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So Jealous!

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22/10/2005 at 22:49
Oh Scribbler you lucky thing!
Scans every week!
I wish I had been able to watch Jake develope like this.

Oh it's made me cry and everything!
We had one scan, at 24 weeks - when we found out- and Luke wasn't even there to see him.

I am super super jealous!
You will treasure these pictures Scribbler, I would!

I think I am over-compensating now though; I am completely snap-happy with Jake!
The age of digital photography and PC's is wonderful!
Also, Jake's first 3 initials spell " jpg " !!

24/10/2005 at 14:03
Thanks MG, I do feel very, very lucky. :-)

It's nice to be able to share the pics too like you have done with your scan. I hope the ultrasound gallery grows really big so that future mums will eventually be able to see what a scan would look like at every week of pregnancy - now that would be good!

I won't have a scan for another month now, but I know a lot of mums only get one or two in their whole pregnancy so managing a 6-week gap is nothing.

Digi cams are so great aren't they? I dread to think what I'll be like after this little one is born.

you have so many lovely shots of Jake on the site, how did the competition entry go by the way, have you heard yet?
24/10/2005 at 17:58
Unfortunately the local rag (MK Citizen) squashed Jake's entry picture horribly out of proportion, so he looked like some sort of hideous garden gnome.
So he didn't make the finalists...!
But there's always next year! And the year after!

How often will you have them now?
And 6 weeks will fly by!
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3 messages
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