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SPD after pregnancy

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18/09/2008 at 07:05

We could use to be found in the pregnancy section of this site... I found that thread a god send during my pregnancy and have made some good friends on there, but we all feel a bit of a fraud staying on a pregnancy site when we all have babies! so here we are

This is for all the ladies from the SPD section and for anyone that would like to join us, whether you had spd when you were pregnant, you are pregnant and want advice, or just want to come and make new friends...

18/09/2008 at 07:07

Hi, I am Lisa, I am 28 and live my my partner of 12 1/2 years, we live in south east england with our 3 children who are 9yrs, 7 yrs and nearly 6 months.....

18/09/2008 at 12:08

Hi Lisa, just a quickie cos Toby is up to no good. He has just ripped up my school photo, im not impressed. Hope all is well at your end.

To anyone else, hi im Nicola married with 3 boys, Dylan 8, Josh 5, and Toby 19 months, suffered with spd with Toby. I am currently ttc no4 (hopefully a girl) and hoping I dont get spd again.

18/09/2008 at 20:30


Iam Jenna i live with partner Davywe've been together for 5 yrs now iam 23 and baby Lewis was born 1st april 08 so he's 24wks now. I suffered with SPD sometimes i still get some pain which isnt as bad as throughtout pregnancy but still can put me off my feet for an hr or two.

Today i started an access to uni course iam hoping if iget the results iam going to study law so things are going to be busy busy!

18/09/2008 at 21:07

Hi Nicola... lol @ toby.. has ur sister gone home now????

Hi Jenna and welcome....I am surprised you didnt come and join us on the due march 08 forum... it was friendly there... My youngest was born 25th march... she was due on 24th but decided to be late by 4hours and 24 well done u for doing the access course.. i wanted to do that about 6 1/2 years ago, but the course leader wouldnt allow me on the course because samantha was 9 months old, he told me I wasnt capable of having 2 children and doing a demanding course!!! I wanted to do it to go to uni to study nursing... but with every cloude there is a silver lining... I studed Holistic Therapies instead lol.... and that was demanding too but not as much as the access I dont think... good luck with that anyways... hopefully you will find a few spare minutes every now and then to come back and let us no how you are getting on..

sorry that u are still suffering from the spd a bit.... I was rather lucky and mine went during labour.. obviously the pain of labour diluted it so to speak..hehehehe... I did over do it a couple of days after birth and the spd played up big time, but I learnt my lesson from that and now I seem ok... hope urs settles down soon x x x x

18/09/2008 at 21:53


i joined the arpil 08 forum as Lewis was due 1st april.

I ended up having emergency section with Lewis as his heart rate went down and my bllod pressure wasnt good, by 9 1/2hrs into labour i was only 3cm dilated he got stuck. So after the birth i was still abit sore with spd and abviously with the section i went home and did everything i shouldnt have i still get really tired but people keep saying to me that ive had major surgery and cant expect to be back to normal so soon and also the normal of having a yound baby your going to be tired anyways, some days i still have to sleep when lewis is sleeping although i cant help thinking i shouldnt be but sure what the heck!

18/09/2008 at 21:57

Oh Jenna I C... I did think that when  I had posted maybe you were due during april and he came

sorry to hear about your traumatic birth, yes it will take a while to recover from surgery they say 9 - 12 months I think.. not to sure on that so dont quote me... yes I can imagine u still sleep in the day.. sometimes I try to aswell hehehehe well I do if phoebe stays asleep longer than 15 minutes!!! sleep when u need to and rest when baby does.... x x x

19/09/2008 at 17:41

Hi Jenna, Lewis looks a little cutie. Sorry to hear about the traumatic birth, my first was traumatic but didnt end in c section, they do get better with each one though. Good luck with your access course. I would love to find a career that I enjoy but at the minute I only afford to be a mother.

Lisa, my sister went back today, it was awful, we were all bawling our eyes out at the airport. I dont know when I will see her next, it wouldnt be so bad if I did. But on the brighter side, I drove all the way there, first time on the motorway. Im a natural if I do say so myself. Just to celebrate, im going to have a lovely glass of wine or two tonight.

I am devastated tonight because Josh has came home with head lice, I have a massive phobia of them and cant stop cringing. I have to check them every night. Anyway, to have them this early into the school year is shocking! There must be some minging mother from round the school that cant be bothered checking. Well, im going into the school on monday and if the letter dont come out that night then im not sending them till it has. Enough of the rant now lol!

21/09/2008 at 21:48


L&P i was told recently by a friend who is a nurse that it can take some people up to 2 yrs to fully recover and some people sometimes dont regain everything as was. I dont really mind this i just have to remember that i cant do all that i want to as quickly as i think i should! Lewis is such a great baby he's generaly happy and content but i feel so gulity when i feel i need a break just a few hrs by myself i think why should i feel like that when he's good but earlier this evening OH and i fell out when we started talking again i just cried and cried i really do need some time to myself id just love my mum to have lewis over night so i can get a good proper sleep and davy and i can do something together. I've asked her as last few wkends if she could take lewis but she wouldnt , davy says he'll talk to her and tell her how iam right now and see if she will have him.

