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04/02/2008 at 17:29

My pram by far is the best purchase I have made!  I really took my time to look round and find the perfect one for me.  As I have had two children before I knew how important this descion is.  I decided on a silvercross 3D its small compact easy to push and a bargain.

04/02/2008 at 17:48
christine- i looked at a few on the internet like the mothercare website etc.  i found that a lot of them were really really expensive on the argos website they had a sale on a century travel system it is dark cream with blue and red on you got the pushchair, car seat, footmuff, raincover, changing bag with changing mat inside also there is a travel bag to store pushchair when folded flat i only paid £50 for it all and its brand new. i had a look at some on ebay and they are second hand and cost more. i saw a lady with the same pushchair i have with a baby girl in the car seat and it looked really nice cant wait to start using mine. x x  
04/02/2008 at 18:20

The Quinny Buzz may look the part, but that's about it.  Here are the problems we had with ours:

1.  You really struggle getting it on public transport.

2.  It doesn't come with a proper shopping basket.  The buzzbox is ok for nappies and wipes, but doesn't hold anything bigger than a bottle of milk.

3.  It's so wide we have trouble getting round most shops, especially at Christmas.

4.  The footrest doesn't stay in one position.

5.  One of the main screws fell out when were out walking, leaving me struggling to try and get it home whilst holding the baby!  This was after just 5 months of using a BRAND NEW £300 PRAM.

In all, it's a pile of c**p and I honestly CANNOT recommend this pram to anybody!

04/02/2008 at 19:00

I am very fond of my Mamas and Papas Ziko Alfie.As a confirmed pedestrian and public transport user i needed something light and easy which would keep baby cosy and stop me from losing my rag.

When i had my last baby eleven years ago,i fell in to the trap of purchasing a big old expensive titanic of a pram which unfortunatley was chucked to one side in favour of a stroller.I had no intent of making the same mistake twice so i did my research.

My Alfie is very portable,it is not unduly bulky or heavy.It has a number of back rest settings which have proven helpful with my colicky baby,who likes to be reasonably upright for comfort.It also has steering control which you can adjust to suit terrain which is very handy.

I paid just under £150 for a buggy which is practical and stylish and it came with the cosy toes and rain cover included. The only gripe i have is the shopping basket which is petite and a bit difficult to get at when baby is flat,however this perhaps say's more about the amount of crap i tend to carry rather than the dimensions of the buggy.

My only other wish would be a seat which could face both ways which would have been nice in the early days however that aside Willow and i rate this very highly .

X Sharon and Little Willy.

04/02/2008 at 19:48

actually , i am not enjoying mine at all !! i have just bought it about 2 months ago !

it was new , but not as i expected it to be , it is HAUCK , WINNE THE POOH .

it can hardly be pushed specially , when you hang your stuff on its hands !!

it is heavy and can not been folded as it was  shown in the announcement !! , so it takes a big space ! add to this , that it is huge , that it is not easy to fit it in the buses , or even to shop with it easily !!

do not forget that its handles can not been adsjested to suit different peoples heights !!

and regarding to the toddlers tray , it was originally scratched , and the bottle room does not fit the wide neck bottles at all !!

i really feel sorry because i bought it !!!!!!!!!

04/02/2008 at 21:24

I am over the moon with my pram. I bought mine laast january before my daughter arived in april. It is the Graco Travel system (black Stripe) It came with carrycot, car seat, foot muff, change bag and of course the pushchair part. Extras we bought were the car seat base and raincover. The one hand fold down system is brilliant and so easy to use. It is easy to unfold and set up, with a very useful basket on the bottom. Against all other prams we looked at this was bar far the most suitable for our needs, as i said the basket is wonderful as you can lower the front to get items underneath without forcing and struggling. It is easy to push and manouevor and was very reasonably priced, I would recommend this pram to anyone.

It was priced at £259 in Toys r us and Mothercare however we got ours (brand new) at a bargain price of £220 included raincover, car seat base and parasol from our local sunday market with 6 months guarantee.

05/02/2008 at 09:29

my husband picked the pram we were in mothercare it was a three wheeled travel system with the wheels that move (think it is called the Sherpa)

good points

the wheels move so it is very easy to push

it has a collapse button so it is easy to get down and up 

good use of space to carry bags

came with car seat which clips in

came with change bag that hangs on like part of the pram

snuggle sack on pram comes of to wash

bad points

the collapse button is on the bottom when folded down so gets scratched and easily damaged (ours broke off in year two)

the rain cover was awful it did not fold up very well and eventually the wires poked through and was awkward to attach

bit of a nuisance on the bus but all prams are these days because no one helps you but not bad for the price i was hoping i could use it for the next one but not sure now the button broke (i bought it as an investment to start our family and keep using it through our growing family it will do but i may have to buy a new one 

05/02/2008 at 10:32
I love the travel system we brought for our son. It's a Jane slalom pro with the matrix lie flat car seat. We only used the car seat as carry cot on the pushchair frame. He is now in the pushchair and seems very comfy in it. We go waking in the woods and hills alot and it is a fantastic puschair and manages the terrian no problem.
It is a little big when folded and is difficult to fit into a small boot. I would reccommend this to anyone who needs a suitable puschair for rough terrian.

18/02/2008 at 10:52

We bought the Silver cross 3d.  Has proved to be a really good buy, and as above a relative bargain in comparison to otherson the market.  Only criticism, which I think is impossible to get aroudn at te moment, is any proam with hard plastic wheels seems to not cope as soon as you take it onto anything gravel based!  Why can one of the larger manufacturers not create a pram with interchangeable wheels?  1 set of hard wheels for flat surfaces and 1 set of inflated wheels for slightly more off road?  You get quick release seats and wheels on bikes, so really cant see how difficult it would be to do something similar on prams?

17/03/2008 at 11:29
I bought a maclaren quest buggie when my daughter was 5 months old as we were going on holiday and wanted something lightweight, it cost £99 but my daughter is now 4 and it is still going strong it came with a raincover and footmuff and was perfect. It is a beautiful grey and blue colour with a cream suede headrest, very soft, best buy ive ever bought as has lastest so long and as i dont have a car i use it a lot!
20/03/2008 at 17:47

Christine's right! - Silvercross prams are definately the way to go. We bought a coachbuilt silver cross which is an amazing talking point. Everyone you meet or pass by is so keen to talk to you and see the baby it really makes you feel like part of the community again. People actually ask you to stop whilst they pick up their son or daughter to look inside. It's also got wonderful suspension so that our baby doesn't feel any big bumps when we're out and about and is like a second cot - he's lying flat which is good for his spine. It may be a little heavier than other prams and buggies, but I feel like the coachbuilt body gives our wee boy extra protection too.

I love it!

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