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13/03/2008 at 14:11
Hi my name is Paul my wife Emma of 5 months have recently found out that where expecting our first baby and we're over the moon, we've been trying for a baby since Nov 05 so been waiting a while for lady luck to shine on us. She's 5 week's 1 day pregnant according to our GP baby's due 12th Nov 08 and waiting for appoinments from midwife and maternity hospital
13/03/2008 at 14:52

Congratulations Paul and Emma!

Well lady Luck has now shone on you!!! big style.  I have a 14 year old daughter and this will be hubbies first baby! We have been married 8 years at the end of this month and most friends and family thought that we weren't bothering with any babies! Un be-known to them we had been trying for nearly two years and just not getting it right!

Good luck to you and Emma, hope all goes well x

I am having a cesaerian three weeks tomorrow so this part of my journey is coming to an end.  Enjoy everyminute......including the nagging, mood swings and tantrums ...and thats just Emma

take care xx

Sarah x   

13/03/2008 at 20:15

hi sarah congrats to and your hubby hope it goes alright how does ur hubby cope with the mood swings nagging ant tantrums i have had anouth of the nagging already when emma puts any thing down and cant find it i get the blame lol i know it is the way it goes like.any ideas how to help me throw the hormons change pease help me lol.

take care you will have to let me know how it goes sarah

p.s do you know you the sex of ur baby if you dont mined me asking as i want to find out

the sex of our baby but my wife doesnt so i dont know what to do incase a spoil it for her and thats 1 thing i dont want to do any ideas would ve gratful ty

13/03/2008 at 21:26

Hubby says let it go over your head!!!!

Adrian is very laid back...i am the volatile one, but it obviously works for him.  I know what Emma is going through, its so frustrating looking for car keys ......that you are holding!! lol

No we don't know what we are having. I didn't know with my daughter...its the best suprise ever.  Adrian and Georgia did want to know what we were having but i managed to pursuade them to wait it soon flies and its like all your christmas' and birthdays coming together!

I will let you know, in the meantime any advice you or Emma need either give me a yell or use this site its been great for me. November will be here before you know it. Gosh mine will be 6 months then!  

Keep smiling

Sarah x

13/03/2008 at 21:52

oh bless i am watching pramface babies on channel 4 @the mo all the cute babies on there i have decided tht i am not going to know the sex of the baby.

i might start painting the spare bedroom ready for the nursery but emma is moaning that she has got to go because i told her when i am painting i do not want her to get the fumes on her chest is it me worring or is it me been  silly.

while u r pergenent have you you had some wierd cravings emmas is egg and salad cream sandwichs she never use to like them before hand i found out she lliked them when i was doing my self some ready to take fishing with me and i was doing one for breakfast as well.

can you go off food when you are pregent because emma use to be a crisp aholic lol but she does  not seem to be enjoying them at the mo and every time i eat them she says thats mean lol

13/03/2008 at 23:24

Hiya paul and Emma

Boy thats organised, we have only just got round to shifting old furniture in what will be baby's room tonight! Decorating will commence next week when Adrian is off work for Easter hols! Understand what you mean about the smell of aint good perhaps you could buy low odour.  Her sense of smell will be heigtened and she will either love it or hate it. I couldn't stand the smell of plug in air fresheners had to take them all out!

If Emma does not want to know what sex baby is they prob won't tell you...but i'm glad you dont want to me , at the end of the day you will love it whatever it is! My sis in law is a midwife and she says that finding out what you have is "ssssooooo working class!!" call me a snob but???

I haven't really had cravings with this pregnancy, with Georgia i had a thing about corned beef salad butties......dripping with salad cream, for breakfast!! With this one i have gone off lots of things. Believe it or not i have LOST weight!! I am to ssay the least a bit of a chunky monkey so couldnt really afford to put weight on. But i am still wearing last summers jeans and i need to wear a belt!  I also went off chocolate....which was really weird as i was a chocoholic just hope that it stays that way!!

