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29/06/2007 at 15:04

debs x
29/06/2007 at 15:41

i am 36 weeks pregnant

debs x
29/06/2007 at 18:41
hi moving from 1 thread to another really are out.they going to youth club at 7 till 8pm.i have the pleasure of watching t.v and being able to actually hear sssoooooooooooo tired 38 weeks today im so excited cant wait hope the full moon does some god for deu date is friday 13th july so u can see why im in a hurry to have him before
29/06/2007 at 18:45
i think when i went of my cravings for ice cubes ive developed another craving foe having lovely hot baths.i just cant help myself,i think all day i want a hot bath,everytime i go toilet i want to get in bath.wats wrong with me.i get in once a day anyway but its more like morning,non and night and even when i wake up early hours to go toilet i think ason as i get up shall i get in a quick concider a water birth.hahahahhaa
02/07/2007 at 09:02

I;m 36 + 2weeks today. i haven't had any cravings yet.

I'm in my last week at work yipeeee.

Hows your bump? Does it still move a lot or had it slowed down now?

Debs x
02/07/2007 at 10:37
hi deb,mines seem 2 have slowed down a bit now but hes really haevy and pushing down sometimes i feel like an arm is going to pop put its that got 11 days left now.13th july due date is.cant wait now im really really excited.he seems to roam around slowly midwife 2moz and consultant again next monday if i havent had him by then and they will book me in for a c section.hope i go b4 next monday thoe.i dont want another c section.
02/07/2007 at 11:10
i was given the 21st July when i first found out i was preg. then at my scan i was given 28th July - in a way i hope it comes a week early as i'm bridesmaid 4 weeks after.

Debs x
02/07/2007 at 11:35
hi debs, i have found your thread, the 1st august seems ages away at the mo but really it isnt, cots up, pushchair ready just no baby and to make things worse my son keeps asking me if baby katlyn is here yet? every day
02/07/2007 at 12:04
Hi, found this thread and thought id join in.

My due date not till 19th September, so still a while to go yet but have started getting things sorted. Once the other kids are on school hols im not going to have much free time lol.

Cravings have stopped now but ive gone through phases of being addicted to loads of different stuff. The strongest one was about 10-13 weeks, I couldnt get enough slush puppies and didnt want to drink anything else.

Good luck to everyone whos due v soon.

em x

02/07/2007 at 12:14
Hi emma

i lurrrrve slush puppies i want them even when it's freezing cold.
02/07/2007 at 12:23
Hi Debbie.
Me too, OH jokes that im a 4 yr old trapped in an adults body as my stepdaughter also loves them.
09/07/2007 at 12:54
hows it going debs?
karen x
12/07/2007 at 15:56
Hi Karen

Everythings fine.

went for a scan last thursday coz they wanted to check i had enough amonotic fluid around the baby. (you can ave anywhere between 3cm - 10cm) I have 4cm. so my bumb is all baby. In my scan they measured the baby and they think it's about 6lb 8oz at that time. They gave me a free picture coz they kept me waiting for over 2 hours coz they forgot to put me on the list. arrrrr.

Had doctors appointment today - every thing fine. baby still 4/5 engaged. they dont want to see me again til another couple of weeks ( that the week i'm due). most places see you weekly in your last few weeks.

ANyway thats enough about me how are you?

Debs x
2 Weeks left now.
13/07/2007 at 10:22
hi debs
its the same here the midwife only wants to see me every two weeks now till labour but not long now. i have tried a hot curry and the usual sex etc but nothing, i am feeling really uncomfortable now and i never felt this with my first i have even thought of trying caster oil but you cant get it around here anymore coz pregnant women abused it so you can no longer buy it (typical) anyway i am sure she will come out when she is ready, midwife told me sex three times aday but hes got no chance haha there desparate and there your own worst enemy
karen x
13/07/2007 at 11:30
baby due due today im real;ly inpatient now,wish he will hurry up.
13/07/2007 at 13:50
hi alicia
any news on you having a c section or not?
patients is not one of my strongest points either and i am due 1st augest and i am fed up now (2W 5DAYS)
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