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14/10/2010 at 17:09

hey all

gosh time is dragging just want it to be 9th nov so we can finally get some answers and move forward or woteva!!

im getting worried again, af finshed a week ago, and for the past 2 days ive been spotting???? i had bad pain in my left hand side and then the spotting started, well i say spotting it is only wen i wipe and its a bit of brown cm and then it went pinky and now its back to brown??  i had this twice before a few cycles ago. do u think it cud be linked to ovulation???? maybe its bleeding coz i havent ovd in a while... oh i dunno lol guess ill just have to wait

hows are you two doing?

14/10/2010 at 22:16

Hi Nicole, november coming fast so hopefully wont have too long to wait. I honestly dont know about the spotting, i would guess it bit early for ov spotting? remember to write it all down for when you go for appointment. it must be to do with hormones.

im ok thanx. getting frustrated tho at the u turns my gynae doing, after saying not doing the hysteroscopy and he thinks i ov'ing he rang monday to say bloods show i not ov;'ing and does wana do it. booked me a appointment for monday right in middle of day when i at work and the day im due AF. told them all this but receptionist say come anyway as if bleeding lite can still do it or i mite not have come on. thing is if i havent come on, i know he wont do it as lining be too thick in the womb and wont be able to see and if i am on it will be early days and too heavy, but they said come anyway and he will decide. i cab see this timing issue going on and on and it not good with my work and just adds to my stress. mite just say to him, look if im gona have to have the Lap aswell cant he just book me for them both at same and do it all while i under then it sorted. he did mention starting me on tabs once the exams are done tho!!

sorry for the rant, i just wish he had done it last week and then it be out the way and prob be on tab stage, instead it all gettin dragged out and we having timing issues now argghhhhh!

lets hope its all worth it and we get our bfps soon!! be nice to get it same time and be bump buddies!!

19/10/2010 at 11:25

hey everyone

sorry not been on much. Nothing new really to report here AF finally showed up on day 55 pfft ive never had a cycle that long before except when i was on the injection years ago n i didnt bleed. Im just willing the days away at the moment for my next appointment, I hate wishing my life away .

how are u both?

Wishing im sorry to hear about the tests i would be a bit peed off too in ur situation. I hope ur doc pulls his finger out soon n gets things sorted for u hun.

Nic sorry to hear about ur different problems to be honest i have no advice hun im not getting any of ur symptoms. I do occaisionally  get pains in my left hand side strangly enough lol but i think its all just down to stress with m. I hope u feel better soon hun.


19/10/2010 at 22:11

Hi Vicki!

That was a long cycle! whens your next appointment? do you know what will be happening? it is terrible i the same always wishing the next chunk of time away!!

Well my news is i went to hosp again yesterday and he didnt the hysteroscopy (talk about messing you around!!) but on the plus side he has started me on some clomid, just a little dose of half a tab which i started yesterday! so hopefully things are moving in right direction. if i still have probs with spotting etc after a while he will do the exam tho.

so fingers crossed its gona work, im juts bit worried now as i told him id hardly started period at all just tiny bit brown blood last couple days, but he say it still count and iwas on day 2 (yesterday) and told me to start taking em straight away for day 2 to 6 but i worrying as still not had proper full on red flow yet? im so clueless just hope it all ok!

Nicole where are you hunny? hows thing, hope you are ok? november soon coming round and youll have your appointment! i hope they start you on clomid too to get you ov'ing and we can support each other and you vicki if you turn out to have same prob!!

lots of hugs


20/10/2010 at 20:15


I noticed ur name as i was having a look thro vicki, i didnt realise ud been having problems hopefully you get it sorted out soon, Keep in touch xx

21/10/2010 at 09:59

hiya all

wishing im not ov'ing either so hopefully at this appointment i'll be given clomid or something similar. My appointment is on 28th ive only had to wait 3 months for it when normal procedure is 6 months as ive already ad all my tests. They said they dont need to test my tubes or anything at the min as ive got Tia and they def think its all hormonal especially with me only being 22.

Brilliant news about the clomid for u tho hopefully u will fall first time round, good news about not having to have the tests aswell. fingers crossed u just needed an extra something to make this month be ur bfp month. I want this as much for u ladies as i want it for myself lol.

