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How do you afford to have maternity leave and then pay for child care?advice pls

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12/01/2007 at 12:22
im preg with my first child and was wondering how people manage money wise whilts they are on maternity leave and when they have to go back to work can anyone give me any tips on this me and my partner both work full time and come home with about 1800 after tax and ni we have about 400 to spare when we have paid the house bills and stuff we are not a couple who go made with money and dont go out all the time i was just wondering how everybody else managed because i know im not on my own.thank in advance of your reply
12/01/2007 at 14:41
Hi Lisa

you will be probably entitled to tax credits from the goverment, which may also entitle you to vouchers towards a registered nanny, there is a link somewhere on here on the forum topics about benefits and entitlements,

i ended up dropping from 38hrs to 29hrs a week, working 4 days with my first kids, now though i think i will apply for flexible working, hopefully condensing my hours over a 3 day week, but it def helps that i work shifts otherwise i couldnt manage.

its not easy but you manage somehow, lol...also might be an idea looking for parents in simialr situation in your area and you could always childcare for each other.

hope that helps and many congratulations on you upcoming arrival.

12/01/2007 at 17:23
Hi Lisa,

I have attached an article above which you may find useful regarding your maternity benefits.

I hope this helps!

Monica x
(ThinkBaby Production)
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