Iam looking at my course as a long term thing i want to be at home with Lewis until he's at school then press on with career etc. At the moment iam in the process of registering to be a child minder i havent even told me work iam not coming back just keeping options open at the moment just incase childminding falls through!

The thing with Lewis's sleeping patterns is he used to sleep great but now he's wakening not crying but grunting making nosies etc his last feed is a 10pm he gets 8oz sometimes he'll take more and if he does he usually sleeps through but if he doesnt take more he wakens. he's already on hungry baby food but today when in tesco i saw goodnight milk so iam going to c if that helps last night i gave him his 8oz bottle and some porridge he slept okish. We're planning on putting him into his own room soon as he's getting too big for his crib.

Nicola for some reason the other week i was convinced i had head lice i got davy to check me my head was soooo itchy even after i had washed it turned out i didnt but i dread the thought of the first time lewis gets them!

Jenna & lewis 24wks 5 days

22/09/2008 at 19:54

Hello girls...

Sorry I havent been on for a while but Phoebe hasnt been well, she has had the dreaded cold.... Thursday night it started.. she was a pain, friday night she wouldnt sleep unless she was on me and sat and sun night she was awake every hour on the hour if not before!!! fingers crossed she will be better soon... one good thing to come out of it is she is drinking loads now and she has even had 2 bottles today, although she hasnt eaten much!!!

Nic - what a good way to drown your sorrows... lol.. as for headlice dont get me started.. samantha had them in the summer holidays!!!!! I know where she got them from though and they not happy that I have said she got them from there!! but hey do I look bovvered???lol... the best thing I have found with samantha is wash her hair in tea tree shampoo and then conditioner... the tea tree is a repellant... when she had them I just used baby oil!!! all I done was put a little oil in the front hair line next to the forehead and then comb it though with a normal comb and then went through it with the nit comb... check 7 - 10 days later as if you have missed any eggs they would have hatched so you need to get rid of them before they grow into the next stage and have babies!!!!

Jenna there is nothing wrong with wanting some me time.... i feel like that.... I finally got out last weekend by myself with no kids lol.... i worried about them all the time i was out!!!! as for the sleeping pattern have u tried giving him more food during the day... Phoebe was the everytime she woke I upted her daily intake of food... infact last week   I tried her on lumpy food and she loved it... that night she slept all night without a whimper!! worth trying, depends on how long you have been weaning for.. I started when she was 14 weeks... as for the night time milk if u havent brought it dont bother... I think they are a con... they werent around with my other two, apparently it is just thicker.... my mum said to make formula thicker just stick an extra sccop I have never done this mind, but be careful as some peeps have said it gets stuck in the teats cause its soo thick.. if oyu have brought it how did it go????

well guess better go hope you are all well.... hello to any new ladies that join before I am next on.... hopefully tomorrow now fingers crossed

x x x x x x

22/09/2008 at 20:31

                                       h     a     p     p     y

                            b     i     r     t     h     d     a     y

                                                n     i

                                     x     x     x     x     x

24/09/2008 at 19:02

Just a quick one, I have been so busy this week. I feel like my head will explode if I get asked to do one more thing lol.

Jenna, hope you are feeling a bit better x. Like Lisa said, we all need a little me time. I do at the moment, I am going shopping tomorrow with a friend and no kids, I cant wait.

Lisa, the tea tree does nothing for my kids and the normal nit combs dont get rid of anything. I use the nitty gritty one that gets rid of everything, it cost a tenner but has been worth every penny. I used to use a repellent made with tea tree but gave up on it because it cost me £10 a bottle and they still got them.

Ni, Happy Birthday (whenever it was).

Has anyone started christmas shopping? I have got loads, and im going to start wrapping it up aswell. How organised am I.

26/09/2008 at 06:32

Morning all...

sorry not been about for a few days havent really had much time.  Phoebe still has a cold but thankfully sleeping better through the night again o at least getting some sleep in....

My back is really hurting at the minute, a bit worried about that, so think will phone the physio I saw while pg and say I need to bring your stuff back and can you refere me back over to the department so I cant get seen by them again and sorted...

Jenna hope u are ok as you havent been here, hope the spd isnt giving you too much grief.... hope you getting some rest and me time... I know how much you need it with the spd x

Hi nicola I dont buy tea tree products just normal everyday shampoo and conditioner... in fact I think it is 99p from tesco or them combs I have heard about, is it a spiral thing??? my friend said she had heard about it and was thinking of getting one but didnt know if it was anygood.....

