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Fingers Crossed for pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal.

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06/10/2008 at 19:26

I was wondering if anyone had any success stories after a vasectomy reversal? My boyfriend had his operation last wednesday. He is still in a bit of pain and discomfort but we are hoping for success over the coming year.

Any success stories would make us feel a whole lot better.


07/10/2008 at 10:39

Hi Amanda,

                 not me personally but my friends husband had a reversal early last year as they have four children. Then, when the youngest reached 18 months the broodiness kicked in and they decided to have a reversal. I can't remember exactly but i think it was March last year and she is now four months preggers yipeeeee! Good luck. xx


18/11/2008 at 10:30


My partner had a reversal in April this year after 8 years. The operation was a success his sperm count was very good but has 40% motility which they said will improve with time, i was so nervous that this would not work as we do not have any children together but it did. I know a few people who have had reversals after 15-20 years which have been successful, i have been pregnant twice since but had two miscarraiges but this may not be to do with his reversal we don;t yet know as they don't look into this until a 3rd miscarraige which is a bit frustrating, but i still fell lucky that the reversal was successful and even with 40% motility the sperm is still getting there as i have been pregnant so i am just hoping 3rd time lucky!!!! Good luck hope it is all successful do let me know xx

09/01/2009 at 11:39
Aww thank you and good luck xxxx
27/05/2010 at 14:15
My husband had a vasectomy reversal 3 years ago, we were told it had been a success, but a year later after more tests, we were told scarring must have occured(apparantly this is quite common) and he is no longer fertile. My husband is going for a second re-do reversal in July, we are travelling over 100 miles to get this done, as the specialist is highly recommended. Because of the last failure we have not told anyone about this as we are scared of it not working again. I already have 3 teenage daughters from my 1st marriage, but we have none together, so hopefully fingers crossed we might have some good news by christmas.
30/06/2010 at 15:02


My husband had a vasectomy reversal 4 years ago, a few months later we found ourselves "accidentally" expecting our first child, I'm now pregnant with our second.

There's of course no guarantee that it'll work (there's a risk of scarring blocking the tubes), but at the time it was 9 years since he had the vasectomy and the prospects weren't great (they don't tend to do a reversal if more than 9 years or so). So the fact that it worked - and so well - is just a testament to the fact that there's always hope!

Bear in mind though that he'll be extremely sore - and it's not a pretty sight! But if it's a success then it's just sooooo worth it!

Anne xx

04/01/2014 at 12:04
Hi Honeybe, Did the second redo work for you both? We are 3 years past the reversal but stupid as it sounds, just thought it would happen. It's only in 2013 that depression forced me to look into ways to get pregnant and found out about dates, charting, OPK's, the effect of vitamins etc. So really, I realise we've now only been 'properly' trying about 4 months!! I guess I was just a little naive to all of it. Never have ovulation dates etc a second thought. Feel sad that in theory I wasted a bit of time just 'waiting and seeing'. Still not sure if the VR worked though so considering a redo and just hoped you'd be able to say whether yours workedir not? Thanks so much and hope it did!!! L Xx
06/01/2014 at 22:24

Hi Laura

Just to let you know we have a gorgeous 8 month old little girl! It took a long time and plenty of stress (we had all but given up, which I think may have helped as we were less stressed and not really trying!)

I can recommend Dr Dawson, The Dawson microsurgery clinic, in Hartlepool, he is fantastic and this is all he specialises in so he has great results. we travelled all the way from yorkshire just to have it done, and stayed for a few days.

We had the second reversal in 2010 so it did take us a couple of years to fall pregnant, and maybe because I am 40, they do say women have a fertility boost when they near 40! I really do not know how it happened, I was obsessed buying ovulation sticks special lubricants, charts, temperature, even vitamins, but I think when we decided enough was enough and stopped trying so hard and just enjoyed each other again it helped.

I really hope you suceed and hioe thar 2014 will be a good year for you

good luck



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