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03/05/2007 at 16:00
Hi has any of you ever taken castor oil in pregnancy to bring on your labour and it gone wrong
03/05/2007 at 16:54
Hi Georgina, i never tried it as all the info i read said it can be very dangerous for you and the baby.I cant remember why but i would look into it properly and be very careful hun x
03/05/2007 at 21:06
Hi I have heard that unless you take this at the right time in your pregnancy it can be very dangerous, so best read up on it very carefully, i know the last days do yur head in, but i have heard it only works as it stimulates your bowels or summat, and its supposed to be pretty messy and dangerous. my midwife went beserk when i joked about using it. she said we dont live in the dark ages and we shouldnt be risking it. that shut me up lol
04/05/2007 at 06:58
took with my first and ended up in labour for 39 hours labour pains were very strong didn't bother with my second as he was a day early and had much easier time of it. someone has surgested pinapple juice will try that today as 39 weeks.
04/05/2007 at 09:19
Hi karen I took it with my 3rd one and was fine i took it at 36 weeks and he was born within 2 hrs only this time i have read so much info on it and it scares me im 38 weeks today i know its only another 2 wks but its the waiting and people saying havent you had that yet that gets you down im fine most of the time and think oh i cant wait as im so busy with my other 4 i just try to avoid people at the minute cos there comments annoy me. why is it that when your pregnant everyone you know or see turns into a midwife telling you yep thats definatley a girl/boy or thats a big one ... your low .... thats gonna be early i wish they would just shut up
07/05/2007 at 02:54
still here georgina ? I'm due on friday and i know what you mean been getting text and calls all week people disapointed i'm still sat here sent everyone standard text due 11th don't ask fed up will let you know when i pop and that has put a stop to all of them except my mum and mother law. had 5 litres of pineapple juice in 48 hours and its not worked if i get to friday i'm on the caster oil sod it
07/05/2007 at 03:19
hi karen hope your ok , Im still here i decided last night i would try sex to start things so at 11pm my and hubby got down to business and i have been up for the last half an hour i have never know pain like it not sure if im actually in labour or wot but i know i hurt like hell . i have just read somewhere that it can start your contractions only to find they are fake just bcos sex does make the uterus contract, i really hope this is it but if not im not having sex to start it again thats for sure , hope all goes well for you i done the castor oil wiv one of my others and i wish i could bring my self to do it again it makes you throw up straight away and i cant stand being sick i think i will see how i go b4 i do that again take care xx
07/05/2007 at 03:26
hope you are in labour hun, not even concidering the sex put on that much weight 5 stone he would have a job finding it at mo. hips hurt and feel sick so can't sleep going to spend some money on e bay again good luck will keep my legs crossed for you
07/05/2007 at 10:29
Gosh this takes me back. Am I really going through this all again! Onto baby number three. My first son was born at 42 weeks and my second at 43. It was hell watching my due date come and go and all those comments.."are you still here", "havent you had that yet?" Even my Mother-in-law was at it and it is so fustrating! I avoided the caster oil as My Mam had it with me and had a hell of a time. I tried the sex, walking, curries, pinapple juice, rapberry leaf tea, I had five cervical sweeps with my second too and nothing worked. Although my contractions were easier with baby number two until he got stuck but once he moved we were fine! Babies come when they are ready. Just relax, rest (Cos you'll need all your strength for when your baby does come.
07/05/2007 at 13:04
i've been resting for 9 weeks and i am climbing walls now this baby needs to arrive before i go potty
07/05/2007 at 17:52
Aw karen you poor thing i know how you feel and you are due b4 me so i feel extra sorry for you, i have been out for the whole day walking round a country show ive had a lovely day with my husband and other children but really do wish this little one would hurry and make an appearance even tho part of me is getting worried now. I have everything but a baby, and not sure how much more i can take of being this large as i have put on more weight than i know i should of done. I am dreading going to the school with my others tomorrow to hearthose horrid words once again " are you still here , havent you had it yet " .....DOES IT FLAMING LOOK LIKE IT !!!. oops better go my hormones are off again love to you all.
07/05/2007 at 19:11
Hi Karen. I'm sorry. I know it is awful at the end and you just want your heathy baby in your arms.
I have recently trained in reflexology and that can help start you off. Rub the sides of your heals and use moderate to strong pressure both on the outside and inside of the heal.
The other thing I have read about alot lately is Acupuncture. I dont do this so I dont know how effective it is but anything is worth a try.
Best of luck.
07/05/2007 at 21:15
hi georgina was hoping not to hear from you till tommorrow with good news that you had had babs never mind bet you still beat me to it have arranged my lunch at pub for friday due day as i know i'll still be hear what day you due
07/05/2007 at 21:39
Hello Karen , I'm due the 18th so i still have 11 days to go my friends have all predicted weds night for me so lets hope it is for you too i have been having niggles again this evening wish they would progress into something stronger maybe if i stop wishing and ttry not to keep thinking is this it at every niggle he might come out.
You never know may this time tomorrow night we might both of had them ( well i can wish ) x
08/05/2007 at 11:06
still here 3 days left that caster oil looking more likely i know its disgusting but know by friday night i will be that desperate i will try anything pinapple juice not worked had hot curry for tea last night running out of other options.
08/05/2007 at 11:10
some one told me this morning to try grated nutmeg on cakes and in coffee apparently they swore by it , never heard of it helping in pregnancy b4 so im going to search the net now i'll let you know what i find
08/05/2007 at 11:14
all i can say to you all is nipple stimulation was the only thing that worked for me, i was chatting in the hospital waiting room and one of the women who had 4 kids swore by it and i gave them a bit of a twiddle for an hour (much to hubbys amusement) and within 2 hours my waters went and that was it. so stop typin n start twiddling lol
08/05/2007 at 11:17
lol when u say twiddle do you mean just pinch or rub them pmsl hubby at work if he come home and saw me doing that he'd wet himself
08/05/2007 at 11:26
no twiddle them, so you produce colostrum cos then that releases the same hormone thats in sperm thats in the prostin gel that induces labour, make yourself a brew grab the remote and get your baps out, if anything you will be laughing so much you will go into labour, lol

but there is truth behind the madness, as when you have had your baby and he is breastfeeding you often get pains similar to contractions, this is beacuse it makes your uterus contract and thats why they say twiddle your nipples because it mimics a feeding baby and your body sends signals to make your uterus contract.

i was sick of all the hot curries and baths and raspberry tea it just didnt work, and i think my hubby prefered this much more lol
08/05/2007 at 11:28
erm i am trying to describe a twiddle lol like tuning a radio~?? lol
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