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Soya and conception

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18/06/2007 at 14:13
What sort of implications does this have for vegetarians? As I don’t eat meat, along with bean and pulses, soya is my main source of protein so it would be very hard to reduce my intake and impossible to move it completely. Is there any other food I could eat to counteract the effects?
20/06/2007 at 10:28
Some research would suggest that soy is certainly NOT a superfood. Soy is a cheap and nasty ingredient and, more importantly, is deterimental to your health and detremental to your child's health:

"Based on figures from the Swiss Federal Health Service, some of my colleagues have calculated that an infant on soy formula is getting the hormonal equivalent of the estrogen found in three to five birth control pills every day!

That's a lot of estrogen, and this amount is especially dangerous for infants whose very development requires the right hormones in the right place at the right time.

Studies on rats, sheep, monkeys and other animals suggest that the estrogens in soy infant formula can irreversibly harm the baby's later sexual development. And this is exactly what we're hearing from both parents and pediatricians."

Read and take head.
20/06/2007 at 18:56
Sorry but that is bollocks. My second son would be dead if it wasnt for soya as he had a major dairy intolerance and he is fine. I don't eat much meat and i have always had soya and i have also been fine.
Lets face it, do you know of any other species that drinks another aimals milk? Or that has milk past infancy?
There is loads of info about everything we eat and drink and where i agree we have to be carful if we listened to everything we heard we would never have anything!
I would not class soya as a superfood but if eaten in conjunction with a well balanced diet it is fine. I am having my third child and i have had no problems concieving! A friend of mine has 5 children and they all live on soya products!!!
Lets face it rats, sheep, monkeys etc are not babies are they and why should they be force fed anything to ascertain whether it is safe for us?
Roxanna, do what is right for you!
20/06/2007 at 22:16
Philippa I agree you really shouldn't beleive everything you hear and read kids today are wraped in cotton wool.I'm 25 when I was a baby I also had an intolerance to dairy even my own Mum's breast milk made me very ill I would have dieded if I hadn't have had soya milk, and I'm fine although I have T2 diabeties (under controll through diet not medication) and an underactive thyriod Mum did say that studies had been done saying these conditions are linked to soya products but there is diabeties in my family.
21/06/2007 at 08:38
My son was ijntolerant to my breast milk too. Isnt that wierd.
The HA tell you that if you watch what you eat during pregnency and breastfeed your baby they wont get intolerances or allergies. I think what you are destined to get you get. Not everyone who has cancer smokes!!!!! It's just life. We just have to be sensible and balanced in our approach to anything.
Thanx Emma
The babay looks really cute! xx
21/06/2007 at 10:52
Hi Philippa I luckily grew out of my I intolerance to diary I do have an egg allergy but that runs in the family and my Mum never eat any egg coz she hates it,you are so right what will be will be. When my Mum was carrying me she was practacly force fed raw liver (poor thing) now they say not to have it cooked or other wise. My Mum has eaten peanuts through out all 4 pregnancies and none of us have a prob but saying that the youngest was born April this year so he's not on solids yet.I only wish the baby pic was my baby I found it on a web site thought it was really good, I hope to be able to put a pic of my own baby on there soon been trying for 20months and long for a baby I'm doing 2ww at the mo really hope we're succseful this month.
21/06/2007 at 11:02
Oh Emma I hope you are too babes.
It took my sister three years but now she has a beautiful baby boy and he is just lush. I was told at 19 i couldnt have children and i have been so lucky to have had the two i have plus one on the way. I wish you all the best!
Raw liver!!! Yuck sounds horrid but then when our Mums were pregnant they were told totally different things to us!I think some of it is just faddy to be honest, but there are some good tips out there.
Take care and good luck xx
21/06/2007 at 11:02
Oh Emma I hope you are too babes.
It took my sister three years but now she has a beautiful baby boy and he is just lush. I was told at 19 i couldnt have children and i have been so lucky to have had the two i have plus one on the way. I wish you all the best!
Raw liver!!! Yuck sounds horrid but then when our Mums were pregnant they were told totally different things to us!I think some of it is just faddy to be honest, but there are some good tips out there.
Take care and good luck xx
21/06/2007 at 11:35
Thanks Philippa maybe you could help me with something I have a qusetion on CD12 I had a strange feeling in the left side of my abdomen when I was drifting off to sleep (I was laying on that side) it was a tingly sort of stapping feeling but not very painfull I think it was OV pain when I turned over it had gone I have just had a large rise in temp to show I've OV'd my chart says it may have happen between CD9 and CD15
I'm now on CD19 and on CD15 in the afternoon I had cramping like Af was coming and had a tingly shooting pain in my boobs
not due AF till 2/7/07 any ideas what that was???.
I asked a mates advice she said it could be implantaion pain but I think it's still far to soon not worried as such but would love to know for futre refrence.
I've been having that tingly sharp shooting pain again going to the nipple but in my right breast mainly feels quite uncomfy but not tender to touch really don't know why it happen more in one breast than the other do you?. Advice you'd really help I don't want to get my hope up to much. sorry for such along post!. EmC
