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april 08 babies

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06/08/2007 at 16:14
Hi Every one, just found out on saturday that im pregant think im only a few days so got a while to go yet hehe. Im only 20 so probably need some support, but i know i will get it. Im 21 in October which im looking forward too.
Im bit scared to tell my work though bit scared too know reactions!
Hope every one is ok xxxxxxxxx
06/08/2007 at 16:14
Hi Every one, just found out on saturday that im pregant think im only a few days so got a while to go yet hehe. Im only 20 so probably need some support, but i know i will get it. Im 21 in October which im looking forward too.
Im bit scared to tell my work though bit scared too know reactions!
Hope every one is ok xxxxxxxxx
06/08/2007 at 17:33
Hi All!
Thanks for the nice welcome & thanks for the info Nicole - you have put my mind at ease! Hope you are all feeling as ok anyway & you with little ones already get a decent sleep tonight!
Welcome Jodie - congratulations! That's fantastic news! Sure you will be a teriffic mum & I dont think what ever age you are really you can do it totally alone - everyone needs support thats what these pages are for I suppose & friends & family!
Look after yourselves & your bumps all you lovely ladies.
06/08/2007 at 18:50
Hey guys.

Welcome Jodie, nice to meet you. You are going to be just fine. And we are all here for you to have moan when you need to. Here to share the bad times and the good.

Thankgoodness I am finished work. It was a long day. Sickness finally went by lunch time although now I am starting to feeling a little dodgy again. Morning sickness is wierd for me, it just comes in waves. Boobs not to sore today at all, which is great. I totally had a pregnant head on me today. Was calling people by their wrong names. I also kept going to get something for someone on a till and giving it to a different till. Dozy or what, lol. Couldn't think of anything for tea, all that I fancied for cheesecake and crisps. Had to give in and have it. Alex said...glad to see you are giving my baby a healthy diet, lol. Well if you can't eat rubbish when you are pregnant, when can you,lol!

In work at 6.30am tomorrow, what a thought. Will have to have an early night.

What's everyone been up to today? The rain didn't let up at all today, still wet out there. We are not having a summer at all.

Am not to sure about flying...I always thought you couldn't fly after you were a certain time. A work colleague is five month pregnant and I am sure she flew in June when she was three months. But then a friend at work's sister was pregnant, she miscarried and she had flown in early pregnancy. Guess it just depends on the person. To be honest I believe what will happen will happen. Best to get medical advice though on this one.

Hope you are all doing fine. Best go. Alex just asked if I was typing an essay. What can I say, I like to talk, lol.

Alison xx
06/08/2007 at 19:59
Hiya Jodie congratulations to you! Not sure if you know but say if you found out the day after your period was due you are 4wks because they count it from the first day of your last period. I hope you get lots of support at home and you certainly will on here. I was in the Feb 07 club and they are a great bunch of girls and we all still speak.

I know they say you shouldn't fly in the first 12wks or the last 8wks but i have no choice but to fly really I'm just worrying!

I'm actually wondering if i am pregnant lol with having no symptoms this time around. Doctor says I'm due around 1st April but I'm sure the scan will say different! They brought my date forward with Ellis but i think i will be due later this time around.

Hope everyone is well and not too sick!
06/08/2007 at 21:27
Nicole, I got myself sorted for MSN...don't know what my address is. You'll have to help me!!! Alisonx
07/08/2007 at 08:35
Thanks Sara for that, can you tell i'm new to this? haha. I do feel very scared but friends have told me i will feel scared im bound too. Lucky i got some older friends at work who support my descision as well, i think thats what i was most scared of people looking donw on me and talking behind my back. My boyfriend is very worried as well as he is worried about money side of things but i told him we got a supportive family behind us etc. I think that he thinks that his life is gone once the baby is on his/hers way. Also we have no where to live really, and house flat prices round here are ridiculous.

Jodie xxxx
Thanks every one
07/08/2007 at 11:11
Just a quick note to ask you all to send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Went to A&E at 7.30 last night due to v small bleed. Not miscarrying but going to do a scan this afternoon. There going to phone at lunchtime (what times that??!!??) to let me know what time to go in this pm for the scan. Doc wants to check it's not ectopic...he was a bit negative 'cos of my history saying, "don't get your hopes up" Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fingers and toes crossed
lol E
07/08/2007 at 11:13
Thinking of you Eowyn .. Im sure every thing will fine xxxxx
07/08/2007 at 12:42
Eowyn i will be thinking of you i do hope everything is OK.

Jodie my sister had a baby when she was 20 i think you wil be fine and personally i dont think 20 is that young. You will get loads of help still being at home ,my sister did too, i sometimes wish i was still at home lol.
07/08/2007 at 12:43
Oh i forgot to say Nicole your pic looks lovely and Kai is gorgeous.
07/08/2007 at 15:49
Hi Ladies,

I have just popped across from the "Due March 08" thread. and just wanted to wish you all, all the best with your pregnancies. I am 9wks and 1 day, and still strugglin with the sickness, but just wnated to encourage you all to really get to know each other on your forum, ours has been a lifeline to me over the last few weeks.

Anyway, take care ladies.


Sarah x ;o)

Eowyn - Hope everything is ok with you x x
07/08/2007 at 16:23
Hey guys.

Eowyn - thinking about you and sending you positive vibes. Big hugs.

Jodie - you will be OK. I don't think there is ever a RIGHT time to have a baby, there will be always something that makes you think not now. Alex and I don't have a lot a money behind us but neither did my folks and my mum was just 20 she had me and they managed. All that matters is the love you give you, the morals you teach it etc. Material things are as important as you make them. That's my take on it anyway.

I had a bad start to the day, driving to work I really thought I was going to be sick but it passed by lunch time. Starting to feel washed out now but think that is because I am tired.

