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april 08 babies

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14/08/2007 at 22:12
Hi Miss Monkey and congratulations, i hope everything goes OK for you this time around.

Gosh i feel sick today! I also seem to get so so tired at around 4pm and just want to get into bed. Hubby is usually home by 5 so i can rest but he will be home late tomorrow and thursday so not sure how i'm going to cope!!

It was a great help having the in laws around today, they are so much more helpful than my own mother.

I have so given up with housework! My house has that funny smell again that no-one else can smell except me LOL i was like this when i was pregnant with Ellis, downstairs is worse for some reason, its odd cos i know my house doesnt stink! I even had to take out my plug in's cos the smell of them made me want to puke so bad.

Anyone else finding it hard just to swallow their folic acid?! They seem to taste gross and i nearly bring them back up.

My hubby is being so supportive and great this time around he can't do enough thank god. I think now he knows how hard it is and even harder with having Ellis, he's being a swine lately. I think he has got used to being held over the weekend ughhh.

Alison i feel quite mopey a lot but i just can't when Ellis wants 'happy mummy'! Quite hard to do first thing in the morning and as i said before at around 4pm. He so kindly did two dirst nappies today, i'm sure he did it on purpose lol. I still cant believe i'm going to do all this again so soon.

Anyhoo i'm off to bed and expecting to be woken up at 4am, Oh the joys!
15/08/2007 at 05:21
Good morning, Can't belive how many on here now.Takes quite awhile to read, especially as I've no been on for couple of days. Welcome back Georgena, glad you had a good hol. Sarah.C I've just had a letter confirming my 2nd scan next wed. They've asked me to drink 1-2 pints of fluid to be finished approx 1hr prior to app so not quite as bad as 2 litres. Bad enougth though if they run late...Yikes!!I got up at 3am to go to loo, then couldn't get back to sleep with worrying about EVERYTHING. Even stuff that I've no control over or isn't even anything to do with me (ie worrying about other peoples worries).Was driving self crazy so got up. Decided I was starving so had bowl of cornflakes but stillhungry! Anyone else feeling hungry in the middle of the night? It's worrying me as I'm really overweight...anyone els overweight? I know I can't diet but would like to eat as healthy as poss.
Miss Monkey, great to have you join us. Sorry to hear you miscarried in May. I miscarried (poss ectopic?) end of April so I know just how scary this is. I'm now 7 weeks and feel a bit excited at times but mainly feel a bit numb...think I'm protecting myself in case it all goes wrong. I'm looking foreward to my next scan and dreading it at the same time...finding it hard to think positively. I'm sure this must be normal though after previous preg losses. Feel free to talk through your worries on here everyone is very supportive.
Emma & Alison, I too have been feeling down this past couple of dys, I was really weepy last night. I hope your both feeling better. I have to admit it's good to know I'm not alone, must be all these hormones!! Great news about your MIL Nicole, that will be a help I'm sure. Sam, What work are you doing? Have you told your family your preg yet? Sarah H, Great another mum in her 30's-at last-I thought I was going to be the only one. I'm 33.Welcome Jenna as well. Wow so many people. You know what I could so easily just stay on here and write and's 5.15am so don't feel guilty that I should be doing something else9well apart from sleeping!!!). However you poor dears would have to read it all and I think I've given you pleanty to be going on with what with the busy lives you all lead. So I hope that you've all had a good night sleep and have a sick free day today!!!
a sleepy goodbye from Eowyn
15/08/2007 at 09:33
Thanks all, Eowyn i know exactly what you mean about the numb feeling but i do get more excited by the day...just get me to the first scan and i think i will feel better. Not sure about anyone else but sometimes-despite the constant nausea and sore boobs i think i have imagined it all!I work in a school and at the mo am off for the hols so must have too much time on my hands to think.I worry constantly.
Is anyone else finding that things just dont taste right? dont seem able to eat the same sized portions either. wow i feel sick!!!
15/08/2007 at 09:48
Morning ladies!

I've had a strange morning already. Woke up this morning and I just didn't 'feel' pregnant. Took the dog out a walk etc and came back and thought I would make a start on the ironing. You know what it is like when you are ironing you have too much time to think and I was very much like maybe I am no longer prengnat because i haven't felt sick and my boobs don't feel as sore. Then like right on cue I started to feel like I was actually going to be sick and my boobs actually feel heavy etc now. I totally feel like this is all in my head, that occassionally I am feeling sick just because I think I pregnant not because I actually am etc. So I totally know what you mean miss monkey. I am actually tempted to go out and buy a pregnancy test again, how crazy is that!