Hey tracey yeah having a few problems hopefully get sorted at my next appointment and get my bfp soon. Hows u and bump? and little kian does he understand hes gettin a new little brother or sister?


21/10/2010 at 19:41
no i have been pointing at my tummy saying baby but he doesnt understand yet, maybe nearer my due date he will. Im fine had my 16 wk blood tests today, i hate needles lol xx
21/10/2010 at 22:19

hi vicki- you not got long then, next week! sounds like you will get clomid too! ive been started on just half a tablet at the mo. last one tommorrow! it will be nice to have someone to talk and compare etc with it as im so clueless and worrying all time!would be lovely if did fall this month but not gona hopes up as it v low dose to see what happens. gotta start using ov tests day 10 he said, iv never had a real dark line on one so will be doing a celebratory dance if i see one!!

hope nicole is ok?

Hi tracy, i know we've not spoken before but  congratulations on your pregnancy! when are you due? x

Vicki you know we also have the ttc 2010 thread on ttc forum? duno if you pop on but theres lots of lovely ladies on there too to share the journey with!

22/10/2010 at 14:24

Hi, Thank you wishing, im due on the 1st April. x

04/11/2010 at 10:28

Hiya ladies

just a quick update from my appointment the other day. They messed up so i didnt get to see the consultant so i have to waut until the 24th grrrrr. I did have a scan tho and going off what the lady doing it was saying i may had polycystic ovaries. My left ovarie was fine but the right one had follicles on it which looked like polycystic ovaries although im a bit confused as it was only in one??? My mam has it aswell so i know the symptoms to be looking out for and i dont seem to really have any other then the infertillity so maybe i'll be fine fingers crossed.

how are u all?

Nic have u had ur appointment yet?

Wishing hows it going on the tablets? and when are you due to test? fingers crossed for u hun


04/11/2010 at 22:14

Hi Vicky

sorry to hear you had mix up with appointments, its so annoying, when you waiting so long for something to be told you gotta wait more is frustrating. sounds like you got somewhere tho with tht scan. If you dont have any other symptons and it only one ovary, maybe you only have it v mild. at least if it that there alot of things they can do to help. do you have any idea if youll be having anymore tests or anything to confim this?

i got my blood test tommorrow it will be day 20 then got follow up at hospital monday 15th november to talk about results. Dr said clomid may make cycle bit longer so dont get excited and test at normal due time, he said wait an extra week first. im not holding out much hope this time tho as dose was so low and i had no symptons etc yet to say it has worked. depending on blood result he may up the dose i wonder?

Nicole-how are you?? hope youre doing ok x

ive got a week off work next week with DH and its my birthday next friday (you can guess what i be hoping for !!)

08/11/2010 at 14:21

hey ladies!!

sorry not been about had a lot going on these past few weeks etc

vicki how annoying hun i wud of been soo upset having to wait longer they just dont seem to get it do they!! and i agree with sarah that it sounds like it maybe mild fingers crossed hun

OMG im shitting it now my appointment is tomorrow eeeek! im sooo nervous i just hope we get some positive news! im dreading them saying im preimenapausal ill probs just break down if they say it (im a bit of a drama queen i know!!!) just hoping thats its just that i dont ovulate every month serinaro and pop us onto clomid and hopefully get our second baby!! plzzzzzzzzzzz!

i also read there is a 10% chance of twins on clomid! how awesome wud that be!!! i know my hubby will be hoping for twins lol hes baby obsessed lol i remeber my frist scan with leeland when she said there was only one hubby was like "awwww i wanted two!!" hhahahah

08/11/2010 at 22:17

Hi Nicole

good to see you're back. you have had alot on, hope your coping ok and things may change for you?!Good luck for your appointment tommorrow!! got my fingers crossed for you!! lets hope they wont want to do much tests and get you started on the tabs if thats what you need!! i think my doc only wanted to do the hystroscopy becasue of my spotting but then after calling it off twice he say cause im young he doubt anything bad wrong and suddenly we on the clomid. would be nice if we could start a round together!

lets us know how you get on! good luck


09/11/2010 at 09:07

ive got my fingers crossed for u Nic. I hope they do start u on the clomid straight away and i was promised something would be done at my next appointment so i shouldnt be far behind u both u can tell me what to expect hehe.