23/06/2007 at 22:36
Hi Emma.
I get pain in my boobs like that with my pregnancies, (especially the second baby!) and also in my abdomen like that of a really painful ovulation. Infact with this baby i thought i was ovulating around the 20-22 of April due to the pain but had nothing on my ovatel. My boobs were tingly and achey. Turned out i had fallen pregnant on day 8 of my cycle (wasnt testing at that point as my periods are 34 days + so ovulation is normally around day 21!)and so the pain could have been implantation/preg hormone induced!I thought my period was comming early with all the cramps, tiredness, feeling rotton etc but my test was positive three days before i was due on!
I don't want to get your hopes up either babes but it sounds promising! Unfortunatly the only way you can tell is a positive test!
Let me know how you get on, Good luck xxx
24/06/2007 at 10:41
Hi Philippa have to say really haven't a glue whats going on with me I've been charting all the way through using BBT and chart say's Ov happened CD17 been having the stapping sensations in my abdomen on and off 2 days now and nausea + bad headaches my chart says I'm 5DPO today I know it's way to early to test my cycle is usually 30 days Af is due 2/7/07 but have had them at 34-36 days before so waiting till CD37 9/7/07 before doing any testing it is gonna be really hard to resist but will defo let you know heres hoping it's a BFP!!!.
24/06/2007 at 11:46
Oh I do hope so too. You have had such a long time of it and it is heart breaking every month you don't fall!
My periods can go 21-40 days easy so i know what you mean but if you are pregnant it will show 10 days after conception regardles of the length of your is the OVD you need to keep an eye on.
Asda tests are only £3.88 for two tests and are as good as the clearblue in my opinion. Saves ££££'s or you can order great sack fulls off the internet for £1 a test! But then i guess you know this already!
Fingers crossed
P xxxx
24/06/2007 at 12:20
Hi Philippa I get my HPT from Tecos there about the same price for 2 I have 1 left from last cycle.Is it possiable to have an implantaion dip 4DPO I was just lookin at my chart and I had a dip yesterday below the coverline it was going back up this morning but still below the cover line.The nasuea has calmed down and so far no headache, but still off my food. I woke up with a taste in my mouth like I'd been sucking on old pennies all night(yuk!!!)I have broken out in spots and last night I was on the loo 1/2 trying to have a BM and still didn't feel it had all gone is this normal so early on???!!
24/06/2007 at 13:36
oh yes!!!
When you have poo's like mole hills 3-6 times a day and orange juice tastes like copper you will know! The dip is usual too! My skin is terrible and has been since three days after i fell pregnant!
Sounds promising oooohhhh exciting LOL
24/06/2007 at 13:50
Thanx Philippa I have been having backache in my lower back nearly an hour now is that a symptom too?.I'm starting to get excicted now but I will not get my hopes up to far, just had a v painful BM och but I think that was the rest of it lol.Time seem's to be draging along so slowly I wish it would hurry up!!!. I will defo keep you up dated thanx so much for all your help and congrats on your pregnancy love EmC xxxxx
26/06/2007 at 10:34
Hi Philippa I've been such a ditz I'm on 10DPO today I was charting on the wrong setting.
26/06/2007 at 17:27
I just ate a satsuma yuk yuk yuk you really weren't kidding about the bad tase I've never eaten copper so I don't know what it tastes like I'll take you word for it,Lol now why does the body take something so nice and good for you and make it so nasty tasting just when you need it most. I have 1 big spot on my chin I keep picking I know I shouldn't and the skin on my cheeks look's all bumy my left one mainly so think I gonna get some more spots. Still not testing till CD37 but will keep you updated. Love Emma
29/06/2007 at 10:46
HI Emma how you getting on?
Lol about the copper. I am a trainned precision engineer so i know the taste and smell of most metals LOL, not that i do it now. I am a Holistic Therapist and healer now. Not much of a change ey?
I am back on ornage now. I have a glass every am with my breaky to help me absorb iron as i am low in it. Then i have to wait an hour before i can have a cup of tea as it destroys the iron in your food if taken together apparently!
My skin is gradually getting better although i still can't wear my wedding ring due to exema on my finger but now i can't touvh tomates and i love them!!!
My husband has 20 tomato plants in the garden all for me. OOpse!!!
29/06/2007 at 14:46
Hi Philappa quike up date I was lucky the taste only lasted 2 days so I can eat satsuma's till they come out my ears lol but I don't want to make myself ill, I'm feeling VERY VERY tierd been having napps in the afternoon 2 days running and I'll be back napping again soon the nausea is worse in the afternoon too just after dinner untill tea time, I've bought some HPT off ebay will be dong one when they come and my temp has risen my OV has been put back so I'm 15DPO today and my temp has gone up by 0.3 of a degree from yesterday still having the odd cramp now and then boob's still not tender and I'm on CD27 only 2 day's left till AF is due oh and I still can't drink tea :( My DP is even starting to think I'm pG he keep's hiding my peanuts from me. Enjoy your tomatoes
29/06/2007 at 16:15
Oh this all sounds so positive Emma. I really hope this month is the month for you!
Let me know as soon as you know. I will send some healing and requests to the Angels for your hearts desires to come true! Fingers and toes crossed xxxx
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