Changed my booking appointment with midwife from the 29th Aug to the 23rd. Just felt that waiting till I was 9 1/2 weeks would just drive me insane so thought I would get it a week earlier.

Eowyn I am exactly the same, I am absolutely starving in the middle of night too. I used to be a three meal a day person but now I could happily eat something mid morning and mid afternoon.

Sara - housework...what is that? I seem to a forgotton. My house feels a complete mess but I just don't have the motivation to it. Or I will start then I feel so tired and sick that I stop and don't go back to it. But I must do lots today. I have done the ironing (which i just hate doing) so just going to do little bits throughout the day. I can totally smell the house too. I am convinced someone is going to walk in and say this house stinks,lol!

Starting to feel extremely hungry so going to go to the shops for food. This is when I start to feel really sick. It is horrible because I am sick because I starving and yet I feel to sick to eat!

Right gotta go have some food.

Take care, Speak soon
Alison xx
15/08/2007 at 14:45
Hello everyone

miraculously I think I feel a bit better today. HAd a good 10 hours sleep last night and ate a rich tea biscuit before I got out of bed.
Then made sure I had breakfast before we went to toddler session at wacky warehouse.
Met some friends and it was so hard not to say anything about expecting again. One friend has 4 weeks to go with her first and the other has managed to persuade her OH to have snip! I was like well we said 3, then my OH is going for snip too. My preg friend said ooh have one soon, then mine will be same age.
I feel like i'm lying to them, i just said yeh.

When do you plan on telling friends and family?

I bought some ginger bisc's yesterday and keep nibbling them all day to keep the sickness at bay. I've got craving's for oranges (which I had with my son)at least I suppose that's healthy enough. I seem to have gone off everything else. OH made a bacon sandwich yesterday, I could have thrown up with the smell so I know how evry one feels.

Alison have you tried eating before you feel hungry hopefully it helps. I just keep snacking throuhgout the day.
Sara I've started taking pronatel suppliment which includes folic acid and i take it before bed so that if it makes me feel queasy i'm less aware of it. However if you're having trouble swallowing don't buy these. I think there should be a label on the packet telling you the actual size. These are huge! Easily as big as the word "however" is on here!
Eowyn try not worry about the weight, i think i've put weight on this last month too. I'm usually a 14 bottom but these are pinching and it got to be my fault as it's too early for LO to make a difference.I think women have enough to worry about in making a healthy baby for 9 months, never mind weight watching too.
My boobs are also very heavy and normal bras feel tight. This wouldn't matter but I'm top haevy to start with, I don't want any more!
Anyway trying to make the most of feeling normal and attempting to get the house back on track.
hope everyone has a good day

15/08/2007 at 15:20
Hi all
Alison and Emma- I too am a size 14 and heavy on top I have got the same problem with my clothes and my bra dont know what to do about it as I am finding it hard what to wear everyday.I did one better I did another pregnancy test as I still dont believe its true.
Miss Monkey- welcome aboard you will find everyone is lovely on this site and I dont feel like I am going crazy or imagining all these symptoms. Really sorry to here about your bad experience I have got my fingers crossed and pray for all of us hoping that we will have healthy pregnacies and no complications.
Eowyn- Once I am up at night I too am worrying about stuff out of my control I think I am worrying more than normal as i am a worrier it most probably is our hormones.
Hope you are all well and not to sick today!

Sev X and bump
15/08/2007 at 15:32
Hey guys.

Just done some more cleaning and am knackered. Enough is enough for one day.
My clothes are starting to feel tight.. going to miss my size 10 jeans,lol. I feel as though I have put on weight though just round my belly. It is strange because I have always worried about my weight and all of the sudden I really don't care about what size I am.

Emma, I just feel like I am constantly eating. But maybe that is because I wasn't a big eater before and now it just feels like a lot to me.

I really don't feel too bad today. Symptoms are there but they are no where near as strong as they normally are. I did another pregnancy test today, because I totally didn't believe I was. But there is no question about it. I used the make that I had used before, the one which didnt' come up positive when all the others did when I first missed my period. And straight away this morning, the test came up positive. No waiting or nothing. I guess that is a good sign as it means the HCG levels or whatever they are have increased.

