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Phil & Ted's Vibe Three-Wheeler Pushchair

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11/03/2009 at 14:30

I looked at buying this one but a friend got one and has been having problems with the wheels so we opted for the sport instead.  Has anyone got one?

11/03/2009 at 20:17
Yes, I bought one in preparation for my 2nd child due birth in 5 weeks.  I haven't obviously taken it out with two children yet, but my 4-year old daughter loves the practice sessions and it seems really good.  I got a really good deal on-line and can't wait to use it with the baby moses basket underneath.
27/03/2009 at 21:40
If you're happy with second-hand, consider the ebay listings for Phil and Ted's - I sold a perfectly good P&T's Sport there recently to a happy buyer.
01/05/2009 at 06:48
Hey friends.I have used Phil & Ted's Three-wheeler pushchair.I ejoyed using it.since it is very easy to handle and best o look at.Later, switched over to Mickey Sport pushchair as I am a pramaholic.
23/12/2011 at 20:49

we bought the dash about 2months ago, and already have suffered from a puncture on one of the back wheels...why dont they make the tires like the buggaboo - solid rubber. very annoyed as the puncture happened when it was raining as we had to carry the 2 kids (2.5yrs + 3month old). they are good buggies for 2 small kids, but why have inner tire tubes...rediculous design fault as far as im concerned...

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