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Body problems after birth

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27/11/2009 at 17:10
Hi, just wondered if anyone has suffered with a similar problem to me after giving birth? I get pains in my cochsyx (sp) if I sit down at a funny angle and I was told that this would get better by the time my son was 6mths old. He is now nearly 8mths and the problem is still there - any advice?

27/11/2009 at 19:32


I had exactly the same problem, really hurt to sit down and get up again for months. I had to do it very gradually at a strange angle to not yelp in pain.  I was told it was because baby can press agaist the coxyx and bruise the area from the inside duing birth.  I just hoped it would get better but it actually got worse and at my daughters 9 month check up I mentioned it to my hv who said it was rare for that to be hurting still after that long and reccomended a trip to the osteopath (I saw one while I was preg for my awful back pain, was so bad it made me sick).  What with one thing and another I never got round to making the appopintment (naughty me!) but my daughter is now 14 months old and it has now gone of it's own accord, thankfully.  Hope that helps, I'd try an osteo or chiro and see if it helps.  Good luck.

Gem and Freya

28/11/2009 at 15:03
Hi Gem, thanks for the advise! Will mention it again to the HV and see what they say about it. It is not too much trouble while I'm still at home but I'm due back to work in Jan and sitting at my desk all day doesnt really appeal....
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