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How can i make settling my baby at nursery easier?

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21/08/2008 at 21:13

Hi everyone,

I have a son who is 11 months and i have just started back at work (4 days) after 1 year off with him.  He has always been a really good baby, adapting easily to situations and happy to be with other people and babies but in the week he has been at nursery he has been really unhappy.  as soon a i leave the room he goes crazy and is inconsoliable for about an hour, they say he is much better in the afternoon but everyday this week i've been into work with my mascara running down my face!!  It is breaking my heart to put him through this!

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  I would appreciate any advice on how to make it easier on him, how long it can take etc?

 Thanks very much

Gemma x

21/08/2008 at 21:24

Hi Gemma.

Know its hard on both of you right now, but it will get easier. You have spent a lot of time with the baby, so obviously it will be difficult being separated from you. Its a good sign the afternoon is better, as this means once he's settled down he is comfortable at the nursery. Could you maybe drop him off 15 mins earlier to be able to leave gradually until he is happier? eg play with him for a few mins, then back off to where he can still see you but no contact then leave

Good luck. Em x

22/08/2008 at 06:43

Emma - thanks so much for your advice!  You're right it is nturally going to be tough as we have spent so much time together.  It does seem though the longer i stay the more upset he gets but i'll try that on tuesday!

The other issue is that the nursery have a very bizarre routine - lunch at 11.30am and tea at 3.30pm so he is absolutely starving and upset when he gets in - i worked really hard on his routine to get him eating at 'adult' times and he is waking early too!



22/08/2008 at 06:46

also thought i recognised your name emma from the sept mums/bumps forum - how is paige getting on?


22/08/2008 at 10:48


Lot of nurseries seem to have v early meal times, its strange. I would talk to the person in charge there and tell them that it is having an effect on his whole day and get them to feed him at your times. Nurseries like to do everything eg nappy changes, for all the kids at same time but sure they realise that some babies have different needs. Know I get really annoyed if Paige is off her routine when she's with someone else.

P is doing really well, thanks for asking You may remember she was born with only one hand, but this isnt turning out to be a big problem. She likes to take her time learning things so is nowhere near walking yet, but crawls around at the speed of light and likes to practice talking- a lot lol!!!

Em x

22/08/2008 at 23:11

hi there, Gemma

I'm going back to work next month and I'm taking my wee girl to nursery to get her used to it. They told me it is better for the child if the parent just drops them off and leaves rather than staying for a while. Emma is getting better and she is now much more interested in things going on around her at the nursery. Hope this helps you. sx

30/12/2008 at 12:35
hi i work at a nursery and we had a child that struggled with separation and his mum started leaving in the main entrance rather than coming into the room and he started settling in better also finding out what they really enjoyed playing with like a favourite toy helped as it distracted him . we also have children that cry when they come in but once mum or dad has left their fine but that's a different issue i think . xx
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