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Do children distract Drivers?

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02/10/2007 at 15:49

I am studying a design and Marketing course at Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire. I am in my final year and for my major project have decided to look into children as passengers.  

Many accidents on the roads are caused due to drivers being distracted. I have found that one of the major distractions some drivers face is a child/baby craving attention. This can cause a driver to lose concentration, take their eyes off the road and can increase the drivers stress levels.  

I would therefore be most grateful if you could possibly share any knowledge you may have in this area, possible examples you can think of that relate to the topic or even statistics that you are aware of. 

Do many parents find this a problem, having to drive whilst also keeping an eye on your child in the back seat, especially if they are the only adult in the car?  

What is the most difficult part about being in this situation and how do you find best to keep a child entertained in the car?  

Have you/ or anyone you know ever had a crash due to being distracted in the car by your child, or had a near-miss?

How old is your child/ are your children? 

Kind regards

Emma Watterson

University Student
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