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30/09/2010 at 09:42


i thought id start a ttcing thread for people like my self that are going through fertility treatment or for people struggling to conceive.

im nicole 25, OH 26 we have been together for 9yrs, we have and 18month old and have been ttcing a year ish for number 2, i had bloods done and it shows im not ovualting, we have been referred to the fertility clinic which we had our first appointment yesterday which was with a nurse, we will be seeing our actual consultant on the 9th november, the nurse thinks its just a hormonal thing and that the consultant will probs put me chlomid, however she thinks they may do an xray to rule out blockages etc, also check my womb for scarring etc after i haemorrigaed badley after having my son. she took bloods for something i think it was for homone levels, but also have to have LH and FSH levels when af starts as my doctor didnt do these before. the problem does lie with me and im not ovulating and that my cycles are all over the place. but all in all least we are getting somewhere!

my cycles vary from 26-42 days so i never know when she will show!!

i hope that someone joins me on here but in other ways i hope noone has to lol

30/09/2010 at 13:20

Hi Nic!! Just thought i would give you a ray of hope!!!

I started trying for a baby again with husband no.2 some 10 years after my first family, my two boys by first marriage are now 21 and 19.  I was on Depo for ages then the pill for a couple months then we started trying - nothing happened month after month, i knew it was with me also and mentioned it to a midwife friend of mine, she recomend i went to the doc and consequently we were reffered to consultants etc.  I too had "anovulation" which means your body gets ready to ov then just doesnt or releases an egg thats not ripe.  So clomid it was!!! I was put on 100mg for the first month, had big ovum but not right and period arrived, 2nd month they upped my doese to 150mg and "POW" we got preg with my now nearly 8yo daughter!!!! I have since had another four children with no problems, i used clomid for no.2 daughter but never since, and am currently pregnant with baby no.8 who will be our 6th child together - so hold on in there!!! it will all come right!!

All the very best for a positive outcome, im sure it will be - they are usually quite quick, we got sorted within 4 months!

Take it easy and hope to see you starting a "due" thread very soon.

Karen 26 weeks 

30/09/2010 at 17:21

Nic, glad your appointment went as well as can be expected. It all sounds quite promising and I hope that means you're well on the way to baby number 2. So sorry you feel so low hun, and if i've ever said anything that you felt was unsensitive I apologise. Of course you deserve another baby, never make yourself feel like that, I think just sometimes life likes to test us. I will keep an eye on you on the other thread hun, you're my due date buddy from the first time round, i feel very protective of you (lol) and want so much for you to fall pg again. Chin up hun, i think you're fully justified to feel how you do and you certainly don't need to apologise for your feelings. ((HUGS)) chick.

FX it happens for you soon chick! xxx

30/09/2010 at 17:34


thanks karen, there is hope lol i too went on the depo injection wen i was younger, i came off it at the age of 18 i think it was, we havent used anything other than condoms since, even after leeland we only used them once or twice (wen we remebered lol) and then went on to ttcing

thanks rach you have never said anything and neither has anyone else on the ttc thread, its me and they way im handling things with regards to it all, i feel outta place on the other thread coz im not ovulating and dont know wen im in 2 ww wait and all that jazz, and i dont want to be forever moaning that im not oving etc

onwards and upwards and all that lol

30/09/2010 at 21:38

Hi Nic!

I thought id join you if thats ok?!

Obviously you know me from the TTC thread, but for anyone else:

Im Sarah 27 and married to DH 30 for 2 years. we have been trying for our first baby for 2years and 3 months now. I had a Missed MC may09 at 10 weeks. I had my first hospital appointment with gynae last friday. No obvious probs so far as DH sperm ok, im pretty much regular but no joy. Dr seems pretty happy but concerned as i get spotting for like 4-5 days before each period for the last few months. ive had loads of 21 day bloods all came back Low, but he say dont worry!! im having to keep a menstrual calender for him and im going in for a hysteoscopy Oct 8th to look at my womb as he wants to check theres nothing left from MC blocking things and because i had Lletz treatment this Jan due to bad cells on my smear, he wants to check no legions left fromt this.

If that is ok i think ive got to have a op called a larascopy to check things. After that i dont know what his plan is!

So overall feeling happy we getting some help and hope to get somewhere but also v scared of these tests and of the outcome incase theres somthing bad wrong or theres nothing at all and im left in limbo.

Nicole-I hope you next appointment comes around quick and you get a nice consultant. Its heartbreaking knowing each month is a let down but we have to keep positive. lots of hugs xx

01/10/2010 at 16:20

hey sarah

we kinda at the same sort of stages with regards to the treatment!! and your right we have to keep positive.  really hope u get a bfp soon hun!!

im confused again, just went to the loo and bam....AF??!!?? CD27!! they getting shorter now what the hells going on?? since jan they have been 42,39,37,34,37,28,27??? this is all getting far to confusing!!!

01/10/2010 at 22:22

Hi Nicole!

Thats weird but maybe its good as 27 days is good maybe your body kick starting itself! My longest cycles were after MC and then over the last year been getting shorter, this last one i think was only like 25 days! my norm is 26 but varies.

