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hospital bag

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18/11/2008 at 09:56
i think i have everything i need in my hospital bag but i found it diffacult cause i had no idea what 2 put in it
18/11/2008 at 10:01

what did u put in urs?

18/11/2008 at 10:52

Hiya Clair

I packed two small hospital bags, one for baby and one for me... in the baby one i just put a couple of body suits, a couple of sleep suits, a few hats, nappies, baby wipes and a going home outsfit. In mine i packed the exact same stuff i would if i were going away for a night with a couple of extra bits, so something to wear (huge baggy man t-shirt), an outfit to come home in, then i also included a wash bag with deodrant, make up etc. A few cd's, magazine.... maternity pads (you'll need lots) and nipple pads (again you'll need lots). I popped into a garage on my way to the hospital and grabbed snacks and drinks for my blokey.

Try not to worry if you've forgotten anything though, i stressed about what to put in mine for ages and as it turned out i used nothing for from my hospital bag during the labour, and i had to send my bloke out to buy new stuff for my daughter as she was far to  small to fit into any of the things i'd brought for her, hehe. I was worried that i needed to be super organized for every possible thing that could happen but the hospitals do have a lot of what you need and if something is forgotten for afterwards you can send someone to get it for you. Just make sure you take your notes. Oh and one thing that i will definately be putting in when i have another one is a small jug to fill with warm water for when you have a wee after the labour (that bit does sting). 

Hope it all goes well for you, enjoy it all.

Lots of Love

Mickayla x x 

18/11/2008 at 15:12

Oh my god, i looked like i was moving in to the hospital!


Thats not including my daughters bag i packed.....and i still sent the OH to and from home to get other bits, washing etc....!

Think about what you use everyday (you never know how long you're going to be in) and write it all down. (From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.) Then, think about anything you want/have brought/need for your labour (for you and your partner) THEN think about stuff you'll want after the labour. (What you want to wear, eat, drink, read....sorry no time for that....., personal bits/toilettries for your bed area and bath/shower, my god the list is endless!)

I loved the packing. Knowing i'd be coming back with my daughter was even better.

Hope it all goes well and good luck.

Charlotte xx

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