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last few weeks of pregnancy

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26/10/2007 at 15:42

hi i'm new to this, i was just wondering does any one else feel like they want thier baby to hurry up and come out.

i hate having backache, heart burn and feeling tired alot. my partner keeps telling me the baby will come out when she is ready to .

i went to bingo last nite with my fella and my parents it was so borning not being able to do much we had a giggle though cus every time i went to get out from under the table my bump kept getting me stuck and all we could do was laugh as mt fella helped me out. we joked around and my step dad has a belly the size of my bump so we were asking him when his was due don't think he was to happy that my mum joined in and sed he needed to go on a diet as he looked like he was pregnant lol. whats any of yous tips on making sure it aint boring waiting for the last few weeks .

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