Going to go out of tea with my folks and hubby. Can't wait, I am starving all ready despite having a pizza bagel for my lunch from Asda (which I have to admit was different but nice).

Hope you are all doing well today.
Alison xx
15/08/2007 at 20:00
Thanks Eowyn I think I can manage a pint or two. Much better! How is everyone anyway?
Does anyone else have really achy boobs? Mine are enormous already! I was already a D cup now my boobs are spilling out my bra! Think I better go & get a new bra at the weekend. Cripes! Anyone else got plans to go & get maternity wear soon?
15/08/2007 at 20:02
Anyone else suffering from lower back pain? I have been having it on and off for weeks and tonight it is bad. I've had a few aches and pains today and it is worrying me. Any advice?
Alison xx
16/08/2007 at 03:57
It's 3.46 in the morning...this is ridiculace.I'm driving myself mad. Im waking in the night worrying about work I've got to do for courses I'm doing, then I'm too tired the next day to get the work done and then I wake up in the night worrying, then too tired to get work done, then I wake....get the picture? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It's not a case of saying it doesn't matter either about the work, I do actually have to get on with it. I am so stressed and when I'm not worrying about that I'm just as stressed about money. I'm just hoping that after scan next week I'll settle a bit. I know some of it is stress about baby and it's just coming out sideways. It's just the stress stops me working so I get more stressed. I know if I got some work done and some sleep I would feel better. Vicious circle or what?
Sorry to rant ladies....has helped though. I've had a bowl of cereal, a cuppa tea and a rant so I'm going to see if I can get back to sleep. Oh before I go, yes Alison I've had bad lower back ache on and off throughout. I'm still getting crampy pains at times too although this a lot better now. Still getting ligament pains too. Think it's normal so try to relax. Says me!?!!!! LOL
goodnight Eowyn
16/08/2007 at 07:45
Cheers Eowyn. I hadn't had it for a while then I did yesterday so it worried me. Think it was perhaps because physically pushed myself far to far cleaning, I was on my hands and knees hoovering stairs etc, changing bed covers. I have woken up this morning bursting for a pee, starving as per usual but feeling queasy, yuk.

Don't think I will do much this morning as I am working in the afternoon so don't want to knacker myself.

Hope you get some sleep some time soon, Eowyn. I don't know what to suggest. I know what it is like when to worry. This first week I found out I was pregnant I didn't sleep a wink but I have relaxed a little now. My worries just come out as dreams.

How is everyone else?

Hope you are fine. Away to get changed then have some breakfast.
Sugar, just realised I forgot to take my folic acid yesterday...ooops. Will one day make a difference!!!
Alison xx
16/08/2007 at 08:57
Just been sick,yuk. Feel a complete mess this morning. I dont know if it is the tablets for the folic acid. I don't think it is though because I have been taken them for three weeks and I have felt sick but I have never actually thrown up properly before. Oh the joys.
Alison xx
16/08/2007 at 09:42
Morning All

Sorry you're feeling so rubbish Alison, hope I didn't offend you yesterday when I said keep snacking, if I did I didn't mean to.
If it helps it's a bad morning for me too. I feel very dizzy and have thrown up again. The only time I feel normal is when I'm in bed.
Looks like it's going to be a case of good day then bad day.

I've had some back pain too but I think you're right it's from overdoing it but I'm sure if I remember from last time it's to do with your ligaments relaxing and gearing up for growing a baby.

We went out for a meal with IL's last night. My OH got round to talking about dentist pain and needles etc. I was like, yes dentists are horrible but if men had to have babies there wouldn't be any!

I rang the dr's yesterday to sort booking appt and midwifes secretary said she's on holiday but they'd ring me back with a time and date. It's usually between 8 and 10 wks though she said.

Going to have a bath and try to feel more normal
See you later
16/08/2007 at 09:53
Course you didn't offend me yesterday, Emma. I am open to any advice.

Men have no idea how lucky they are. They will never realise that though will they!

Normal what is normal, Emma!!!! I think I have forgotton,lol.

Know it is early day but I couldn't help looking at baby names on the internet this morning. It is all so exciting.

