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april 08 babies

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29/07/2007 at 23:56
Hi all ive just found out that i'm 4 weeks pregnant, was a shock as i have a lil boy (Kai) who was born on 13/09/2006! I just hope I will be able to cope with 2 babies!
My partner would like another boy but i would like a little girl this time.
I had forgotten how slow pregnancy goes! Yet 10 months have flown by with Kai!
I have already told some family members as i cannot keep a secret!
Unfortunately I ahve given away all of my newborn stuff so will have to buy more!
But this time will need a double pushchair!
My family and partners family think we are mad!
Are there any april 08 mums 2 be out there? I know its early days but it would be nice to find someone on or around the same date (2/04/08 hope its not april fools day!)
bye for now xxx
30/07/2007 at 06:27
Hey, my name is Alison, I am 25 and am due around the same time as you. Found out I was pregnant Tuesday last week, did two tests, then another two on wed and another on Thurs and still don't believe it. I ame off the pill three months ago and my husband and I said we wouldn't got out our way to try but we would let nature take its course...we only got married in March 07! It happened a lot quicker than we thought. Up until yest I was feeling pretty nauseas but don't seem to mad now (famous last words,huh?). Now I just got very sore, heavy boobs. What sort of symptoms have you got Nicole?
I am feeling pretty scared as I have no idea what to expect from pregnancy, scared something going to go wrong...will be so much happier when I am about 12weeks. My first appointment with midwife is 29th seems like ages away.
I couldn't keep it a secret either Nicole... told three close friends and family...they are all estatic!
I have been on holiday for past week so back to work tomorrow..going to be hard keeping it from everyone. Will actually be glad to get back to work to make time go faster.
So, Nicole you got any advice from me since you are more experienced than me?
Looking forward to getting to know you....lets have a happy pregnancy.
30/07/2007 at 10:17
Hi Alison nice to meet you.
I am 23 so roughly around the same age!
This morning i woke up and felt really sick but luckily havent been sick, im getting a few cramps in my stomach just like i did with Kai which is normal apparently.
The first 12 weeks of pregnancy go so slow, I was working during my last pregnancy but this time im a housewife so will be very different.
Hopefully we will both have a scan around the 10 week mark (classed as a dating scan) to check dates are correct and you get to see 'bump' for the first time! Its so amazing.
I suggest that if you feel tired take a nap where possible as it really takes it out of you, men forget you have a life growing inside you.
If you have morning sickness at all try gingernut biscuits they work a treat or arrowroot biscuits.
I found that if i had a cup of tea i would most definitely be sick.
You will feel so many different things over the next 9 months which are really hard to describe to people unless they have had children.
Try and involve your partner in everything as they feel left out, tell them every twinge, how you are feeling and they will definitely wait on you hand and foot! (most of the time anyway!)
Icant believe im doing it again!
When I had Kai i said i would never have another (had a bad birth experience) and now look at me! Must be mad!
Speak soon
Nicole xx
30/07/2007 at 11:14

Hope you doing OK today. My husband, Alex, just made himself BBQ beans on toast and boy do they smell!!!! Going bowling with guys from work tonight...thankfully I'll have a car so I've an excuse not to drive!

I've been having cramps on and off too...glad they say that it is normal. I actually don't feel to bad today at all. Just can't believe how hungry I keep getting though.

My best friend is a trainee handy is that? Think she will start to get seriously annoyed at me by the end because I am already asking her loads of questions. Guess it is because I just don't what to expect. I think I just need to keep my mind occupied and stop thinking!!!

Anyway, so glad I have someone to share the next eight or so months with... we will keep each other going.

