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Returning to work - paying back

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28/04/2007 at 21:02
Hi all,
I am having a nightmare trying to get my life sorted out around returning to work and childcare. I have one daughter (Jessica) in nursery - she is 3. She does Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. My little boy (Oliver) can't get into the same nursery as her as they have no space. He is 7 months.
I have been to view a different nursery for him but really didn't get a good feel for it. Jessica wants to go to the same nursery as him but if I did place him there, Jessica could go but wouldn't qualify for the nursery grant funding as apparently it cannot be applied for twice in one term.
I have to leave her where she is and look for a childminder for Oliver. The problem is, my boss wants me to go back to work for three consecutive days, namely Mon, Tues, Wed. I am already reducing my hours and will be paying around £150 per week in childcare costs.
It just feels like a total nightmare but I know as I took 6 months leave, I will have to pay back contributions made and return to work for a minimum of 3 months. I feel completely stressed out by the whole issue. I have no idea what I will need to pay back or how many hours I will have to do per week. I have tried to look into it through HR and payroll but they are really unhelpful. I am seriously considering handing my notice in as we are all emegrating at the end of the year to Australia.
Hopefully, I will get some clarity on Monday but if anybody has any advice, please give me a shout.
Love Angexxxxxx
30/04/2007 at 09:45
Ange. Sorry to hear youre having a hard time sorting everything out.
If you arnt having any luck with HR or payroll, try booking a meeting with your boss to find out exactly what work are expecting (re, paying back and hours). Could also discuss difficulty with the hours he wants you to do, and see if there could be more flexibility. Mention that you may be forced to hand in your notice, but be careful to word it so its clear that you are just letting him know the situation, not making threats.
Obviously dont know what childcare is on offer in your area, so cant really be much help there sorry.
Hope you get the clarity you mentioned.
Em x
02/05/2007 at 02:41
hi angela if you are only receiving basic statutory maternity pay you do not have to pay it back but if your employer is paying you more genorously you will need to look at your contract to see where you stand if you look in the search by sites box on the home page of think baby and scroll down near to bottom there is an article explaining going back to work.
02/05/2007 at 11:37
Thanks girls,
The nightmare continues really. The only light on the horizon is that Jessica's nursery may be able to take Oliver for 2 days but it would not be every week. Just when someone takes a child out for a week or so for a holiday. Whilst this is far from ideal, it gives me the opportunity to get back to work and I can use annual leave, or Jay can take some for the weeks he can't be there. That would mean returning for 2 days a week instead of the 3 my boss wants me back on.
I'm still waiting for payroll to get back to me with how much I will owe if I won't return. The boss there told my manager it will be at least between £1000 - £2000 as I am a band 6 but proberbly more.
At least work are being understanding about me putting back my start date. Just hope my bank manager is as understanding!!
Love Angexxxxxxx
02/05/2007 at 12:27
Some good news about thr nursery situation at least. Can you afford to pay that much back if you dont return to work?
If you think youl get into financial touble, talk to your bank manager before it gets too bad. If you havea good account history most banks will give you a temporary overdraft extension till you get sorted.
Em x
02/05/2007 at 12:35
do you have set days writen into your contract at work as if you do they will have to honour it. also speak to citizens advice i'm sure that new rules mean that employers have to show some flexability with staff returning to work after having a baby if they don't you may be able to get away with not paying money back if they are seen to be being unreasonable.
02/05/2007 at 12:46
you might get some info on
05/07/2007 at 19:59
I am a nurse too. I returned to work last june after 6 months of mat leave,only because I had started the job I am in 4 months before going on mat leave and despite 2 years of NHS service prior to starting the job I am in. I was told by the RCN that would be taken into consideration but it wasn't by the trust I work for. I was given 8 weeks full OMP and 14 weeks half and I got mat allowance too. My OMP was less what I got from the Government. I basically got 90% of my earnings each month. I returned to work on less hours than I was doing before. I only had to go back for 3 months to pay back my maternity leave. I have a collegue who is doing this she has to use up annual leave and is coming back for 3 months then leaving. I cannot remember how much I would have had to pay back had I decided not to go back. I was just told that if I decided not to go back I would need to pay back my mat pay (I think it totalled about £3000)
I hope you get somewhere with your HR department. Where do you work? Do you use a Hospital Creche?
10/07/2007 at 09:02
Thanks girls for all your support. The situation now stands that I 'returned' to work on 18th June and will have to work until the middle of September to pay back what I need to then technically, I could leave. Oliver is in nursery regularly 2 days a week and Jessica 3. I am using annual leave to stay on my 29 hours for a few weeks but am currently on sick leave after getting a back injury showing Jessica how to do the crab down the weall (not a good idea at 40). Becuase I have been sick for 3 weeks, that's 9.5 hours annual leave a week that I haven't had to use. That means I should be able to stay on 29 hours but only work 19 until somewhere in mid August. Then I'll have to drop my hours for a couple of weeks before finishing.
The house market is so slow at the moment though that if we don't sell up beofre Septmeber, I will proberbly hang around at work a while longer. Not sure my managers will be too pleased as they were counting on me finishing to help them out with a staff overspend.
emma - I work from Bolton, Salford, Trafford Mental Health Trust in the substance misuse field. The hospital cresh is too far away to use.
Bye for now
23/03/2008 at 20:23
Hi. Am also a Band 6 Nurse - paln on taking 6 months leave then returning at 30hrs per week, instead of the 37.5hrs I currently work. What is this about 'paying back maternity leave'? Call me naieve, but I thought it was just what we got! Help!!!!
13/09/2011 at 11:58

i worked for the nhs but had to hand in my notice for certain reasons. i obviously have to pay back my omp money but do you know if they except instalments becaus ei am a single mum working 16 hours and can't afford a lump sum?

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