Alison x
16/08/2007 at 10:03
Morning folks
Hope all are well today! I am feeling worse as the days go by sometimes I wish I would just be sick sometimes rather than feeling it. On the weekend I went to hospital with a suspected ear infection but turned out to be congested and my nose to do with bad hayfever. Which hasnt got no better as I cant have ear drops to make them better been using olive oil with cotton wool. I just wished I could have a few days rest but I am short staffed at work and had double my workload which is wearing me out even more.
I also have been considering buying maternity wear as nothing is feeling comfortable. But feel a bit sceptical buying them before my 3 months have gone by. My boobs are the sorest they could ever feel they drive me mad I cant even hug anyone. Dont laugh at me I am not sure how maternity clothes work are you meant to buy your normal size you wear and the clothes stretch throughout your pregnancy. I definately need a bra though.

Sev x
16/08/2007 at 10:13
I just a wee look on the internet. I think some of the clothes are designed with buttons etc that you can move for example throughout your pregnancy.

You need to feel comfortable sev so I wouldn't worry about buying maternity clothes if you feel you need them.

How I see it is no matter what you do fate is already decided for you. What will be will be.

16/08/2007 at 10:38
Morning ladies hope you are all well!

Boy do i feel sick now ughhh. I seem to be constantly hungry too, i've turned into a cow; grazing all day. I'm taking pregnacare and those tablets are huge! They taste horrid too yack. I take them with my main meal so about tea time.

My sickness always got worse at night time with Ellis and it looks like its going to be the same this time. I think it is worse not being sick because at least if you are sick you feel better for a little bit afterwards.

Alison i was always tempted to do another test! I bought a doppler last time that is supposed to work from 10-12wks so i will be trying that out, i only used it from 16wks last time. Its worse when the sickness stops and the sore boobs vanish then you really worry but its just normal.

Emma 10 hours sleep?? What is that?!! LOL I've told my mum and sister and my two best friends and we have told the in laws and hubbys brother and new wife. I'm more paranoid that something will happen this time so i'm waiting til ive had my scan. Everyone knew when i was 6 or 7 weeks last time. My sister craved oranges. I craved bacon and beef and nice greasy chips yummy.

Well i'm already 10lbs heavier because i never lost it all from having Ellis, i'm just not worrying about it now. I was always a 10-12 now i'm a 14 sometimes a 16 for my boobs. Think i'm now classed as overweight for my age and height.

Ladies save the cleaning for the 'nesting' period LOL. I've totally given up and i used to be a cleaning freak until Ellis arrived!

Sev you buy your normal size, i found maternity wear to be quite generous on the sizing too. Ebay is great for maternity bras, they have good shops on there. All the bras in the shops are a bit 'granny'.
16/08/2007 at 10:47
I'm not going to look at maternity clothes yet but might have to get a couple of bottoms a size bigger.
I tried three different bottoms on last night til I found one that wasn't too tight. But you're right about bras sev, i'm going to have to look soon.

My old maternity clothes are in my normal size and then it expands to fit your bump. However these are designed for later like around 20 weeks plus so might be be too big yet.
I think Mothercare do early maternity clothes that might be worth a look though.

Men know nothing. My OH is as thrilled as I am that we're having another yet when I want to talk about it, the enthusiasm is not there. I don't think it hits him until he's seen that first scan or feels it move.
Apart from the feeling like poo and sickness I love being pregnant is soooo exciting!!!!
16/08/2007 at 10:52
Hi Ladies

Thanks for all your advice I think I am gonna have to get some maternity wear and definately a bra as I feel uncomfortable. My sickness is morning and night and I havent been sick yet but almost there the days are getting worse I wish it would just come out I am not trying to false it up excuse the graphic details. This baby is really trying to tell me he/she is really there and that he/she wants some attention already. Crikey wish that the littles ones would understand that morning sickness is torture. God help me in the next 5 weeks. How far gone do you all think you are I am guessing 7 weeks for me!

Sev x
16/08/2007 at 11:00
Morning ladies!

I am so glad someone bought up the maternity wear question, i have been wondering about that myself. Do you think that since this is my first (fingers crossed) that it will take longer to show? i want to have a bump and not just look fat!! Dont really think im having any cravings yet. Continue to feel sick although not actually thrown up yet, not sure which i would prefer.
Sara i used exactly the same description of myself yesterday- like a cow grazing!! lol
I had a quick look on ebay yesterday at maternity clothes, think i will hang on for a while though.
So ladies what are your due dates? midwife worked mine out to 3rd april, knowing my luck will end up with an april fool, though it will be loved no matter what.
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