Hope you are all well.
Take care....I need foooood!!! Plate of chips is what I am craving,lol

Alison xxx
07/08/2007 at 23:52
Hi all
Ewoyn all positive thoughts and prayers your way, everything will be fine xxxxxx
Hi jodie, i was 22 when i had Kai and my parents were a little worried but i have proved everybody wrng and we are all happy as larry. Of course you will worry about money but like Alison says its what you make of it.
Sara hows Ellis through the night now? Kai is being a nuisance at bedtime recently for some reason (prob me opening my big mouth!), has he got any teeth? Kai did not get any until 8 months, he now has 6 (4 top 2 bottom), he also started crawling the day he got his first tooth, which was also the day my home town got into the premiership (as you can imagine chris was estatic that day!)
Sarah C are you having any symptoms?
Sarah W thank you for your message, i wish i had the laptop when i was pregnant with Kai!
I was feeling very sick last night and this morning so could not bring myself to eat anything, luckily it subsided by tea time as i had cooked a big meal and it was fab!
Take care all
All fingers and toes crossed Ewoyn
Nicole, Kai and bump xxxx
08/08/2007 at 00:36
Hiya, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! First time ever had a happy scan, saw pregnancy sack and yoke in the right place (big smiles). It's not sunk in yet. Will have another scan in 2wks by which point they should be able to see baby and heart beat. Can't belive it just might be ok this time. We didn't get home from A&E until 12.40 on mon night. When we got out we found someone had slashed one of our tires!! Woke at 6am today and had a nerve racking time waiting for them to phone late morning with time for scan. By 12.30 no call so I thought blow this and phoned them. Well I'm glad I did 'cos the nurse said "oh it was at 11 this morning". Not impressed, no one had let me know. Luckily she was v. nice and sorted out a scan for 1.30. After the scan had to go up to the ward as they'd put me on open acess last night. Saw doc who said he didn't want to get my hopes up but it was looking good. Much nicer doc than at A&E. I'm so excited to have seen my blob, as hubby is calling it....I said, "Huh does this make me a blobby mummy?" to which he said, "oh yes". Mmmmmm the cheek! Congratulations Jodie. Sounds like you work with some relly supportive people. I think it's normal for blokes to start stressing out about money and all the responsibility. It'll probably just take a bit of time for it all to sink in for your boyfriend. Lovely pics of Kai and Ellis, so cute!!
I'm up at this time as I went to sleep when we got in and then woke up a bit ago.Thought I'd come on here and update you all and see how your all getting on. I'm seeing the midwife tommorow, or later today I should say, for my booking in app. It's so early just because of my history. Thanks everone so much for your support..Hope you are all sleeping well right now and I'll catch up with you all later.
lol a very hippy hoppy happy Eowyn
08/08/2007 at 07:27
Morning my pregnancy buddies.

That is absolutely fantastic Eowyn...........YEAH!!!!

Day off today, YIPEE. Sun is actually shining this morning. Going to take the dog out a nice walk then need to nip into town. Got so much to do in the house but can't get motivated. VERY VERY Hungry but don't know if I can face brekkie. Will see once I get changed.

Does anyone else's belly feel really hard? Just curious my feels all tender and hard, is it suppose to?

Hope you doing fine.
Catch up with you guys later.
Alison xx
08/08/2007 at 08:28
Morning all, Eowyn that is fantastic news!!

Ellis is now in his own room but still waking up around 4am, we have tried giving him water when he wakes instead of milk but he just doesnt settle or wakes up an hour later for milk. He has two teeth Nicole, i was shocked when he got them with him being quite young! They aren't all the way through so they could still be bugging him.

He has not long figured out how to roll over from his back to his front so nappy changing is a nightmare!

Alison i now fancy chips for my breakfast lol.

The sun is shining today here its lovely, shame i have too much to do to get out the house!
08/08/2007 at 11:00
Sorry Sara...didn't intend to make anyone fancy chips,lol!!

I just nipped through to Inverness to pick up a book for Alex and nipped in past the big tesco to get some food...bad idea. Shopping for food does not agree with me,lol. I was walking round the shop and kept thinking I am going to be sick. I just couldn't think what to pick up either. I just don't fancy anything today.Oh the joys of being pregnant. The only thing that grabs me is broccoli and I don't even like the stuff....what on earth is that all about?! LOL. Broccoli and cheese sauce I think. I can't believe I have gone of bananas. I used to have one religously every day at lunch time and now I can't bare to bring myself to eat on at all. Mad!

Think I am going to sit with Harry Potter. Bought it when it first came out but then I found out I was pregnant and got slightly distracted,lol. I can't get motivated to do anything in the house...hopefully after relaxing for a while i might gain some energy.

Sara, Nicole I really dont know how you two are managing being pregnant and looking after too wee ones. I admire you.

In fact I admire you all...being pregnant is hard work,lol.

Alison xx
08/08/2007 at 11:01
Hi all.
Fantastic news Ewoyn, your little bump is a fighter! Apparently its quite common to bleed in the first stages of pregnancy, my mum bled every month (like a proper period).
Sara i know what you mean about nappy changing, Kai is off as soon as you lie him on his back! have to chase him round the house! Ellis is gorgeous!
Thanks everyone for kind comments about Kai.
Alison the weather has been fab here since saturday, Kai was out in his paddling pool on tuesday he absolutely loved it.
We are going to take Kai to Twycross Zoo tomorrow as Chris has the day off, can't wait i havent been in years and Kai loves animals especially dogs!
Hope you are all feeling ok today.
Speak soon
Nicole, Kai and bump xxx
08/08/2007 at 11:04
Im quite liking skittles at the moment and they are on BOGOF at tescos!
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