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ttc after miscarriage

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29/06/2012 at 11:20

hey all ... so i gave birth to my baby girl back in dec 2011 .. and shes now 6months old . 3months after having her i had some symptoms and thought i might be preg so i did a test and yep i was pregnant already 12 weeks too lol so like got preg like straight after having her .. ofc at first i was shocked and not sure what i wanted because it was so soon after having my little girl and i didnt know if i could cope or if my body could cope. But after a while i got excited and started thinking of names etc and even brought some stuff .

Then came the day of my first scan i was so excited and was finally gonna get to see my baby.. sadly thou on the screen was only a empty sac they told me i had miscarried =[. i was so heartbroken and upset. its true what they say you dont relise how much u want something until its taken away from you. I had to have an operation to remove what was left and then i got an infection and well just been hard .

straight away me and my partner said we were gonna try again . And have now said we are going to now im all healed and stuff but im so worried it might happen again if i do get pregnant ... i cant go thru that again if it did .

just looking to see if anyone else has these worries .. or like any success stories or anything really that may help xxx

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