Right i'm outta here hope it helps? I have got a scan tomorrow they have 3 where i am going so i get to have another look at the little monkey! Anymore questions......ask away if i can help in any way!

Take care of you and yours

Sarah x

13/03/2008 at 23:32
Suggested reading... "dummies guide to Pregnancy!" very good book Big bro bought for Adrian. Its about £15 but very good!
14/03/2008 at 08:44

hi sarah hope the scan goes well today just thinking of the paint i hae some low adoure paint so i will use that save emma from smelling the paint.

the cravings you had with Georgia sound horrible i could not eat dripping with salad cream sounds horrible they say when u r pregnent that  you do lose a lot off whieght god its sound horrible going off choclate i can not live with out my choc emma cant make her mind up if she likes coclate or not.

emma use to be a tea ahloic but she can not stand the smell of it any more she is moaning about that as we went out and brought loads off tea bags before we found out she is pregnent lol

where can i buy the book for dummies guide to Pregnancy so i can go out and buy it

have a good day take care from paul and emma

14/03/2008 at 11:12

Hi Paul and Emma

So far having a disastrous day, Didn't sleep very well, poor hubby ended up on the sofa, as we now have no spare room or spare bed!...He snores and because i couldnt sleep he got the grief!! Got up this morning, showered face on, ready to go to hospital in planty of time cos parking is a nightmare! and..........the car wouldn't start!  Have just spent a small fortune on it but in reality, its prob just a flat battery as i haven't been out for a few days.

i rang the hospital and ended up with a right snotty cow who told me that prob wouldnt get another appointment as i am so far gone!.  Came off the phone and ended up in floods of tears! It doesnt take alot to get me like that...especially not in my condition...i could be hired out for weddings and funerals!  

Rang hubby and he was in a proper panic wondering what was wrong! Just amazed that he actually answered his phone!! Anyway to cut a long story friend is going to take me in a bit Spoke to another lady at he hosptal and once i had stopped crying long enough she said just come when you are ready!

Tea and coffee seem to taste metalic when you are pregnant! I was a coffeeholic before  and i havent had one since last August! I can drink Tea though. Also be prepared to make the meals forthe next few weeks as food will be a def turn off for Emma!

The Dummies guide to Pregnancy my BB bought from Waterstones, but have a look on Amazon or Ebay and see if you can get it cheaper.   

Will keep you posted

Take care......oh if you dont mind me askin? old are you and Emma? Adrian is 40 in June and i am 38 so think this will prob be last time we are doing this......especially if today is anything to go by!

Sarah x   

14/03/2008 at 11:38

Hi Sarah sound's like your having a day of it I have been busy in the nursary painting half way round and nearly ran out of paint dooh! it's pepermint green so will have to get some more coz we don't want to know the sex I don't mind you asking at all I'm 22, 23 in May and my wife's 26, 27 in Nov our baby's due 4 days after her birthday.

Will have a look for that book sonds good Emma came up to use the loo and to check how thing's where going and she can't stand the smell nearly vomited poor thing did want to ask when the vomiting usually starts she's been having nausea mainly in the afternoon's but not acctualy been sick she's 5+3 according to GP she was up 5 time's last night to pee.

Emma has been going mad cleaning she's been washing all the baby thing's we've bought through the years while trying as well is this normal I've heard of the nesting instinct but thought that happened later on in pregnancy.

14/03/2008 at 11:56

It usually does but if it gives her something to do!!!

The book is good, but remember its like school text book, what is says will/should happen will not always as we are dealing with the NHS! A friend of mine who is 40 has just found out that she is expecting and she got a copy from the library and started saying "oh and this will happen" and "that will happen" and i was like will have no more contact with docs etc til scan and she was going mad saying but i want to knw that everything is ok!! I'm GONNA HAVE MY WORK CUT OUT WITH HER...I CAN FEEL IT

Think we will be doing peppermint or yellow? Funny thing is it was all done out as a nursery when we moved in 18 months ago we should have just left it! Perhaps it was a sign????

