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B vitamins in pregnancy

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11/07/2008 at 12:43
im 14 wks pragnant.whwn i start planning of pragnancy i stopped taking multivitamin tablets because they had god 800ug amount of vitamin a.and i was not sure about vitamin b complex.sometim i was take that instead of multivitamin.because that makes me so much hungry.which vitamin b complex suppliment i have got that countainsvitamin B11.4mg,vitamin B21.6mg,niacin18mg,vitaminb62mg,folic acid200ug,vutaminB121ugand pantothenic acid 6mg.i want to ask you that are  these vitamin safe in this time if safe,is this amount not going to harm my baby?because i feel so much hungry when i take it and i dont feel weekness.
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