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04/05/2010 at 14:03

Hello everyone,

Been lurking for a week or so and seems like a really helpful forum! I've just found out I'm pregnant with my first! Very excited but suddenly got loads of questions...

First, when's a good (if there's such a thing!) time to tell work that I'm going to be a mum? I don't really want to tell them until the last moment cos don't want to tempt fate or be treated any differently... or is it better to give them as much warning as poss??

I'm pretty sure I want to go back to work after but obv can't tell til the little one's out... do i have to tell them that too??

Anyone done this lately? help much appreciated!

Jen & Bump xx

04/05/2010 at 14:33

Hi jen,

Congratulations!  This is a personal choice really - you legally don't have to tell your work until you are 26weeks gone although they may have already noticed!  Some people tell them straight away so they are aware of midwife appts, morning sickness, health and safety etc.  Others wait until 12 week scan when you're sure everything is ok.  Depends on your job and your boss...

You don't have to tell them that you plan to or not to come back to work and you don't have to tell them how long you plan to be off.  Most companies ask for 2 mths notice for anyone returning to work.  You are entitled to 1 year off (pay will vary...), before 6mths you can get your exact ob back, after 6mth it will be at company's discretion but may get your or similar level of job.

Hope this helps!  Would recommend joining one of the due date threads, they have been a godsend in all my pregnancies...

Good luck!  Gem

04/05/2010 at 16:43

Hi Gem,

Thanks so much! Glad I have a little while to decide that to do! Will definately check out a due date thread, sure this won't be the last of my ques!


04/05/2010 at 16:56

Hi JennJenn,

Congratulations! My little girl was born just over a year a go, she is my first little one and those feelings of excitement, nervousness etc when i found out i was pg are all stil so frsh in my mind! Unfortunately, i can't remeber the finer ins and outs of it all. I think i told my boss i was pg at about 15 weeks. I had to really as i suffered so bad with morning sickness and had to take quite a few days off in the early weeks. Plus i started to show really early it was getting ridiculous trying to hide it!

I second what Gem said, join a due thread. I have found the ladies on this site amazing, especially my fellow 'due thread' mummies. I honestly think i would have gone insane if i hadn't had them to lean on for support and ask questions. Nothing like speaking with people that know EXACTLY what you're feeling and going through.

Coingratulations again and wish you all the best with your pregnancy, enjoy it, being a mummy is amazing


04/05/2010 at 22:48

Jen, congrats, I had my first in Oct and it's all so amazing and exciting! 

As Gem says legally you don't have to tell them until quite late on, but if you want to exercise your rights to time off for antenatal appointments you have to let them know. I told my HR department pretty much as soon as I found out for that reason but asked them to treat it confidentially as I didn't want everyone to know until I'd had the 12 wek scan and they were great with that. Depending on what type of work you do there may be health and safety considerations, and adjustments they can make (if they know) to protect you and the baby.

I'm not sure about going back, I know I had to tell my employers when I intended to return and as I wasn't sure about taking 9 or 12mths off our HR department told me to base it on the longer time off, that it didn't commit me to anything and that should I change my mind or decide I wanted to come back part time I should let them know at least so long before I was due back. You probably ought to check your contract as there will be certain statutory protections in place but your contract terms might be more generous to you.

05/05/2010 at 17:43

Aw thanks so much of all your help, everyone! it is so exciting. I've been doing a bit of reading up on the work thing so think i'll prob tell them asap in case i need to be running to the loo all the time - seem to be doing ok so far though so fingers crossed!

off to join up to my due-date thread now!


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