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25/11/2009 at 08:56

I am facing possible job was divided in two and given to two consultancies while I was away.  Now my employer says they prefer the flexibility of having the two consultancies rather than one permanent employee. 

There are two issues I have with this...

First, they say it is more cost-effective.  I agree that they appear to have cut back on the amount of PR they do and are only getting one of the consultancies to do part time hours.  The consultancy is cheaper but only because they are doing less hours.  If they were doing my job full-time it would cost my employer over £60,000 a year!  I wouldn't mind their rate of pay and only do five days a month!  I'd get just over half my salary for a quarter of the work!

Second, the other consultancy is running my employer's magazine.  I can't see how they can feasibly give it to him as that part of the job as it is exactly the same.  Plus, I took over from him shortly before announcing my pregnancy.  He retired!  How can they just bring him back?!  Oh and don't forget, they have to pay him too...which brings the combined salaries of the two consultancies close to my annual wage.

What can I do?  Any advice?

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