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A Wee Problem!

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23/11/2009 at 12:36

Hi I have a 2yr old and since having her I have had problems with leaking urine when I cough, sneeze & laugh. I was told it would improve over time but it hasn't? My husband & I want to have another baby but I am worried this problem will get even worse. I was told to perform pelvic floor exercises straight after giving birth, but I did not find them to be useful hence still got the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks Lisa

23/11/2009 at 19:31
hi, go see your gp and explain it's not better and ask to be referred to a physio- they can do more than tell you to do pelvic floor exercises - they will give you an internal exam and then can assess how to help  - i think there is something with electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles back to life. really hope it gets better for you - had a bad time after my sonwas born - that's how i know you can go see physio. i'm now pregnant with my second and it is getting worse but there is help available. i'd recommend getting it sorted/improved before you have number 2 though. best of luck, xx
24/11/2009 at 10:30

Hi Lisa

Your GP should be able to help as well as referring you for physio. Im not sure if they still do them but they can give you a device shaped similar to a cone which is worn internally and designed to work the muscles by contracting them to hold the " cone " inside. These come in different weights and are supposed to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor thus helping you to control your bladder flow more effectively. Might be worth a try ?

Good luck in TTC !!


30/11/2009 at 16:51

Hi Lisa,

Hope things are going well. I had similar problems after the birth of my baby and wanted some help to stop leaking and stop worrying about leaking. I'm not sure whereabouts you are, but I went to a clinic called Tonicity in London (by Marble Arch). I had the electrical treatment which Zo is talking about (feels like a tingle/tickle) and biofeedback, which shows on a computer screen how well your pelvic floor is doing the exercises. They also taught some stability exercises which helped my back. I am feeling better about things and still have a couple of sessions to go. I haven't used the cones so don't know how well they work, but would recommend the other things.

Their website is but there may be something similar near you. Otherwise you could try your GP, but it may take longer.

Good luck, R

15/12/2009 at 11:58
Hi all, Thanks RachEv! I went to the Tonicity clinic and have had a couple of appointments there which have so far begun to help my problem. I think I wasn't doing the pelvic floor exercises correctly before but now I can understand, and am hoping things will continue to improve. I would recommend it to anyone with this problem. Lisa 
12/01/2010 at 14:58

Hi all, Just to update you re attending Tonicity clinic. Have now completed my course of treatments and am feeling great about myself. My pelvic floor muscles are notably stronger and I am continuing to do my pelvic floor exercises at home. As I said before would recommend anyone to attend the clinic.

Thanks again to RachEv for the recommendation.

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6 messages
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