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Recipies for toddlers

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18/04/2008 at 21:49

I thought i would share this with you after it ended up in my toddlers mouth(instead of on the floor!) It's also very quick, easy and cheap which is a bonus when you are a younger mum like me on a bit of a budget. Its also quite well balanced.

Unfortunately i cant give measurements as i usually end up cooking it for more of the family than just my toddler!

You need:
Easy-cook rice (we usually use wholegrain as we prefer it but any rice is fine)
Peas (fresh or frozen)
Mince (i used frozen but its probably nicer with fresh)
Can chopped tomatoes and
Tomato puree (With no salt) and
pinch dried herbs OR
Dolmio pasta sauce (small jar...which we all know is easier!)
Spoonful salsa (Optional but adds a bit of a more interesting flavour)
Chopped rasher/s bacon (also optional but again a bit more interesting)

To cook:
1) Put rice into pan and bring to the boil.
2)At the same time cook the mince (i do it in a frying pan with a few sprays of fry light) and when it is nearly cooked add the bacon and cook through both mince and bacon.
3)I usually stick the frozen peas in with the rice to save on washing up (!) but you can use a separate pan.
4)Add either the chopped tomato mix or dolmio to the mince and the salsa and simmer until rice and peas are cooked.
5)Strain the rice and pea mix and serve either separate to the mince or mix it all together as we usually do.

Thats it!!! If anyone has any good recipies to share aswell please share them here as i love to try cooking new things!

Steph and Joe (14m)

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