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Review Concord Neo Travel System

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16/02/2008 at 11:24

Please explain why this pram get low scores on portability and quality.  I understand that it folds down to a very compact size and have read some reviews of the Fusion also by Concord that the quality of materials is high.  So I would be interested why you score these aspects as fairly average.


04/11/2008 at 23:14
You'll always hear about good comments on German high standars and good design, well, this is the exception...
The Neo is heavy and bulky, I'm now getting a third chasis due to several problems I have had with the pushchair (brakes, hard to fold, front wheels that lock easily and then is terribly hard to unlock them etc)I ask for a refund but Concord refuses to do so. Acceoting their third chasis I asked then for an extended warranty and they refuse to do it. If they trust their own products you would imagine they wouldn't have any problems to provide a new warranty, don't you think?.
Concord's customer's service is very poor.
Don't waste your money nor your time on this useless pushchair.
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2 messages
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