Nice to meet you, speak soon.
Alison xx
30/07/2007 at 16:07
Had my doctor appointment today, my first midwife appointment is on the 7th of september (6 days before Kais birthday!)
Apparently i am 5 weeks (although i know we conceived on 13th july, friday the 13th!)
Wish i had a trainee midwife as a friend!
I was looking to hire a private midwife but they cost £3000.00!
Whereabouts do you live? I'm in Derby.
I bet you are so excited i know i am.
Unfortunately i dont drive which im sure will be a nightmare soon.
Im going to have to get a double pushchair and ive only recently bought a Quinny for Kai (gutted cos i love it!)
Me and Kai went to the park earlier as its been such a nice day.
Im sure Kai will be walking soon hes into absolutely everything, im certainly going to have my hands full!
Do you have msn?
Id better start tea before chris comes home!
Bye for now
take care
nicole , kai and bump xx
30/07/2007 at 17:07
Hey Nicole,
Alex just came home and gave me a dozen red roses that he'd bought from a florist. Don't know what I did to deserve it (well besides being pregnant with his baby, lol!).

Yeah I am five weeks too. I think it is bizzare how they work it out isn't it?

7th Sept seems ages away...goodness...we will be like ten weeks by then!!!

I live in Scotland, between Aberdeen and Inverness.

Yeah, I am excited but I so scared something will go wrong in next few weeks.

Went to a town near by and was in a really smelly place so that set off the nausea, great stuff. Really knackered but got find some energy from somewhere for bowling later on...I totally suck at bowling though.

Sorry to ask you such a wierd question but when with Kai did you start to pee a lot, just I've not had that symptom yet.

Am not set up on msn but will look into it and let you know when I am.

Take care,
Alison x
30/07/2007 at 21:01
Hi Alison
aww bless him! Chris bought me some flowers on saturday, aren't they sweet!
Good luck with bowling! Im absolutely rubbish, have to have the sides up! My 8 year old brother can beat me!
The peeing thing was straight away with Kai and it seems so with this baby, feel like a tap!
Unfortunately you will worry but everything will be fine.
My last pregnancy i hardly had energy at all but was working long hours so that didn't help, i feel more relaxed this pregnancy although im having backache (prob carrying Kai hes quite heavy)
Kai was quite a small baby 6lbs 11.5oz and im hoping this baby will be.
7th sept seems ages away but with Kai to keep me occupied im sure it will go quick then 6 days later its his birthday, cant believe hes nearly 1, it goes so fast!
think im going to jump in the shower now
take care
nicole, kai and bump xx
31/07/2007 at 07:00
Hi Nicole.

Had a great time bowling, was such a laugh. I am rubbish too but we all where so it didn't really matter! We played three games and my back was killing me plus the place was roasting so it was making me feel sick, lovely! Knackered this morning though. I keep waking up so early and it is really getting to me. Got a workshop today (I am training to be a manager at Tesco...timed this baby perfectly,huh?) but not a 100% were it is or what time it is so will have to go in early to my own store to find out.
I am hoping that now I am back to work time will just fly.
Going to go for a long shower before I face the world of tesco again!
Take care,
Alison xxx
02/08/2007 at 20:15
Hi Alison,
Sorry not been in touch not had chance to get to my laptop!
Are you going to find out the sex of your baby at your 20 week scan? I did with kai and am going to with this one. I would like a girl this time round but i suppose you get what your given! as long as its healthy is all that matters.
Chris has a nickname for the baby already EGGHEAD! if you think thats bad he called kai poo poo head! He calls him buboo now though!
How was work?
Think me and kai are going swimming tomorrow, he absolutely loves it.
Im going to go and have a nice long shower now!
Take care
speak soon
nicole, kai and bump xxx
03/08/2007 at 07:16
Hey Nicole,