Yes I started my xmas shopping, I started back in may time lol, but considering I did I havent got much... alfie has got 4 dvds, but one I am thinking about giving him for his birthday, samantha has got some nail varnish and make up and 2 barbie dvd box sets as they were a good bargin in woolies, and phoebe has a small activity bean stalk cube... ( it was buy 2 beanstalk products and get the cube free) so when I brouhgt her gym and rattle set i got it hense why I started early... not thought about wrapping them yet... and alfies dvds were from play so £3each!!!

I have got the expensive stuff to get yet.. alfie wants a ps3 so have been saving like made for that, and I am hpoing I have enough saved for him to get him a new tele.. only a 19 inch one but thought his ps3 might be better with a proper then thats it for him, he already said if he gets a ps3 he would be happy with just that and one game so thats al he is getting!!... I am going to buy samantha a pink ps2 I think.... not sure yet...

right going to sort alfie out.... he has just made me jump, little shit has set his alarm and it just gone off!!!!!long story will explain later...

x x x x

27/09/2008 at 08:44

Hi, I have not been on for a few days myself, things are so hectic here at the minute. We are having a few family problems that I cant really discuss. Have decided that now is not the time to be trying for another baby so I am putting it on hold for a couple of months. Am not going to use any contraception and if it happens it happens but I need to focus on other things.

Dylan is after a ps3 but there is no way we can afford one before christmas, so we have decided to save up for one after christmas and get it for both the boys to share. I have made up some lame excuse as to why santa wont get him one. He has got a mobile phone instead which he will be over the moon with. I have got loads of stuff now though. Josh has got a ds and toby has got a motorised car. Got loads for other people too. And most of them are wrapped!

I bought a pushchair yesterday, my gorgeous orange one is about broke. I got a silver cross dazzle in black, I wanted a bright colour but they just get mucky straight away so I have been practical.

Jenna, hope you are ok hun x. Hope you are getting plenty of relaxing time.

27/09/2008 at 08:49
Oh, and forgot to say, yes it is one of them spiral combs. They are worth every penny, they get rid of everything.
27/09/2008 at 21:01

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say Lewis has cut 2 bottom teeth poor wee man he's so sore, hope theycome up quickly!

Hpe everyone is well

Jenna & Lewis

28/09/2008 at 16:18

Hii Nicola sorry you are having probs at home... hope they are sorted soon hugs to you... totally understand you not wanting to chat here x x x its when u dont try that u fall preggers so if you feel now isnt the right time just be careful x x x

I know what you mean about the ps3 alfie so deparetly wants one.. have told both of them just cause they want dont mean they will get!!! will have to see how much money have got saved by then and of course whether they have them in stock if I have saved!!! Samantha dont really want a big thing just loads of little things.. havent opened thier lists yet will be interestin to see what is on them... only ps3 and one game is on alfies, I know  I must really get a wiggle on with the xmas shoping... wrote  list the other day of what I want to get them... not sure what to get phoebe.. she will be nine months old and a birthday in march (exactly 3 months after) so will try and even it out between both, plus I know she wont really be into much this year... am hoping to get all kids some clothes, not fun I know but they do need new nightwear... I have said I might get them a nice posh outfit to wear on the day... but we shall see... 

Jenna hugs to little man and congrats on his first teeth.. how old is he again... 1st april??? phoebe not got any teeth hope u are well x x x

well have organised alfies party costing me £200 before food.. serves me right for not getting organised sooner seeing as he is ahving it day after his birthday on halloween!!!!!

 going to have to click submit to see if this will send as it seems to have frozen....

28/09/2008 at 16:22

there we go all sorted now...

yes his party... gosh its a lot expecially at this time of year... which is why I am not going to the march meet next week... I said it was too expensive.. dont think some of them realise what I was saying... I have 3 kids.. birthdays in august, new school uniform for september birthday in october then my birthday in december with xmas.. then kev birthday in feb and phoebe in march... spending £70 on travel then god no how much on food while there and going on a 6 1/2 round trip on the trains and having to go through london and access the underground which I have heard isnt child friendly.. well they just dont seem to understand where I am coming from!!! anyway never mind.... am hoping to go to the netmums meet next week and maybe meeting up with some of the ladies from march forum anyways...

right best go as phoebe has just woken up aswell so not going to get much done

take care x x x x

01/10/2008 at 13:04
hhhhheeeeelllllooooooooooooo ladies hope u are all ok x x x x
01/10/2008 at 16:17

Hi just a quick hello. I have to go and pick Dylan up from science club.

Lisa, if we got a ps3 for Dylan he wouldnt let josh on it so I think its best this way then it belongs to both of them. If that is all Alfie wants and Samantha isnt interested then its not so bad. I would end up having 2 ps3's lol.

Sorry its short and sweet, will try to pop back on when I get in. If not will be back tomorrow. Catch up soon x

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