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autumn/winter babies of 2008/2009

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18/09/2009 at 22:40


i was on both the due dec 08 and due jan 09 threads and they both seem quiet at the mo. so decided to create a thread for all those whose babies are between 6 and 12 months at the mo. will be great to catch up with some old faces and nice to meet new faces too. 

so to introduce myself to anyone i havn't met before i am natty, 27 and mother of molly 3 and chloe who is 8 months and was born 30 dec 2008. she was due 31st dec so i was almost ontime, but ironically she decided to be born on her nannies birthday insted!. a normal delivery, in labour for about 14 hrs but stay at home for most of it, making it to the hospital intime for my waters to break and start pushing!!

chloe is now crawling and getting everywhere. she has started to eat like a pig and is now a whopping 19lb 4oz (8 weeks ago she was only 15lb 3!!!) i am currently back at work which is hard with 2 but its been ok.

would love to hear from others xxx

19/09/2009 at 20:48

Hi Ya

What a great idea  

Im Susan from Nov 08, im 29 and hit the big 30 in Oct, my son Ryan was born on the 25th Nov he was 2 weeks over due  so i was induced and i had a very long labour of nearly 100 hrs not something i would wish on anyone but he was worth it. His nearly 10months and crawling, walking up and down the sofa and has took a few odd steps to get to me on his own b4 he falls. Im hoping to get him weighed on tues to see what he is now. Im a stay at home mum, i was a special needs teaching assistnat b4 i had my son. I thinks thats about it ummmm oh im also have dyselixa (sp) so my spelling is crap lol

I look forward to chatting to everyone who joins the thread.

NATTY - thank u for starting this thread.


19/09/2009 at 23:14

YAY!! a new member.

hi susan nice to meet you although i think i saw you a few times on the due nov thread when i was lurking waiting patiently for my turn! 

wow 100hrs! thats amazing. def not something i would like to go through. was it very stop start or was it intense for a lot of that time? i bet you were knackered by the end. i hope you stayed in hospital for a day or two to rest and regroup?

ryan looks adorable on his pic. and he seems to be doing really well. taking steps already is fab for his age. chloe is able to stand leaning against things and is just getting interested in pulling herself up. but is yet to actually do it!!!

well it is lovely to have a new thread so we can chat. alot of the threads i have been on recently have gone quiet (guess not everyone has the time i have to come online with a new baby!!!) i will try to post some pics of my girls and will speak again soon. xxx

19/09/2009 at 23:38
so this is chloe when she was first born just an hour old! she looks frightful cos she popped out rather fast and the m/w stuck her finger in her eye and she has lots of facial congestion! but beautiful all the same!

this is molly and chloe. taken a few months ago. chloe was prob about 5 months old or so?

doing her favourite past time!


we had some professional photos taken back in may.







as you can see those pics have the water marks on them from the studio as im not suppose to use them. opps!

this next is my big baby girl on her first day at pre school. i cried! and she insisted on doing up her top button! she has refused to do it up since lol


and then one of my favs. they love each other sooooooo much!



there we go. some pics of my babies. xxx

20/09/2009 at 08:56

hiya my name is michelle i am 27 in october i have 2 little girls courtney is 4 and lauren will be 1 on september 22ndboth my labours were ok courtney was 14 hours and i had no pain relief and lauren was 8 hours i had to have the drip both times coz there was meconium in my waters but it wa all fine and so worth it i would do it all again tomorrow if my hubby would let me!

i have been a member on thinkbaby for ages but never actually joined a forum so here it goes! i just tend to look on other forums and be nosy see what all the little ones are up 2 so i do recognise both your names hello!

i cant believe lauren will 1 it has gone so fast she is not doing to good at the mo we have to go to the hospital alot with her coz she wont gain any weight she eats and eats but still only weighs 14lb she weighed 7lb 5oz at birth and she was 1 week late! but she is walking around everywhere and doing really well otherwise, my oldest courtney has just started school bless her and looks so grown up.

natty b i love you pix your children are gorgeous i will try and post some of my girls if i can figure it out!! lol

hope to speak to you soon x

20/09/2009 at 09:07

hi natty

like susan says what a great idea! since dec babies is always quite!

im vicky, 23 in aug from northumberland. i live with my partner of 4 years mick and hes a wonderful dad.