How are things with you?
Work is going just fine..quite a few people no now...I really am not good at secrets!!! Nevermind. If something does happen then it will happen regardless of who knows and I would rather have the support around me if it did.
No I dont want to know what I am having. I am not sure about what Alex wants though. I just want to keep it as a surprise but I may change my mind nearer the time
Working 9 to 6 today. So tired but have to keep going,lol! I didn't feel to bad yesterday, the odd wave of nausea but that was about it and a headache (I am forever getting headaches).
Best go for a long shower to wake myself up.
My uniform is not comfy at the moment...I feel SOOOOO bloated even though I am drinking heaps.
Do you know it is so wierd having period type symtoms but with no period?
Anyway, speak soon, take care.
Alison xx
03/08/2007 at 10:09
Hello nicole and Alison,
Thought I'd write on one of the boards and say hi and was delighted to find other mums due in April. I'm due april fools day!! I had an ectopic 4 yrs ago and had a tube removed. We've been trying to get preg since,I had a micarriage (6wks) last Christmas and then I had another miscarriage or poss ectopic,they weren't sure, at easter (bled wk 6 and lost begining of wk7).
I am 5 wks4 days today. I've been to see GP he's going to try hard to get me an early scan (Probwk7/8). But he says there dead funny and may refuse. They say if I was having ectopic I'd have a bleed as the first sign. He's said just to go to A&E if I have a bleed and I'd def get a scan then. Been getting period cramps and bad nagging pain in right groin but he checked this and doesn't think it's a sign of ectopic he said it'd be a lot worse when he pressed my tummy. Maybe ligaments stretching or corpus lutum thingy. Also have PCOS so might be a cyst causing pain. Sorry so long will keep messages shorter in future. We're going away this weekend but I'll be back on mon. Congratulations to you both and I look foreward to chatting with you both. Ohhh I'm so excited and terriied at the same time. lol Eowyn
03/08/2007 at 16:55
Hiya, Nicole, Alison and Eowyn,

I'm George (Georgena,but only to my mum), 27 in Sep annd living with my OH. We got Engaged at Christmas then he went to Iraq for 6 months.

He's only been back 1 month and I found out I was PG on the 4 days ago a bit of a shock as I only came off the injection in Feb!!

I blame the hormones but I started chatting to people on another forum but just realised that their bumps are due in March ( thought it was strange they were all around 9 weeks!!!!)

I did the calender thing yesterday and I am due on 6th April 08 which is OH brothers birthday (spooky).

Alison - I have an 8 year old brother too, mum decided to have him a little late, he's great though.According to the calender I conceived a day after you on the 14th!!!!!

I know what you mean about the cramps , I feel like I am havin the worst period pains but nothing to show got a little worried at first but apparently its normal.

I felt really sick yesterday ( working a 12 hour shift - felt shitty!!) but Twinnings Lemon and Ginger drink really worked and Im not really a fruit tea drinker.

Anyway sorry for babbling on, really will make them shorter next time - promise! Good luck everyone

George and squidge ( Other half's name for the bump)
03/08/2007 at 18:27
Welcome George and squidge
Cute name for ya little bump. Are you about 5 weeks then? I've felt a bit sick in the evenings but nothing too bad..yet. We are not going away this weekend after all. I'm really tired this evening. Hope your all Ok.
03/08/2007 at 18:58
Hi everyone,

Eowyn, Hope your not overdoing it, lot's of rest specially in the first 12 weeks. (im any excuse to rest!)

When you count how many weeks you are do you count it from when you conceived or from the first day of your last period - i'm a little confused - if it is the latter then I am 5 weeks if not then only 3??

G x x
03/08/2007 at 19:16
Probably wont be on till next fri as going on holiday with OHs family.

Will have to tell them cos they will be wondering why I am not drinking!!!

Hope you all feeling well

See ya

George x x x
03/08/2007 at 19:19
Hey everyone!

Nice to meet you George and Eowyn. Nicole and I wil be happy to have some other peeps join us.

Georgena you take it from the first day of your last period. I am now 5weeks and 5days.

Had an odd day at work. I had a bowl of start at 8am then by 10am I was absolutely starving again but couldn't have anything to eat till 1pm. I felt so dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. Lower back giving me problems today and sore boobs (again!). Oh the joys!!!

You've been through a lot haven't you Eowyn, am so sorry. But I have got all my fingers and toes crossed for you this time. This time will be totally deserve it. Feel free to write as much as you want. We are all here for each other, if things are tough or you want to have moan then I am happy to listen. Sorry if this is a personal question but I am really scared I wont know if there is something wrong, that I wont know if they baby has died....Eowyn can you tell me do you just know?