Ur not being a drama queen hun u bound to be nervous of any bad news but i doubt ur going to get it the odds are definitely in your favour for everything to be working and it just being a hormonal thing.

How are u getting on wishing? If the blood results show u havent ov'd then he may up it but u may not need it, that extra little boost may be all u needed.

ee im so excited for both of u u'd think it was all happening for me right now haha. I want u two to get ur bfp's as much as i want my own haha. U never know maybe we'll all end up on the same birth board... but im gettin  a bit ahead of myself there hehe.


09/11/2010 at 18:26
come on nic im waiting on news from you hun  x
09/11/2010 at 21:48

Hi girls

Vicki-yea that would be great if we all could move off here together and start a new due thread, how lovely that would be! yea i think if it still low he may up me to a whole tab as i was just taking half. find out monday!

Nic-any news how it go?

ive been day dreaming alot today about being preg, think it time of year seeing everyone getting readly for xmas with their kids, i want that sooo much it hurts!! well today i got AF type pains but no sign of anything yet. this time last month i had started with tiny brown spotting/af stuff and doc counted it as day 1. he did say the clomid can make cycle longer tho. im fully expecting af to arrive by monday, if it hasnt i will test before hosp, but i think it will as dont think the half tab will have done much.

good luck everyone, we can and will get there!!

10/11/2010 at 16:49

hey all

sorry i keep forgetting about TB since i have most of you on FB lol

well im deffinately not ovulating my last 23day bloods were 9.5 which was higher than the previous test of 5.5 and my oestrogen test showed my levels were a little high which is what is causing the flushes and night sweats etc but not anything to worry about.  however we are now on 50mg CLOMID whoooop! took my first pill yesterday CD6  apparently this is fine to start then aslong as u start between 2-6 however next month i will take it from CD2-6  if the clomid doesnt work this month the consultant said we will increase the dose to 100mg and then ill need scans done etc to make sure i am and that im not hyperstimulated etc

i have got my next appointment with her in 6months time if still no baby she will do a HSG to check my tubes but she didnt want to waste time doing that first if the clomid works

im sooooooooo excited i just hope this works she also reckons i had this problem wen ttcing with leeland but we were lucky that i seemed to ov twice in a row (m/c @6weeks and then fell pregnant with leeland 4 weeks later) when i probs dont ov much at all

BIG HUGS SARAH really hope you get your BFP soon hun your post made me a little weepy with regards to the cycles etc my consultant seemed to think the clomid will regulate my cycle?? so i sud have a 28 day cycle but i wont hold my breath!

10/11/2010 at 17:00

nicole thats fab news!!! i didnt know you could  start it that late, great news!! hope on monday then i can start my next lot without losing a month!! did they give you 6 whole months then? i got everything crossed for you i reckon its gona be juts what you need as you obviously fall pg easy when you do ovulate!! dont think youll even need the 6 months!! i want monday to come so i can find out if the 25mg worked if not i guess i will go upto 50mg (duno why he started my soo low!) so is it just 100mg and higher you gotta have scans etc for ?

yea clomid should regulate you i think as it makes your body ov and maybe at a more normal time so you will find you af should become regular. even that 25mg has worked as much as ive not had af yet so im getting nearer a more better longer cycle as 23 days was getting silly.

oh my god i want it sooo much!!

10/11/2010 at 19:49

yea she gave us 6months worth, although if i go up to 100mg then there wont be as many months!  yea u only need scans when taking 100mg+ so bloods sud be ok for us both, i read in the info my consultant gave me it says if the paitant is under 25 yrs old they start at a dose of 25mg are u under 25?

i got everythng crossed for u hun (well except my legs hahaha)

16/11/2010 at 21:35

Hey Nicole!

lol made me laugh, nah not under 25 im 28, but i quite underweight 7 stone so maybe that why he did it? however as you already know, it worked!!still sinking in!

Glad your side effects are lessening, you just gotta get busy now! you probably know already but doggy is v good as pops the swimmers as far as they can go to start their swim, maybe worth a try if you dont already lol!!

wow you got 6 months all at once, lets hope you dont need anymore, would be soo cool to carry on as bump buddies from here!! got everything crossed for you!!

hows things with vicki?

baby dust to all


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