I was sick at night! usually just as i was going to bed, started at about 5/6 weeks initially just heaving not actually being sick. With G i always felt sick but never actually was and i could pee for England, then and now!

So you're a toyboy!.....At least you should be young/fit enough to keep up...not like us old farts! Just hope that its true what they say that they keep you young?? I actually work in a school nursery so its not like small children are alien to me, and im as mad as a box of frogs now Adrian on the other hand...he's had very little experience in fact none of babies so will be a big shock to his system...especially his sleep pattern=!

Right had better make myself look respectable for the hospital! ive prob got mascara all down my cheeks...not a good look????

Enjoy painting, in fact you can come and do ours if you like x x

Take care

Sarah x

14/03/2008 at 12:04
Hello Sarah paul's wifey here just wanted to say toyboy's really do keep you young!!
14/03/2008 at 14:30

Emma thats Great! may trade my old man in then!!!!

No NEVER! Adrian is hubby no.2 and believe me he is a diamond, i would not swap him for anything! The least said about hubby no.1 the better but we did have a beautiful daughter together so that will be his saving grace! (his only saving grace)

Have just got back from hospital and all is well apparently baby is glad its coming out of the sunroof!! Its got proper chubby cheeks!! lol

Feel alot better than i did a couple of hours ago!! Hormones...i'm tellin ya be ready for them! I may have to go and have alie down in a bit feel exhausted with all the stress of this morning.

Hows the painting coming on???

Hope all ok take care

Sarah x

15/03/2008 at 09:23

Hi Paul,

Congratulations on the little one. It's still very early days for you. So, sorting baby cloths and doing nursery probably isn't nesting in the way you'll get later. However, it sounds like a sort of nesting in which your both trying to do things to make the pregnancy feel real and like a reality. I certainly know I was a bit like that at the begining as it's taken us 7 yrs (in which I had an ectopic and 2 miscarriages) before getting to  this stage, 37 wks pregnant today! As the 9 months will feel long I would advice you to not get everything ready too quickly as it's fun to spread it out. I found getting catalogues from lots of shops helpful. I'd look at them for hourscomparing and deciding and then changing my mind and re-looking...and it didn't cost a penny but it made me feel excited and just made it feel more real.  Going 'mad cleaning' may just be your wifes way of releaving anxiety. It is early days and most people feel very anxious until they get the first three months over and have had that 1st scan. At this scan they will hopefully see your baby and a heart beat.  At that point the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced and seeing the heart beat is amazing! Your wife is going to be very hormonal and very anxious and the 2 things together..well..just be as supportive a spossible as she really can't help it.  I'm kinda responding to you Paul but Emma if your reading this too then congratulations! There is a due in nov forum which you might want to join. I've found the due in april one so supportive. In fact Sara whose also responded  to you is from the same forum as me. So, hi Sarah.

I felt sick a bit a t the begining but never was sick. Mainly felt sick when in a car as a passenger. Have had no cravings. Went off Salmon at some point in the 1st 3 months. Slept very badly from the begining which was due to anxiety and now is due to being uncomfy and anxious about birth! We haven't found out the sex. Sometimes I wish we had but on the whole I'm really glad we haven't. This last few weeks is so slow and it makes it feel more exciting not knowing, especially if it's your 1st! I am anxious about the birth and the changes it's going to have on our lives. The thoughts about meeting the baby seeing what it looks like and finding out it's sex are all positive things that help you counteract the feelings of anxiety (It is normal to feel anxious!) So. dispite meaning we've had to choose boy and girl names and also cloths that are not pink or blue i'm glad we've not found out. There will be time later to buy pink or blue.  It just means that next time we have a baby if it's the opposite sex we will be able to reuse some of this babys things! Good luck.


15/03/2008 at 11:53

Hi Sarah and Eowyn hormones already turning my brain to mush lol wiil be 6 week's on Wed looking forward to that as halfway to 12 weeks so I know all is well at the scan I'm not anxious  just excited i think I'm doing all these jobs just cause I hate doing things last min, I have 3 HPT's to use before 09 will do 1 every so often to see that bubba's still there.I'm on Nov 08 mums thread and Due Nov 08 made some good bubby's to have a moan with lol.