Working at 6.30am tomorrow...not quit sure how I am going to handle that one but atleast it means I'll be finished by 3.30pm. Planning on going to Pizza Hut and then cinema (and try not fall asleep,lol).

Hope you are all fine. Hugs,
Alison xx
04/08/2007 at 09:56
Hiya Alison, 4yrs ago when preg I had v. little bleed in week6 which stopped then at end of week I woke in night felt clammy, sick, vv bad pains in bottom & I felt so ill I knew at this point something v was ectopic. At Christmas wk6 I had a watery bleed went to A&E they did preg test v faint line and hcg (blood test) only 50. I didn't know it had died until I got these results. At Easter had a brown bleed on a monday. A&E did a scan, no baby in uterus. Small blob near ovary which could have been baby or a little pool of blood. They suspected an ectopic but also could have been too soon for them to see anything on scan.Every 48hrs had blood test to measure hcg which kept going up but not doubling so we knew it was a failing preg even if in womb. Felt preg until the following sunday when I suddenly just didn't feel preg anymore all the aching had stopped,the blood test result the following day showed hcg had dropped a lot. That's the only time I've known baby had died.
If it's going to go wrong then it is whether you are positive or negative. It doesn't make it easier coping with the loss just because you've not allowed yourself to be excited. So, I'm trying to enjoy this time...will be glad to get through this next week (6wks on mon). I'm worrying about having a missed miscarriage too, but I'm trying to not dwell on it. Will be Sooooooooooo glad to get a scan, whenever that's going to be???!!
04/08/2007 at 16:07
Hey guys.

You must be a strong person, Eowyn

Guess we all just got to be positive. What will be will be and we will be there for each other,good and bad

So far I have had a good day today, just a little faint and now my boobs are a little sore but besides that wouldn't know I am pregnant. I am an A cup and I don't think I have ever felt as though I have boobs....but now I do, its great!!!!

Soz for the gross question but I've got increased vaginal discharge not like normal (not bloodly or anything) and I was just wondering if you guys are experiencing the same thing or know if it is normal.

Going out to cinema and pizza hut with friends tonight, one of which is a trainee midwife, whose going to give the book you get a first appointment so will let you know hints and tips asap.

Best get ready.
Hope you are all okay,
Take care
Alson xx
04/08/2007 at 21:04
Hi Eowyn and George nice to meet you both, hi Alison.
Sorry i havent been on laptop for a couple of days we have been really busy and I cant really put the laptop on when Kai is about because he has pulled the keys off 3 times! (chris says if he does it again hes taking the laptop away, yeh right!)
Sorry to hear your heartache Eowyn but i do believe what you say, just keep positive and everything will be fine.
I have a sister called Georgina who we call george she is 18 tomorrow.
My youngest sibling is 5 as my parents both remarried and had more children (so i hve 3 bros 3 sis!) very expensive at christmas!
I feel so big as i have a bump already! Apparently its cos my belly is still stretched from Kai cos it takes a year for your body to get back to normal, so i think im going to be massive by week 39!
I had Kai at week 39 and 5 days. But ive a funny feeling this one is going to be late, im predicting the 8th of april (my dads bday), i was right with kai.
Alison the discharge is normal, during pregnancy you produce more for some strange reason!
I just feel tired all the time (prob cos running round after kai all day)
Tomorrow im just going to try and have a relaxing day.
Take care all
speak soon
Nicole, kai and bump xx
p.s soz 4 rabbetin on!
04/08/2007 at 21:28
Hi ladies. I'm not quite sure when i'm due as i dont know when my last period was but i know i will be due april sometime. A bit of a shock seen as my little boy (Ellis) was only born 18th Feb this year! So Nicole i completly understand your worries of having two babies! Baby wasnt planned but both me and hubby are pleased about it.

I'm 25 and this will be my second baby, i dont have any symptoms yet i just feel tired a lot but that could be looking after a 6mth old who is teething! He got his first two teeth last week bless him.

I have a doctors appointment on monday, not that theres much point they dont do anything! I'm still forgetting i'm pregnant and cant quite believe it!

Eowyn i really hope things go OK for you this time.
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