Liam Michael was born on the 21st of december at 8.46pm after 23 hours of labour, he was due on the 19th so i didnt have to wait 2 long!.

im due to go back to work in nov, im just going for 8 hours thou, im a supervior for new look in a flag ship store. im actually looking forward to it since its just 8 hours!

liam is nearly 9 months and has been on the move  for about 4 weeks now, he can pull himself up and i dont think it will be long before he walks, he pulls himself up on his walker and pushes that along its very cute!

he was a good sleeper, since 6 weeks hes slept 8-8 but for the past monthish hes been waking, all i can put it down to is his teeth. he can say, mama, dada, hiya and bye while waving his arm.  i get liam weighed every 2 weeks so its weigh in tomorrow but 2 weeks ago he was 21lbs and is starting to wear 9-12 month clothing.

ill add some photos aswell in another post cos im trying to find the usb to put some new ones on but as usual you cant find anything in this house!

luv from vicky and liam xxx

20/09/2009 at 09:51

Liam was he was first born, this pic is when he was about 10 minutes old.

This is liam taken the other day standing next to sofa with his cheeky grin!

Liam playing with one of his hundreds of toys.

Liam sittin in my friends sons little tykes car.

20/09/2009 at 10:06

Morning everyone,

Im crazy i have tea cook all ready to put in the oven, its cottage pie as my OH is working nights so we dont haev a roast till his day off. 

I haev spent 45 min tryingt o get my washing out as im in a flat with stairs and my drier has broken, roll on 2mor when i get my new one as i cant carry on like this its a nightmare, with Ryan and washing to drag up and down all day long.

How is everyone 2day?

NATTY - Yeah i have seen u a few times on the thread but it is lovely to talk to u.

It was a nightmare not something i ever want to do again, i swear i saw around 40 women go into labour if not more and there was just stuck.  It was something that i still struggle to talk about. I was out the next day, as i was in hospital for a week anyway and ust wan ted to get home as my care was crap!

Awww bless, chole is lovely, ouch for mw poking her in the eye.

Awww Molly is also really cute, I love the changing mat pic, these are always the best pics.Pre school, they grow up to fast, i dont blame u for crying, i still cant leave Ryan. You have 2 beautful girls hun u must be very proud.

COURTYANDLAURENSMUM - Its lovely to meet u, i look forward to chatting to u.

VICKY - Sounds like going back to work for u wont be too bad then if its only for 8hrs, who will be having Liam for u?  Ryan hates his walker, has only used it about 4 times, its funny how some babies love them other dont, he loves his activity station and likes to climb under it or stand by it now. Lovely pics, Laim is so cute.

I will see if i can get some pics up of Ryan now x

20/09/2009 at 10:12
Ryan a few weeks ago, he was poorly and sleeping on his beanbag

Ryan at the park, this is a few months old


Ryan with my hoody he has a thing for it and wont leave it alone lol


Ryan a few hours old, in hospital


Ryan on my boobs tis is my fav pic, finally we were left alone and i took this. 


I do have some more up to date ones but they need changing size and Ryan is trying to eat me lol 


20/09/2009 at 17:55

hello lovely pix everyone i really must figure out how to put some on here me and computers do not get on!!

hiya susan i am ok thanx been in the garden all afternoon giving it a much needed tidy up although i wish i was smewhere better we have had a lovely warm day today i live in a flat 2 but luckily mine is ground floor so i can get out in the garden easier i cannot believe your labour was 100hours that must have been awful i thought i had it bad with 14 hours!!

hello vicky i love the pix of your little man 

hope everyone had a nice weekend 

love courtney and laurens mum x

20/09/2009 at 20:46


Natty you know me already but for everyone else I'm Gemma, 29, married, from Hereford and I am mummy to my gorgeous daughter Freya who was 1 last Saturday 12th Sept.  The Sept 08 thread is very quiet usually too, just 3 of us who still talk from time to time.  I also chat on the fancy a chat thread but that is quiet too (hmm, do I talk too much, lol!)

Freya was 9 days late and arrived rather speedily, I don't know who was more surprised me or the midwife!  She was a healthy 8lb 9oz and is now about 2 stone and very tall.  she is on her feet cruising everywhere and with her walker, she has done 3 or 4 solo steps but the gets so excited she flaps her arms about, loses her balance and goes splat!  she is full of cold and teething at the mo bless her so she's a bit grotty but she's asleep now, but how long for who knows!

