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New Growth Charts for Babies and Children

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18/05/2009 at 20:32
Its about time!!  People need to see that their bottle fed babies are over weight and breast feeding is the best way forward.  Well done!
18/05/2009 at 20:38

NOT every mother is able to breastfeed and my bottlefed daughter is certainly not overweight!  i am fed up of being preached to and made to feel like i am a failure as i could not breastfeed.  my daughter is happy, nourished and thriving, being bottlefed has done her no harm........

18/05/2009 at 20:59
Chrissy, i TOTALLY agree with you on that one!!I breastfed for 2 and a bit weeks, but my Daughter WASNT gaining weight, she was admitted to hospital, had an infection cause wasnt taking wnough milk!! HAD to put her on formula, as stress dried up my Breasts and NEEDED to get her weight up!!! I wanted to B.Feed to 6 months but it didnt happen unfortunately!!! People shoul really STOP judging!!! My daughter is NOT overweight, shes far from it, shes on the 25th centile and weighs just over 12 lb at nearly 13 weeks!!! Glad im not only one Chrissy xxxx
18/05/2009 at 21:20

claire, im completely fed up of it, being preached to and judged a bad mother for not breastfeeding.  my daughter has reflux, a condition that both bottle and breastfed babys suffer from and someone once hinted that her reflux was due to me not breastfeeding! it really angers me that people dare to say such hurtful things, my daughter is 21lb at 12 months just on the perfect middle line and her health visitor says she is perfect, i am glad that your daughter is doing well on the bottle and i am sure that she will continue to thrive x

19/05/2009 at 09:22
I have 3 children.  The oldest boy had reflux too, which is scarey and upsetting to new mothers.  I breast fed him for 3 weeks, but he just could not get the hang of it.  I felt so guilty, he later developed a milk allergy and at 6 months had to go onto soya milk.  It was a hellish time.  He screamed loads for majority of the day.   I went on to have a second boy, but was desperate to breast feed due to the past experience.  He gained weight as a bottle fed baby would and took to the breast lovely.  It was really easy comparied to the first time.  I have just had my third (she 21 weeks now) and although she gained weight great for 8 weeks, then she started slipping.  She was born on 75th centile and now hovers above the 9th!  Putting on 15 oz in 7 weeks. It has been such a worry that 2 weeks I have started bottle feeding for the day feeds and introducing solids.  I am having her weighed this week, but am dreading it.  The health visitor has said if she drops any more weight she will have to be monitored....
19/05/2009 at 09:24

It's about time they used seperate growth charts for BF babies! There is so much pressure from healthvisitors on new mums if their babies don't gain weight in accordance with the old charts - I know lots of mums who've ended up stopping BF because they were told they were being selfish BF when their babes weren't gaining enough weight. It's hard enough trying to BF in the early days without that kind of pressure, even when there aren't any medical issues making BF difficult.

Claire and Chrissy - I'm sorry you've had a rough time because of some ignorant individuals, at my BF Support group there are several mums who had to stop BF due to severe reflux, baby not latching well, mastitis etc and they're still coming to group months later - no one judges them for FF and they certainly don't feel guilty about FF while we've got our boobs out - why should they!

My baby's on the 75th centile having been born on 50th and reached 90th at 4 months, and he's been exclusively BF. So according to any chart my babe's a bit of a chunk! He did lose about 1lb between 19 and 25weeks and I was told I should be topping him up with formula but I ignored that as he was clearly thriving and still is now.

I think there's an awful lot of pressure on mums regardless of how their babies are fed. In my case I've been told that I'm disgusting, dirty, a pervert, cheap, 'just like a cow', sick, 'like something out of the dark ages' and 'a flea-covered happy clappy hippy' for BF my son. I've had people say 'my children shouldn't have to see that, that's just wrong'  and 'it's something that should be done in private'. BF mums are very much in the minority where I live (fewer than 25% past 6 weeks) so when I meet up with friends at cafes noone bats an eye when they get their bottles out but there's always a comment if I feed my 7month old. Why does it matter to anyone how a baby gets his milk? Nobody dares comment when they see a mum smoking around a young baby but for some reason everyone has an opinion on how baby gets fed!!!

Anyway, back to the point of the thread - it's definitely time they had seperate charts for formula vs breast fed so that HV don't make mums feel there's something wrong with their babies (be it underweight or overweight) where they're completely normal for a baby fed that way.

Hugs to all XX

19/05/2009 at 09:32

tjko - have just read your post. am sorry you're having a difficult time, it must be such a worry for you. Have you been advised to start baby on solids by the HV? It obviously won't do her any harm, but since there's more fat, calories and nutrients in formula/breast milk than in any puree/babyrice perhaps more milk feeds is what she needs? Am not a medical person or anything so please ignore me if you disagree (!), you're more of an expert than I am since this is your third babe and I've only got the one!

Good luck with the weighing xx

19/05/2009 at 14:01

Oops, seems like I opened a can of worms here.  It just goes to show how emails can get misread and taken out of context! 

I commend everyone who has tried to B/F, I know how hard it is, I am also well aware that not everyone can succeed.   What really gets me, is the nations (as a whole) attitude towards B/F.  Did you hear about that Mother at the Leisure centre who got told to stop feeding her baby because they didnt allow food or drink?  It is just another example of Britains uneducated taking rules at face value.

 I live in an area where the percentage of B/F is quite low.  Our group is mainly made up of people from outside the area, including women from Eastern Europe.  The attitude in the rest of Europe is fantastic - formula rarely is even thought of.  It does sometimes make me wonder if we are not recieving enough support.  I have heard of healthcare staff recommending topping up with formula, which would in fact reduce your supply, therefore, hindering you in the long term.  I have been lucky, the midwives here really help and have given me and my friends all the education and support we needed.

I think, the more we breast feed, the more people will see it as "normal".  Only then will there  be no more name calling and judging.

19/05/2009 at 14:43

Curlydiamond    I started solids because she was finishing a 8/9 oz bottle, on each of the 5 feeds when I started formula feeding.  I do still partly breast feed, but she seems more contented now, so I think I did the right thing.

19/05/2009 at 15:59

Wow - what a hungry girl, that's pretty impressive! Hopefully with all your efforts with weighing will go well

19/05/2009 at 16:06
Me too! 
19/05/2009 at 17:25
Hi girls, please dont take ANYTHING i have to say on here as criticism - that is NOT my intention but i just thought that i would add my 10p worth!! New mums today get things rammed down their throats too much and end up not knowing whats right and whats wrong in the end they get such mixed messages.  Dont rely on ANY weight charts, if you can see that your baby is happy and content, then carry on as you are, if you feel there is a problem or you can SEE there is a problem THEN is the time to discuss things with a HV, mine tends to leave me very much to my own devises and i feel that all of my children are happy, content, well nourished and about the right weight, i stop having them weighed the second the midwife stops calling, dont get me wrong im no martre but why bother when they are fine all you end up doing is worrying yourself stupid instead of enjoying your baby AND your choice of way to feed, my brood have had both breast and bottle and its never done any of them any harm neither are any of them overweight, even the older ones!!! Its all on your concept of diet, if you follow a healthy diet then your child will too.  I fed all of my kids by breast apart from no.2 as he had to have an op as soon as he was born and even tho i expressed, he just didnt want to know, but hes still well and happy and about right for his height (6ft!!!!) hes turning 18 this year.  So guys as you see my view is use your own judgement, by the way just so you dont think i know what im talking about, I'm currently expecting baby no.7!!!!!!! Good luck to all of you WHICHEVER way you feed - enjoy!!!!! xxxx
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