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How does your body recover from a miscarriage?

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15/08/2008 at 19:16

I have a question... I had a miscarriage about six weeks ago.  I opted out of having a D&C as I was not comfortable with the procedure.  The doctor assured me that I would pass out the remains of the pregnancy but i AM Still bleeding over a month after.  Is this normal?

Please give me your comments.  Cheers

16/08/2008 at 22:39

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. Doctors recommend a d&c because there is a risk of infection if things are left to nature. Either way is not easy but a d&c does allow you a little relief that at least the physical pain is gone.

It may be a good idea to visit your doctors just to make sure everything is passed. They would probably do a scan to check that your uterus is clear. It is normal for a miscarriage to carry on for quite sometime.  Hope that this helps you a

17/08/2008 at 19:00
Thanks for your respose. I will take your advice.  Cheers!!!
30/03/2009 at 17:57

I had a miscarriage of twins at about 17wks. I had to deliver them after my water broke, and it was difficult for my doctor to remove the placenta. He said that I could have died there was so much hemoragging. There was no talk of a D&C my doctor did not even ask if I wanted one or say whether I needed one or not. It has been 11mths now and my husband and I still have not gotten pregnant again, I also have a lot of brownish almost black foul smelling sticky discharge through out the mth and heavily during my periods. My question is, it is possible that there is still unremoved tissue that should have been removed with a D&C, should I speak with my doctor about having one done even though it has been so long??? Could that be the reason we can't get pregnant again??

30/03/2009 at 19:44

Ald & ME

Sorry for both your losses.

I do suggest both of you to go to your doctor's  to get checked out. Ald you should go and find out if everything has been cleared and why your periods are so dark and foul smelling..something just GOOD to know. This is our body and it goes through so much with carrying and miscarrying a baby! It takes time to heal but you need to be fully aware of what it's going through especially if you want to pro-create!

08/03/2011 at 00:41
I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and bled for over 9 weeks after. I went to my doctor and had an ultrasound and all was cleared out. The only way to stop bleeding was to go on the pill 4 times a day which made me very sick. It has now been 2 months and we have been trying to have another baby. I seem to have all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy but every test is negative. I am wondering if anyone knows how long it will take before my body loses the old pregnancy symptoms. It seemed like they had stopped but now that they are back and I am still not pregnant I am confused and frustrated. Any ideas?
08/03/2011 at 09:15

I had 4 mc's in 2008, all before 8 weeks, or 'spotaneous abortions' as the medical profession so cruelly call it. I hate seeing that on my medical notes.

I was lucky(?) in that my body dealt with it all naturally, the scans only showed signs of conception (thickened endometrium etc) but there was no need for d&c's (only a head dr by the end of the horrible journey....)

I had bleeding for about 3 weeks afterwards, twice my symptoms carried on for a few months after and my hcg levels were still raised, the other two times I was earlier on and my body seemed to recover quicker.

I would really recomend that you go to see your dr if you're worried about your levels, although if you have negative tests then it may be that your levels have already returned to normal and your body is just playing cruel tricks on you. Or the flip side is that maybe you are pregnant, and you're getting false negatives? I'm (almost miraculously) pregnant - 13 weeks, i have 25 day cycles but I didn't get a positive until cd31! So it can happen.

I really do suggest you visit your dr though, they can run blood tests that'll prove what your levels truly are.

Of course the real awful thing with ttc is that pregnancy symtoms are so similar to af symptoms too.

Thinking of you, hope you all get your sticky beans soon


08/03/2011 at 12:20
Hi girls (Hi Eri)

Sorry for your losses, it must be so difficult

I have never experienced a MC but something happened to me that might be useful advice wise! After my daughter was born by section, I was in a lot of pain a month later still and was losing very smelly brown sticky stuff (TMI) after a lot of convincing doctors that something was left behind, they did a scan to confirm followed by a D and C. 3 MONTHS later I was still having the same problems so convinced them with difficulty that there was STILL something there, and again they scanned, confirmed and did ANOTHER D and C which finally got rid of everything.

Just thought I would mention this as things can stay behind for months and cause serious infection, I was ill with a fever at the end of it. If you can't bring yourself to have a D and C please seek advice on other methods (if there are any) and don't take their word for it that there can't possibly be anything left inside after such a long time!

Luckily there was no lasting damaged and I managed to conceive again

Good luck

xx claire xx
04/11/2011 at 00:29
Im so sorry to hear of all your losses..

I too have had a Miscarriage almost a fortnight ago, I had a Late Miscarriage at 19 weeks 6+ days... I went for my 19 week scan, only to find out that my baby had died...It was very hard, I had to be induced and give birth as my body didn't start labour itself naturally... Labour went for 10 hours, and I gave birth to a little girl , so tiny and so was the hardest thing my partner and I have ever had to do , and i didnt understand why it had happened to me seeing that we have had two healthy girls in the passed, now 5 yrs old and the other just turned 3 yrs old....

I also had bleeding for two weeks , and passed very large blood clots.. I went to my local doctor and she put me on two lots of antibiotics to clear it up just in case it was an infection starting.. the very next day my bleeding stopped...

So i would head to the doctors and see what they can do for you.
Hope this helps...

Our babies are sleeping peacefully in heaven xx
02/03/2012 at 00:20
I had a misscargage 2 weeks ago im not bleeding any more when i misscaried it looked like everything came out had huge blood clots and was in pain i was only 7w2d pregenat..,, affter 2 weeks now im getting some pain in my right side of the tummy is really low down i have the pain more when i feel i need to go toilet is it possible there is tussie left or is it sOmething totally different the pain is not all the time there!!!!
03/08/2012 at 06:58
I had a miscarriage just recently at 19 weeks. I wasn't really expecting it at all. But at first, I started cramping and then the pain got unbearable. I was literally in tears and was attempting to lay in different positions to relieve the stress and pain. All of a sudden, I got the urge to go the bathroom and pushed out large chunks of tissue and an almost intact fetus. I couldn't really tell because of all of the blood and pink looking matter. Surprisingly afterwards, the cramps subsided but the bleeding, of course, continued. It's been 3 days since then. I'm planning on calling my doctor tomorrow to see if I passed the placenta and to check if everything's ok. I'm kind of scared. But, am glad that my body was able to rid itself of a majority of the tissue without having a procedure. What's your advice? Be as honest as possible. I need all the help I can get.
03/08/2012 at 17:44

Hi Jessica

big hugs  

sounds like a complete miscarriage to me but i would def see your midwife as you will still be under her care until the doc discharges you, i would get checked out as you dont want any retained placenta that might get infected etc.

he will be able to offer some bereavment councelling if you think it might help. it helped me  xxxx

22/09/2012 at 16:54
I had missed miscarriage at 11wks,my gynea first used medical method,a week later he did scan and there was retained product,so he did D and E for me,bleeding stopped d following day. But three days later spotting started which lasted for anothe 7days and I went back to him he told me that its normal and gave me doxy and flagy that I shud continue take the drugs. Ever since my period comes as spotting and I was ovulating,at 3rd month after I had a major period bleeding with for seven days and we used it to start TTC by tracking follicle,since then there is no period only spotting,after 2 cycles I did pt it was negative,I later discoverd that I had pid cos I was discharging water and had painful intercourse,so I was placed on antibiotics wt my husband,after the drugs I stil spot as period for 3-5days, bcos we re TTP,I started chartin my BBT,and d day my temp droped I started spotting again til the sharp rise in temp and2 days later makin 4days of spottin,please does anybody had this experience befor pls advice..
22/09/2014 at 08:21
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