Lovely pics of all your little ones.  I'll try and find some of Freya.

Hi to all and look forward to chatting.


20/09/2009 at 20:53

OK.  found some piccys.

This is me and Freya when she was just born, don't look too closely at me, the ones of Freya on her own aren't that great!

This is her at about 2 months in my favourite baby grow, I work with horses and have 2 of my own and it saya 'don't wake me, mummy's riding' soooo cute!

Stupid computer won't let me put any more on this page, I'll try another one!

20/09/2009 at 20:59

This was her at about 7 months.


20/09/2009 at 21:03

And at her birthday party last weekend.

I managed it at last, stupid thing, I'm not the best when it comes to IT!
21/09/2009 at 17:26

Oooooooooooooooooh can i join teehee.

Ummm My names Tara, I'm 20...Mummy of Jamie who was born 17th October 08 and Ella who was born 8th September 09..just 12 days ago! I live with my partner and the kids, I'm not well off, but I make sure the kids want for nothing and the house is always neat. I know Susan hehe I come on the forums for a chit chat and friendship and advice etc etc, think i'd be lost without them lol!! I'v made some fantastic friends here on TB and hope we can continue chatting with eachother for a loooooooooong long time ...Unable to post pics until the TB team get back to me, been trying for months now and still no luck

How is everyone? xxx

21/09/2009 at 17:55

Hi everyone, i did do a post but TB has nicked it, not sure what happened and only have a few mins b4 i start the bath run.

My drier has come yay! no more up and down the stairs thank god. 

How is everyone 2day?

TARA - welcome to the thread hun


21/09/2009 at 18:05

hello everyone hope you have all had a good day?

can anyone tell me how to make pictures smaller so i can put some on here apparently mine are all to big?!

hello tara i have been following your progress with baby ella (i am nosy and tend 2 look at all threads!) i am pleased she finally made an arrival i felt so sorry for you all the trips to the hospital poor you. I read that she wasnt well today i hope she is feeling better now 

hi susan hope you survived the bath run!!  bet your pleased that your drier has arrived like you said no more trips up and down the stairs for you! how is ryan today?

hi gem p i remember seeing your name on the sept 08 thread but never actually joined how is freya doing my little girl lauren is 1 tomorrow where has that year gone?? 

speak soon x

21/09/2009 at 18:51
Hiya Ladies hope everyone is well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya Susan, thanks hun xx Oh the dreaded bath run! Richard is going to bath jamie, he weighs a ton and strict orders from doctor not to lift him up until she sees me on thursday. Ella however, weighs the same as a feather so i am allowed to lift her she hates baths though lol. xx

Hiya Michelle, Thanks hun Ella is much better now, my OH said she was a bit sicky when i popped out this morning but she seems to have improved, managed to do a solid poo today so perhaps she had belly ache, will need to get some gripe water on shopping day its a godsend! Looks like i'm in for yet more trips to the hospital, I hate it there! if only they could come to me tommorow haha xx

Whats everyones plans for this evening? I'm going to bath Ella and hopefully me and OH can sit and watch a film again once jamie is settled in bed. Have a nice fat bar of cadburies chocolate waiting for me, sod loosing weight after pregnancy..Give me chocolate!!!

21/09/2009 at 19:10

well my OH is working lates this week so i am stuck in on my own the girls are all tucked up in bed so i am gonna get my tea chicken fahitas yummy!! although cadburys chocolate sounds much better!

glad ella is a bit better now you sound like your coping pretty well with having 2 babies so young i give you credit it must be hard work,! 

21/09/2009 at 19:39
mmmmmmmmmmm chicken fahitas!! I'm so hungry i could eat a horse! cant wait for payday! Its hard with 2, very hard, especially when jamie starts crying when ella cries its like a competition lol and what with my health being crappy at the mo, i'm appriciating OH more than ever. not sure i'm going to sleep tonight, I cant lay down its agonising, i spent all of last night propped up awake keeping an eye on ella, her breathing went all weird and her eyes swelled up but the MW had a look at her this morning and said shes fine.

i thought these new bottles were fab, but we've noticed everytime we fed her with them she started to sneeze and vomit, she gets really bad wind after a couple of suckles, maybe i should complain to boots about them.

How old are your daughters, Michelle? its nice when the kids are in bed, night time is chill out time for me, but i always end up falling asleep at about 9 lol xx
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