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17/11/2008 at 16:53


Thought I'd open up forum for Dads in the South West to express any views on parenthood, tell any stories and just generally chew the fat. 

There doesn't seem to be any real avenue on the web for Dads to express themselves; after all, we have played a major part in the process!

We be good to hear from you.

02/12/2008 at 15:02

Hi all

We had our 20 week scan and found out that we are having a baby girl - at least thats what the 'three lines' told us.  More importantly, everything seems to be going to plan with all fingers and toes are accounted for.  It was amazing seeing the heart beating away - I didn't realise that the detail of the ultrasound would allow you to see the individual heart chambers...amazing.  It was also quite weird seeing my wifes belly button from the inside - I seem to have that etched in my memory for some reason.

We had a bit of trouble at the end as baby went all shy on us and wouldn't let the nurse take a profile shot.  We had to leave the room and go for a walk to try and jiggle baby into position. 

It was great seeing the baby again; knowing what flavour it is has seemed to make it all the more real for me.  Can't wait to start looking after her in April and just generally making a fuss.  I've told my mum that its a girl - she's a little concerned that her credit card won't be able to cope over the coming months! (I was supposed to be a girl you see so she's absolutely over the moon - I was to be called Christine apparently). 

Also, and perhaps I'm jumping the gun slightly(!), I'm already relishing the chance when I get to analyse her boyfriends, telling her that 'you're not going out in that!', walking her down the aisle and standing up to do the father of the bride speech!!  I don't know why but those where my first thoughts - maybe I'm just a little strange.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts / ramblings with you all.  Best get on with some work now.



07/01/2009 at 16:51

Hi all

We had our first midewife appointment of the year this morning.  Nothing too exciting however we did get to hear the heart beat again.  Apparently if its on the quick side its normally tends to indicate a girl, although my wife still thinks its 50:50 (despite the ultrasound)!.  Her uterus is looking like its in the right position, i.e. just up by her belly button so thats a good sign.  Her bloody pressure is creeping up a little although doesn't cause any concern.

The wife had been getting quite a lot of pain in her kidneys which was a worry, however the doctor couldn't find anything wrong.  We think it may of been a trapped nerve or perhaps just some growing pains, or maybe she was being a little dramatic

I ordered the nursery furniture on the weekend.  We're getting it from Mamas & Papas, taking full advantage of the sale they have on.  I think we got the stuff for £600 reduced from £899, which is a fair deal.  I now need to think about pulling my finger out and decorate the room, which could spark another heated debate in the Parsons household!

Second midewfie appointment is next month where we will be looking at infant feeding.  Sessions after that include Labour and Pain relief - I'll have my legs firmly crossed for that one!!

Hope all is well with other dads to be out there.



16/02/2009 at 13:01

Afternoon all

I managed to complete the nursery at the weekend with help and supervision from Mel.  We've gone for a Sunrise Yellow and Ivory colour scheme with a furniture sweet from Mamas and Papas - looks great, just can't wait 'till we have our baby daughter sleeping and playing in there. 

Had a bit of a nghtmare yesterday...we went out to buy a car seat base, but before setting off I thought it'd be a good idea to see how easy it would be to put the car seat in without one.  Well, turns out that the seat belts in the back of the car are too short! Arse.  Not sure what we are going to do about that.  I guess we could get a new seatbelt or some extenders of some sort; I did suggest buying a new car (as a joke) however that didn't go down to well 

We had our first antenatal class the other day; it mainly focused on breast feeding, with help from a doll and a woolly knitted breast (which was a tad sureal).

We have another midwife appointment on Wednesday, just to check things are going ok.; and by the feel of Mels belly, I think it sure is.

Mel tends to be very sleepy at the moment.  She was out for the count yesterday, however that may of been down to the amount of sport on the telly!

Hope all is well guys.  Speak soon.


17/02/2009 at 15:07

Hi Chris.

Think its obvious from the name that im not a dad, but am from south west

Just wanted to wish you and mel luck with the baby, you seem v excited which is great. So impressed youve finished the nursery too! My boyfriend was finishing staining furniture as I started having contractions lol.

Em x

19/02/2009 at 13:47

Hi Emma

Thanks for your post.  I was beginning to think I was talking to myself on here!!

Dead excited about the baby, she is due 21st April so not too long to go now.  Mel is off on maternity leave 5th April and not going back to work for a year.  I was jealous enough of her being pregnant to begin with let alone having a year off work to boot (although I'm sure it won't be sleep ins and lunch with the girls every day!).

I was maybe bending the truth slightly when I said the nursery was finished....there are still a couple of things to do but hope to get it done way before any contractions start

Going to give the Birth Plan a crack this weekend.  The midwife wasn't particularly helpful when we asked about it but I've had a look on the web and have a few ideas.  She did say that we didn't really need one but I think I'd like to have something in place anyway.

I've yet to decide if I'm going to be at the business end during labour.  We have an antenatal class coming up to go through the various stages so I would imagine that my mind would be made up after that!

Thanks for wishing us good luck Emma and hope all is well with you and your family.


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