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trying with fertility problems for 12+months

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13/04/2009 at 19:31

Hi all TTC mum's thought i would start a thread for all couples that have been TTC for over 12months, i would love to get to know you all and what you have tried using to get pregnant so far,

 I'm Lynne and me and my partner have been trying for over 15months, i have suffered 7 miscarriage and also have a 21month old but have fertility problems and been told will never have any living children, since having my son they said i shouldn't even try but i have decided to hold out hope and hopefully have a little bundle of joy....

 would love to hear your stories and also share baby dust

Lynne x

27/04/2009 at 20:51

Hi, my DH and I have been TTC for over 2 and a half years now, was on the pill for 8 years, once I came off you think it will be wrong was I???

Just hope our turn will come one day......

K xxx

02/05/2009 at 23:00

aw so sorry to hear it has been so hard for you kelly, have you had any test to see if there is anything stopping you getting pregnant, i am just hoping that when i see the specialist about my PCOS they ca give me the right cocktail of drugs and will get pregnant, wil keep everything crossed for you

much baby dust

Lynne XX

27/05/2009 at 03:09
hi me n my hubby have been trying for nearly 2n half yrs i also have pcos and have to loose some weight which is easuer said than done i try to go swimming at least 2-3 times a week n ssen some 1 bout a fitness instructor some time nxt week i am also bout to try agnus castus frm wot ive read n heard about it its suppose to try to control ya hormone levels or summate hope it works for me if it does 1 less thing to worry n stress about ill keep all fingers crossed for ya all
27/05/2009 at 03:22

i used angus castus the first time i got pregnant but don't know if it was that or just plain luck. good luck losing weight, although i have PCOS i am very underweight so i don't need to lose weight to get treatment.  Angus castus can help regulate your periods but does not work for everyone as it is a natural herb so doesn't always have the same affect. but if you are stressed then there is no way it will work so i would talk to your doctor before even starting it.

Lynne X

28/05/2009 at 13:42

Hi Maria if it is any help I really struggled to loose weight with PCOS when I tried Weight Watchers.  I have been on Slimming World now before and since having my daughter and have found this to suit my body a lot better.  It has taken me a while but I have now lost nearly 2 stone since September which is really good for me.

I have replied to the other PCOS thread with more details but relax as I actually fell pregnant on holiday!

28/05/2009 at 15:43
congrats on losing weight, my partner used to be a heavy boy but since december 07 he has lost almost 10stone which i am so proud of him for doing he is really atheltic now which suits him, he loves this new weight also but still wants to loss more, he is just over 11stone now, i have never needed to lose weight as i have struggled being underweight all my life, i am just over the 6stone mark so weight loss to help PCOS was never an option for me, start fertility treatment on 22nd june though so here's hoping, congrats on your daughter also, are you TTC again?
08/07/2009 at 23:09
im now considering  other ways to either get me pg coz i no that im so ready to b a mum n is sick of everythig i try nt working the ag hasnt worked  n is running out of ideas and is broody as hell n its upsetting me as well knowing im no where nr having ma own baby
08/07/2009 at 23:31

i know the feel maria, that is so sad for you, we went to fertility clinic last month and had lots of tests done we have more on 21st of this month and will be august/september before we even  see the consultant fo the results never mind the treatment which is depressing me like mad, i think its even affecting out sex life

 what other ways were you considering hun?

 i hope something works out for you

Lynne x

09/07/2009 at 21:53
im considering any thing really adoption etc even to i wud like to go thru all the stuff that comes with being pg n the birth i just think if i cud find another way it wud take the strain n the pressure n stress of ttc coz i also think its afffecting our sex life 2  i babysat a 2 month old baby girl today n i really enjoyed it n i reaaly cant wait to have my own baby just like we all cant
09/07/2009 at 22:01
yeah understand hun have you talked at all to a fertility specialist?
10/07/2009 at 00:20

nope doc wont refer me to 1 which i think really sucks n i dont know how to get intouch with 1

11/07/2009 at 15:52

what is the reason they wont refer you? if i was you i would see another doctor before giving up.

12/07/2009 at 14:53
they wont refer me until i have lost the weight that i need to coz they dont c the point
12/07/2009 at 15:34

oh right? do you have PCOS? how much weight do they want you to lose?

13/07/2009 at 03:43

yeah  i have pcos i have to loose at least 8 stone

13/07/2009 at 04:05
ah right you poor thing, i have PCOS also but i am very underweight i know alot of the people in my clinic wont get much treatment unless they lose weight also as the drugs can be very dangerous on people who are overweight.
13/07/2009 at 23:31

Maria you can also to be referred to a specialist in PCOS.  I was overweight when I conceived and also was having fertility treatment.  #

Keep harrasing the doctor and if not change doctors.  I had to speak to two before I was referred.

13/07/2009 at 23:49
yeah thats always a good idea they tend to only help people that push at them.
14/07/2009 at 02:23

did u just ask to c a pcos specialist LouE or did the doc automatically rerfer ya my doc aint even mentioned a pcos specialist all she goes on about is u have to loose the weight b4 we can sent u for treatment it sounds like a broken record n when she put me on diet pill she never gave them enuf time to get in to my system my oh has the same views im gonna have a word with my oh tomorrow about changing docs n demand to c a pcos specialist

thanks for ya advice  all of ya

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