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04/05/2008 at 22:21


we have a 9 month old baby girl called Isabella. She cut her first tooth today-well first 2 front bottom teeth lol

yeah kaine loves water n has helped weeding when we did it 2 wks ago.

I have a question about veggies you buy the seeds that are especially for containers n pots or do you just buy them n do them anyway. I got free with my Grow your onw veg magazine that I subscribe to but most of them it says you have to plant them in rows about 30 cm apart n of course I only have 2 mini greenhouses n a small raised bed but lots of seeds to do. Do you think it would matter if I just grew them in a propogator n then either planted them into tubs or my raised beds??

sorry to ask but Im a newbie to veg growing, I bought alot of the ones you can grow in pots n hanging baskets so Im ok with them, I just didn't want to waste the others!!

Kaine has had an ok day today, he has played out with his friends-it was the bedtime bit when he got annoying!

have a fab day tomorow n I hear the weather is going to get hotter!!


05/05/2008 at 11:31

josh just plants his straight in2 pots n in the soil in greenhouse - he doest measure it or do anythin special x they grow fine.

glad kaine had a good day 2.its same here wen its bed soon as i say 'josh 5 more minutes then u gotta come in' he plays hell.or 'its time 4 a bath' that really pisses him off! its cos he knows its closer 2 bed time.he tries every trick in the book  2stay up later.but wen im stickin 2 my guns,tellin him no its bedtime,all the insults come from him then such as 'i hate u,ur a fat bitch' or 'piss off bitch'.... he gets really nasty n swears.

im goin in the bath now then gonna go sumwhere.dunno where yet.josh doesnt wanna go out he jus wantsa stay in garden.he hates goin places,cos he hates crowds n 'other people'. so its always a case of doin a deal wiv him so we can go out somewhere.sooo  annoyin!!!!

cu later hav a nice day xxx

bet isabella looks cute wiv her teeth.we liked that name 4 a girl.but chesters a boy! lol!

05/05/2008 at 11:38

yeah we give kaine plenty of notice before its time for bed! he loves the bath well the water but he doesnt like washing at all n will just flatly refuse to do it n it has bin like this for 15 months now. he doesnt wash his hands after going to loo so we have to keep telling him to go back and do it-weird too as he always did it before then suddenly it all just stopped. we hae tried all diff methods but the only one that works is a threat-he either washes it or I do it with a kitchen sponge!

He swears n does all the nasty threats too n gets violent-it has become normal for us and he sometimes isnt very nice to his sister too.

She has only just cut her teeth so all you can see is the little white bits on her gums but they are sharp!

have a great day n hope josh stays calm for you. Ta for the advice on the veggies too.

Cheerio for now.


05/05/2008 at 15:00

how strange - josh is the same about washin.he wil insist on a deep bath n he keeps the hot tap runnin but he wont wash eitha.he lies in it 4 ages then gets ive started tellin him he will hav smelly armpits n a fishy willy if he dont wash! lol i know it sounds crazy but it works so i dont care!!!.i also gotta remind him 2 wash hands after the loo.

hes bn out the garden helpin my dad trim hedges n mow hes bn dad is good wiv him soon as i shouted his dinners ready he went mad sayin im only cookin him dinner 2 ruin his fun! wat nonsense! so i told him he can eat it outside as long as he eats it up n be good! he really does think i cook food 2 get him 2 come in.not because he NEEDS food!

better go now 2 feed chester


17/08/2008 at 10:03

A friend of mine has three children on the autistic spectrum.  She gets a lot of support from her local NAS branch.   ADHD is part of the spectrum, so if you are not already in touch with NAS, do get in touch with them to find your local branch.  NAS Helpline: 0845 070 4004

One of her children loves baths, has 2 or 3 a day quite easily - but never washes, only plays in the water. 

17/08/2008 at 19:05

Hi JoThorpe

According to The national Autistic society, Oasis and several other organisations and every psychiatrist I know and several doctors-ADHD,ADD are not part of the ASD.

I tried that road already, if I could get them to say yes it was then the thousands of arents out there would be helped by any ASD charity and organisation.

The problem is terminology-according to the American Health Organisation ADHD comes under a different code of erm think it is DSVC-can never get the letter right!

Your friend's child has Aspergers I'm guessing-it's the methology of having a bath, like a need they have to fulfill each day that requires regular routing and strictness.

Same again really, if our ADHD kids had Aspergers then again there would be more help available. It saddens me that even now very little help is avalbale for ADHD with Child Disability Teams across the Uk, they still beleive that ADHD is behavioural-we still live in a society where ADHD has been around for many many years and still some can't even define it properly and these people are the ones that are supposed to help our children.

I take this fight very serously and plan to rid out the illusions and false facts so we can get the government to do more for the children and us as families.

In our area me and my husband have just set up a support group and I am in the middle of setting up a website where information flows free and help is at hand, I found it annoying in the 9 years of research that I had to go to independant websites to gain information. When a child has a disability you need all the infmormatin in one place and that is my intention.

However if the NAS will help an ADHD child then grab the phone and take their help, the more help there is then the better as we want to make family life better for all of them not just the child.

Hope you are all well and copin with the summer holidays if you live in the Uk and to all who aren't on their holidays then I wish you all a great week ahead of you.


27/08/2008 at 21:50

hi girls! ive not come on this thread cos no 1 bn posting! then i check n see 2 posts! weve enjoyed summer hols,lots of outings n bn 2 butlins 4 a week.josh bn good.not many bad days,altho we hav gon thru a major incident....hes confinded in me bout somethin that has happened 2 him wen he was 6.only recently hes told me.its a sexual abuse which police r investigating.we r waitin 2 hear the court date.its bn sent 2 the crown court but we havent heard anythin yet.wats worse is that the 'accused' is my sisters ex,the father of her kids.i always thought summin wasnt right with that man.also all the issues ive had wiv joshs school as made me realise why hes bn behavin like this...poor kid has carried this secret for totally devastated.hes havin counsellin every fortnite n as bn put on sleepin tablets at nite cos he cant sleep cos hes stressin about 'that man' i cant say his name it sickens me.josh stays awake all nite.hes also bn diagnosed with post traumatic stress considerin all that,hes coped well during the hols.ive treated him 2 loads of fab days... anyway hope kaine as bn ok 4u? well done on settin ur own website up. i know wat u mean bout adhd not bein classed on the asd.....i am pissed off bout the way adhd is seen.its not behaviuoral,its mentally,emotionally stressful for the child who has adhd.without ritalin josh wouldnt b able 2 think normal or make proper decisions etc... its a brain thing.i wish more can b done 2 help our kids.rite i better go now as its nearly 10pm n im shattered.

my email is

11/04/2011 at 11:02
It is tough parenting a child with ADHD. Many children with ADHD are first diagnosed in early elementary school. This is when they are expected to sit still for longer periods, complete work in a timely manner, pay attention and bring papers home. All of these tasks are exactly the areas many children with ADHD have difficulties.

These kids gets easily become frustrated and irritable when they are confused, to lessen the irritability, it is often better to state rules and expectations verbally in a clear and simple fashion. One alternative treatment for ADHD that is often considered by parents is sending their children to therapeutic boarding schools.
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