Sarah glad that app went well I know what you mean about tiredness but not to your scale I tried to stay up till 10pm on Thurs which I did but paid for yesterday feel asleep in the afternoon for 4hrs had an early night last night but up 5 times to pee.Oh and didn't finish the nursery as he ran out of paint LOL.

I struggled to sleep when I first found out pure excitement but then it was my tender boobs that kept me awake a problem I sort of solved by wearing an old bra that lost it's underwire a while ago at night.

I also have family and friends to talk to  as I'm hopeless at kepping secrets as is Paul we told everyone straight away as they all new we where TTC I just have such a good feeling knowing that I'm creating life inside me and my gut instinc tells me everything will be fine.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies wont be long now before you'll be holding your bundels of joy.

Luv Em Mum to baby Malt

16/03/2008 at 16:22

Hi Paul an Emma Hi Eowyn nice to see you on here!

I can understand why you want to buy things and get things ready but the other thing to consider is that it could prove very costly if you change your mind about anything!!??

I didnt buy anything for months, i left that to my mum she was buying for England and kept it all at ther house, i was really impressed one day when i went and she got it all out!! there were nappies vests, sheets, clothes wipes alsorts!

Had a really latre night last night we had friends over for a chinese and a drink or two....i had a glass of red wine... it was lush! went down very well went to bed after one and have been paying for it all day I am so tired x

Do you know what i cant wait for??? to be able to sleep on my tummy and eat Pate!!! not at the same time lol. Everybody getting impatient now and want to meet baby.

Right off for a nap...enjoy the rest of the weekend Adrian starts painting tomorrow!!

Be good xxx

Sarah x  

17/03/2008 at 19:54

hi sarah how r u both doing god i know how u feel emma is driving me crazy every thing wife  sees she wants to buy its dring me crazy i am going to buy the book that u said about on friday i bet you cant wait to get to lay on ur tummy and eat ur pate i will be clad when emma is born so she can eat choclate its driving me mad lol because on saturday i went out and brought 5 mars bars for 99p and she is moaning because she cant stand the taste any mor so when i eat them all i hear thats so mean u know i cant eat them

sarah do u know why most women cry if its not going threre way if u dont mind me asking i am suprsied u havent got ur partner on here yet lol.

how is the painting going i ran out of paint so i wii be buying some more paint on friday to get the room finshed so when the paint is dry i will be drawing winnie the pooh all over the walls so it looks very nice.

17/03/2008 at 21:09


Crying? It's the hormones. Huge hormonal changes are happening which mean a woman can feel excited one minute and the next be crying or angry. Mood swings are part and parcel of pregnancy. You've got 8 more months of it so you better getused to it and go with the flow! Try to not take it personally that's how my hubbie coped.


17/03/2008 at 21:50

hi eowyn ty u for ur advice i feel like it me doing something wrong all the time lol but all i do is going to let it go over my head and support her when she is need me if u can givve me any tips i would be very gratefull of any tips ty

18/03/2008 at 09:27

Hi Paul and Emma

Paul there are only two things that you can do that are wrong.............everythying that you say and everything that you do!!! lol Just be patient, obtain thick skin and don't take it personally.  Its a bit like PMT Em has no control over it...its hormonal and cannot be helped. 

I haven't been that great over the last few days. LOTS of tears and lost lots of sleep! Getting really apprehensive about the birth and baby being ok etc.....We have had no special tests so we are just crossing our fingers that baby will be healthy and happy! We had a scare earlier, Adrian has been a great support and just tells me that we will deal with whatever life throws at us.

On a lighter note, we are going to choose paint for baby's room today and order the blackout blind, can't wait til its all done.......and the sun is shining am going to go out and soak up some rays, i think its just what the doctor would order.

You know where i am if you need me!

Keep smiling X

Lve Sarah x 

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