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No period (PCOS suffers)?

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26/04/2009 at 13:47
is anyone with PCOS sick of not getting a period and thinking that it might be that they are pregnant only to find out it is just PCOS playing up? many months i have went without a period thinking (this is the month) only to find out it wasn't pregnancy after all.... TTC hopes shattered because this annoying condition is it just me or are all other PCOS suffers feeling the same?
01/05/2009 at 06:59
This happened to my friend. She eventually had some sort of fertility drug ? not sure what it was, and had a little boy. She then went on to have another boy because her PCOS seemed to settle. I know she felt just like you are now !!..Take care and try not to stress too much.
02/05/2009 at 22:36

Thank you for the kind words, have been referred to fertility specialist so they will sort me drug wise one of which is Clomid so we'l see how that works still frustrating,

thanks anyways

27/05/2009 at 02:28
im in the same vote n my last period was march n the 1 b4 that was october 08 n the 1 b4 that aug08 n the 1 b4 that dunno cant remember getting sick of it n doc is useless n wont put me on owt to make em regular or help me get pg very frustrating
27/05/2009 at 02:37

i am so sorry that they are not willing to help you that is utterly disgraceful honestly hun i would see another doctor, my doctor confirmed i havve PCOS last month and on 22nd june (also my son's birthday) i start fertility treatment, i am unsure what they are going to go yet but i have to spend a few hours in hospital and then they said they will get things started but the doctor said they will start me with clomid and something else which should help at first and then if that doesn't work then they will try something different, i am so sorry things are hard for you but i think you need to get another doctor and some better help because i wouldn't be staying with one that wasn't willing to help, god if they wont help you get prgnant i dread to think how they might treat you if you had cancer....

 sending much baby dust

Lynne XXX

28/05/2009 at 13:39

Hi Lynne and Maria

I too have PCOS and went through fertility treatment to have my daughter who is now 10.5 months.

Maria you really have to fit to see a specialist and change doctors if you need to.  I found by going to the doctors every couple of weeks until I was referred helped as I think they got sick of me.  It is also worth finding out the waiting list time as my local was 65 days before a consultant visit but the one in the next town was 6!

So you know what to expect at the hospital I will warn you it can take months.  First they scanned me to confirm I had PCOS, then I had to have my tubes dyed which as far as I am concerned was worse than labour pains themselves!  I was then put on Provera to start my periods and then clomid 50mg. 

I was recommended by the consultant to loose weight as excess weight is a class symptom of PCOS and loosing weight can help improve your fertility.  To give you some timescales I was referred in March 07 and fell pregnant in October 07. My daugther was born in July 08.  I am now glad I lost weight as I fell pregnant on the second cycle.

Good luck with your journeys and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

28/05/2009 at 15:52

wow 6 days before a appointment i was told it would take up to 8 weeks for me to see anyone but i have been giving an appointment to start fertility treatment for 22nd june so i'm sooooo happy about that, nice to finally be getting things sorted thats for sure, its been so hard on me and my partner he was starting to lose hope.

i have had my scans and confirmed my PCOS which only took 4 weeks to get an appointment on 22nd june i go for more tests and start my fertility treatment ,

 with losing weight and PCOS this is infact a myth not all women who have PCOS are over weight infact many women are going undignosed because some GP still believe that being over weight is part of PCOS it is infact not, yes it can be something that PCOS comes with but alot of the times its not, i have meet many women who have found out they have had PCOS after years of unknown reasons of infertility to find out they have PCOS and be underweight or even normal weight so weight is nothing to go by, but if you are over weight then there are alot of clinics that will not even help you until you loss weight, i have heard about that because i had to put my weight down when i was sent for my tests before they would even give me an appointment i was lucky and i am only just over 6 stone in weight so they are willing to offer me all the help they can, so here is hoping that something will help, my ovaries sadly as completely engulfed in cysts so just hoping they don't resort to surgery.

congrats on losing weightand getting prgnant and it working for you, how do they know that it was the weight loss and not the drugs that cause you to get pregnant? just because i do not need to lose weight and if these drugs are not so affect would be a good reason to know if you can understand?

my best friend has has PCOS but she is overweight and was told that she would not get any drugs because it could cause high blood presure and be dangerous to women who are overweight which is a shame but she did manage to get pregnant.... anyways

are you TTC again louse?

28/05/2009 at 16:31

Hi Lynne

I actually believe it was a combination of clomid, having a regular cycle due to the provera, loosing weight and also relaxation.  For me weight was an issue as I was 11 stone and 5 foot 1 even though I have been skinny (7 stone) in the past.

I am not trying to conceive yet but hope to again towards the latter end of the year but I know that sometimes going through treatment and not having anyone to speak to can be worse than TTC itself.