Problem is i think we worry and stress as things arent happening and the thought of something being wrong and that doesnt help our bodies.

gotta think theres people helping us and hopefully things will come good. im getting nervous for this test next friday, not looking forward to it that at all!

so pleased its the weekend, soo busy at work today my feet are killing. nice bath and bed, even though theres prob no chance of bfp at this stage i still like to BD to keep practiced and of course i still love my DH!

05/10/2010 at 11:35

Hiya everyone

Nic i just noticed you started this group and i was wondering if i could join.

For anyone else this is my story (if u could call it that lol). We've been trying to concieve baby number two pritty much since my little girl was born 16 months ago we always wanted a small age gap as both me and my oh have small age gaps between our sibliings and loved always having someone to play with and both still really close to them now. However, after about a year of ttc  and my cycles only being about 15 to 19 days and having alot ofproblems with bleeding for the first 8 months, i was talking to Nic on fb and she convinced me to go get it checked out at my docs (thanks Nic if it wasnt for u id probly still not have gone ). They found i wasn't ov'ing so sent a referall to a gynae. Ive had my first appointment where i had swabs ect done and day 31 bloods and im now just waiting for the end of october to come for my next appointment. Like Nic they think its a hormonal thing and will put me on to clomid but i shouldnt need a lap and die or anything like that because of my age (im 22) and concieving Tia in just 5 months. 

so thats me. Hi to everyone and i hope everthing is going well in all your treatment etc.


05/10/2010 at 11:37

Oh i meant to add Nic my body doing the opposite to yours now after all my short cycles im now on day 36 of my cycle and af doesnt seem to be showing any signs of showing her ugly head pffft.


06/10/2010 at 22:30

Hey Vicki!

Congratulations for little girl Tia, prob bit late now hey.  sorry your having trouble this time round. Your cycles sound very short but sounds like it is just hormones like you say and hope they can sort it fast for you! I wish i didnt have to have these exams/tests im only 27 well 28 next month and have had a pg before although MC but the Dr wants to do this hysteoscopy and then probably a laraoscopy boo hiss, but at least it all working towards the same goal and will benefit me i hope!

So is this your 1st long cycle after all the short ones? im guessing you done a HPT?? let us know how you get on

Nic-are you still lurking, hope your ok? and things are getting you too down, we here if you need to rant etc? xx

07/10/2010 at 09:47

hey wishing4

yeah done hpt n was negative i new it would be i have no symptoms what so ever of being pregnant.

i hate the tests to hun infact i juat hate hospitals full stop but like u say its all working towards the same goal. It'll all be worth it in the end it just doesnt seem fair does it.

Sorry to hear about ur mc. Have u got  date for ur tests yet?

Yeah Nic i havent seen u about recently hope u leeland n kenny are all good. Good news about kennys little swimmers (sorry its how we refer to them in this house lol) his count sounds really high.

take care every1

07/10/2010 at 18:37

Hey girls, I just wanted to pop on and give you some support.

As you know I had 'hormonal issues' which were resulting in my four miscarriages (or so I'm told, I've never had a fully confirmed reason) and was put on Clomid. I was very lucky as a lot my tests and scans happened as I went along with the pregnant/not pregnant saga, so the clomid treatment started fairly promptly after I was seen by our consultant.

I hope you all get some answers soon, I know it's so difficult when it seems like everyone else around you are pregnant.

Stay positive, as that really is half the battle.

Lots of love


07/10/2010 at 22:44

Hi Eri- i remember you from the TTC thread when i first started out on my journey and there was you and teresa etc. You went through so much and were so strong, i do think of you even now and think if you coped through that many MC then theres hope for me. How is your little one? hope you are well, any plans for number 2?!

Vicki- hmm HPT neg, seems very weird. keep a calender of any symptons you getting as ive had to start that for the gynae so might be useful for you too. Hope end Oct comes quick for you. I had 1st appointment at the hospital coupl eof weeks ago just going throguh my history etc and tommorrow is date for my hysteoscopy and im bricking it, its all just a bit embarassing having all them people looking at your lady garden and the pain factor scary too but guess it just a small taste of giving birth!!

Nic-where are you?? lots of hugs hope you ok xx

09/10/2010 at 10:24

Hey Sarah! I didn't know if you'd remember me or not! I do pop onto the ttc thread from time to time to see how you all are.

I've just read your post about ov'ing early, I really hope that's the answer for you hun! You must be so excited, nervous and confused all in one! Bless you.

As for being strong, well I think I just masked all my emotions at the time and they came back and bit me on the bum after having Thomas! I went through a really bad time of it mentally for a while, I blamed myself for it all going wrong, but I'm out the other side of it now and can't wait to do it all again!! So watch this space

If you do have to have the intrusive tests, then as you say - prepares you for childbirth etc!! Good luck chick, keep me posted!!!

Thinking of you all


09/10/2010 at 11:30

Hiya everyone

hey eri hows u? i so glad ur feeling better but dont ever blame urself for what happened. If the doctors had done something sooner like they should have done u wouldnt of had to go through all the pain u did. U were the first person who i ever talked to on here and i always be grateful to for how welcoming and nice ur were. 

Wishing 4 i think its just down to me not ov'ing i do get some weird cycles where af is really light n only last a few hours its probly just one of those. I know when it arrives its going to be nasty tho . I wish it would just hurry up and come tho or i wont be in sync for my next appointment. Im hoping im given Clomid at my next appointment and  can get started on it straight away no waiting for a new cycle to start.

How dis the test go? I hope they werent to bad. To be honest i didnt find labour to bad i know that sounds strange but i did it all pritty much all on my own as my mam n oh were sent home thinking it would be a long wait but it only lasted 5 hours. I know that makes me sound nuts lol. I think the test are worse then labour and i havent had anything to invasive either. 


09/10/2010 at 11:43

Oh bless you Vicki! I really hope they do give you the clomid straight away, but prepare yourself for just in case. I only say that as I saw my consultant who said that's what they'd do, but I had to get it prescribed from my dr. I know it varies from area to area, I ended up taking it the month after my apt. I feel for you with the cycles, mine have just gone totally weird lately. I have no idea what's happening from month to month, so that's why we're contemplating starting ttc for nr 2 sooner rather than later. Would rather have two close together than risk not at all.

As for tests vs labour - tests everytime for me!! But then I had a rough labour and a huge 9lb baby that - let's say - left his mark!! No tests are ever nice, esp when they're as intrusive as they are, but as you say, just keep focussing on the end product and then it's all worth it.


09/10/2010 at 11:56

I only say risk not at all as every female in both my parents sides of my family have had hysterectomy's, with my Mum being in her early 30's - doesn't give me much time


09/10/2010 at 18:42


Eri-thats exciting for #2 but also scary i guess. Im glad you back on top of things and sorry you had a rough time, thats the thing i guess with hiding it all away. it will come get you at some point. Thanks for the support and yea i hope it is just a case of OV early or when he rings if pg still low he may just say come in and we do clomid which would be good, worst thing is he changes mind and i do have to have the tests, but i wait and see, roll on wednesday!!

Vicki-sounds like you had a good labour, which is lovely, well done you! it must be frustrating when you just want af to come so you can get on, and like you say you get appointments booked to be in time with cycle, then its sods law it messes up. ive been really like just by chance both hosp appointments have been the right time for bloods!! I didnt have the hysteoscopy in end yesterday as hes changed his mind and think it hormonal and been taking blood too late as my cycle is quite short and ive had 4 now and each time is different but the last time it gone up to 25 so he thinks i ov early like day 9 or 10 and have been missing the best time to bd. hes ringing me wednesday with latest bloods and if ok he not do much else and if low he may start clomid so gotta wait!

09/10/2010 at 23:40

ooo sorry ladies went on holiday

vicki your more than welcome to join us here!! how strange your af is going longer while mines shorter lol

wishing just read on ttc about your dr appointment!! reaaally hope u dont need the other tests done! sorry if this is been too nosey but how long do u bleed for?? hope it is just a case of you have been missing ovulation time and now knowing what u know u will fall asap!!!

hey eri will u be staying with us on this thread hehehe big kisses and thank u for your support hun

managed to get in the monday we went away for my 1-3 day bloods for LH and FSH levels not sure wen ill get the results probs at my next consultant appointment

well im getting a bit scared, hot flushes are becoming more frequent and adding to that lovely night sweats, and now my sex drive seems to be taking a hit!! not good wen ttcing, just havent felt like doing it these past 2 months! just doing it coz i want a baby soooooooooooo bad!! its offically been a year since we started ttcing for number 2!! cant believe how quick it has gone!! i really just want some answers at the moment!

will be going to see gp monday (if i can get an appointment) with regards to bp coz ive been suffing bad this week with headaches (main symptom i get with high bp) and i want to mention the hot flushing and night sweats! (have mentioned hot flushes to her before she didnt seem too worried)

cant wait to see consultant on the 9th nov - just hope i dont need any intrusive test doing (bad flash back of haemorriaging after leeland was born) so as long as no hands go up my moo moo it sud be fine lol

sorry babbling on love to u all and we will get there ladies xxxxx

11/10/2010 at 22:49


Glad you had good holiday, i totally forgot until you said. we got week off next month but not going anywhere atm.

The hot flushes etc sound horrid, def sounds like a hormonal prob tho. try make sure they take note of your symptons, at least hopefully at you november appointment youl get a better chance to go into things more detailed.

well i bleed for prob 5 days but have bout 3 days of spotting before, this what the doctor say is hard to tell when my period actually starts and the spottng is only thing that worried him. Thing that worries me is the tugging pain in ovary but he didnt seem to bothered! hes not suggested a day 3 blood for me? thought maybe he would?im looking to wednesday to hear what he say. like you said lets just hope we dont have to have intrusive tests, ive got away with it by the hairs on my chinny chin atm!

has it really been a year? it has gone quick!! i was thinking although it been nearly 2.5 years for us it gone fast ina way, weird isnt it?!!

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