28/05/2009 at 16:34

ah right 11stone isn't that back, i have meant loads of people expecting fertility treatment and been 20stone plus.

yeah me and my partner have been ttc for 16months now but in the past have suffered 7 miscarriages,

28/05/2009 at 17:09
I was trying for about 18 months before I conceived but was lucky in some ways as my mum had fertility problems having me so managed to argue the point.
28/05/2009 at 17:13

yeah, with my son it took me 15months but he was born premature, others did not survive at all, but he was concived naturally and to this day no doctor can tell me how.

04/06/2009 at 23:05
Update i have now seen a health instructor and now started doing a food diary, and i also start doing fitness classes on a tuesday as well as cook ing classes which includes how to cook health food so its a start n im also looking in to finding a different doctor coz i dont want to listen or face seen the 1 i was  wot i call a broken record with no support frm her  thanks for all ya advice
29/08/2009 at 04:53
Hi Im New to all this gettin second opions and referal n stuff n have pcos and have had it for about 3 yrs im going to the gym n on a weight management programe to help me loose the weight coz my doc say i have to show commitment to wanting to loose the weight b4 she will send me for treatment or a referal personaly i dont think she has a clue on wot to do next she sounds like a broken record i have been trying to loose some weight fo nearly 2 yrs with out success n i am in the middle of finding another doc for a second openion n just was wondering how do ya get ya doc to send u for a referal
29/08/2009 at 13:18

Hi Maria

If you havent  had a period in 6 mths then they can start to do something. Losing weight is a great help and I conceived naturally and by surprise last year. We had been told we would need ivf due to hubbys sperm count and my severe pcos but since then we have both lost weight but thought nothing of it and it was a big shock to find myself pregnant but a major joy.I can only contribute this to losing and weight and doing gentle exercise.I recommend that you try cutting out sugar as I've read that pcos is in a way like diabetes in that it relates to insulin in the body. For three months before I got pregnant I had been focusing on that in a bid to feel better in my self but it really helped with the weight loss and the acne.

I would ask for a 2nd opinion so that you know what the position is. I dont know how much weight you want/need to lose but they should offer you support with that too as your health is a major factor in conceiving and carrying a healthy baby

My son Charlie is 4 1/2mths old and so fantastic, I hope that you can get sorted out.

Best Wishes



30/08/2009 at 00:51
i aint had a period in 5 months i think i used to have it on my calender on pc i think i lost it when pc broke anyways i have been ttc for bout 3 2 yrs n she never said owt about getting refered or any thing anyway ive decided that this week is action time week find new doc etc to get tings moving
17/09/2009 at 17:21
hi im new to all this ha. im 30 have 2 kids and was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with pcos.i had a mc  at 13 wks,last year and although we hadnt planned any more kids we were devastated and decided we would try again straight away.huh well thats a laugh eh.had a smear then a colposcopy in march which came back clear. ive not had a pd since then though so not much chance of conceiving.any body with similar experience out there.doc basically told me that cos i already have kids he wont halp me and that if i dont concieve then "no luck".i ave since changed doc but now ive been told to keep trying till xmas. but surely they understand that no pd means no egg means no chance of getting pregnant.all this really getting me down and i feel like its taking over my life.xxxxxx
02/10/2009 at 21:43

I know this reply is quite late, hope you're ok. I was told I have PCOS a couple of years ago. My dr wasn't very helpful at first, just told me that coz I was overweight and only 21 that I had plenty of time to have a baby and should try to lose weight. I wasn't having any periods at that point either, she told me that if I still hadn't conceived after I'd been trying 12 months to come back. So back I went and I got referred and had an ultrasound on my ovaries, which revealed the PCOS. Dr then said to try for another 6 months and then after that she'd refer me for treatment. I pretty much gave up on conceiving for that 6 months. Had a really heavy bleed that was a suspected mc then conceived about a month later. 1 month before I was due to go back and see her. I was soooo lucky! After my son was born I pretty much started trying again straight away because I didn't want him to be an only child and it had taken so long to conceive him I wasn't expecting it to happen quickly. Got myself some ovulation strips after 9 months of trying but not conceiving and within 2 months I was pregnant again. I'd only had 2 periods since my son (who was 11months) was born... When I went for my first appt the dr wrote conceived rapidly on my notes! 11 months of trying isn't rapidly in my opinion! (Although it's better than it could have been.)

I know that sometimes they can be very unhelpful when you've already got children, but keep pushing and hopefully your new dr will help you.
I've probably not helped much, but just wanted to say there are people with PCOS who have gone on to have children (and then more!)
Good luck,

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